At level 72, return to Everlight and head to the Oikos studio piles. Correct chat options for the Strange Device: 4-2-5-1. Mar 2019. You will want to add a restored Chaos star to your toolbelt. This article on an Archaeology mystery has an associated transcript page. You will then have to go back to the Archaeology Guild to send out the Special Mission 'Power Behind the Throne'. Everlight trumpet: Sir Atcha, Varrock Museum, Wise Old Man, and Chief Tess, Everlight violin: Sir Atcha, Varrock Museum, and Wise Old Man, Folded-arm figurine (female): Sir Atcha and Varrock Museum, Folded-arm figurine (male): Sir Atcha and Varrock Museum, Pontifex signet ring: Soran, Varrock Museum, Chief Tess, and keep an extra one for yourself for the barrier, Incite Fear spell scroll: Soran, Varrock Museum, Wise Old Man, and one for ‘The Vault of Shadows’, Dominion discus: Sir Atcha and Varrock Museum, Dominion javelin: Sir Atcha and Varrock Museum, Dominion pelte shield: Sir Atcha and Varrock Museum, Lust metal sculpture: Isaura, Varrock Museum, and Chief Tess, The Lake of Fire painting: Isaura, Varrock Museum, and Art Critic Jacques, Chaos star: Isaura, Varrock Museum, ‘Dagon Bye’ mystery, and one combined with a Chaotic gatestone to make the Abyssal Gatestone relic, Spiked dog collar: Isaura and Varrock Museum, Bronze Dominion medal: Sir Atcha, Varrock Museum, and Chief Tess, Silver Dominion medal: Sir Atcha, Varrock Museum, and Chief Tess While excavating you will be able to obtain a Kantharos cup. They can be found in the Lodge art storage piles. If you finish all the collections before level 83, return to Warforge! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. At level 70 you will receive an invitation from Gee’ka to help discover the mysteries at Stormguard Citadel.

Turn in all five journal pages, found in the Acropolis Debris and Bibliotheke Debris (levels 92 and 109, respectively), to Vanescula Drakan. Quite spooky and definitely interesting. For Aquarius, drink a Goblin Potion to transform into Goblin (potion is made by combining Toadflax potion (unf) and Pharmakos Berries (can get one for free from Make-over mage). 97 Archaeology required, Dwarven Forge: Study the Hallmark on the western wall in the small room inside the Forge., This page contains dialogue related to the. More info is found in the mystery section. The gargoyles can be spoken to in any order. weapon rack. scrap pile. At level 68, head to the Shakroth remains. Turn in all five journal pages, found in the Stadio Debris pile, Dominion Games Podium, and Icyene Weapon Rack in Everlight, to Vanescula Drakan.

Turn in all six journal pages, found in the Ancient Magicka Munitions, Praetorian Remains, and War Table Debris (levels 107, 114, and 118, respectively), to Dr. Nabanik. Followers 5. Who read this topic Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . 95 Archaeology required, Back to the Drawing Board: Search the Drafting bench in Howl's Floating Workshop. If there are any comments to be made or any corrections you see, leave a reply here! Obtain the Assistant Rank by doing the following: The mystery starts when you study the first Markings on the Wall.
I also want to thank all our Contributors and Staff on the Archaeology Discord. Accessing the cave for the first time will require a repaired Dominion torch artefact to be placed and lit at the cave entrance near the Acropolis. Altar Rank. With the new release of Archaeology, myself, Saint Cannon, Gaga Lady, Friendliness, Son, Suity, and Im Rubic created the Archaeology discord server. A dog familiar (Lorehound, Corgi pet override, Blue (from clue scroll reward shop), or a puppy from the Yanille pet store), A Shiny (harlequin) cow or bull OR all three cows, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate (You will lose this! NEW Research Available: 'Writings of the Walls: Stormguard'. Once you have all 12 keys, enter the forge. Take some chalk and candles from the edge of the room to re-draw the circle in the center and place the candles on their sconces. Complete the puzzle, use the elevator to go up again, and use a Kantharos cup on the light to complete ‘The Everlight’ mystery. I recognize this is likely not the most XP-efficient way of going about things, but it is a great foundation to build from. This is needed for ‘The Everlight’ mystery. 47 Archaeology required, Lockdown: Study the Central vault found in the room behind the door opened with the Ancient timepiece (Time served mystery). At level 107, return to Kharid-et and excavate the Ancient magick munitions piles. At level 76, the focus will begin to be split between multiple sites for a while. Accessing the cave for the first time will require a repaired Dominion torch artefact to be placed and lit at the cave entrance near the Acropolis. Stay at Warforge! Use it on the prison to complete the mystery.

At level 109, return to Everlight and excavate the Bibliotheke debris. Architecture: Reach the 'Associate' rank with the Archaeology guild.
At level 100, send out the Special Mission ‘Power Behind the Throne’. it pays to check in with the old non iron, Venator light crossbow: Soran and Varrock Museum, Legionary gladius: Soran and Varrock Museum, Legionary square shield: Soran and Varrock Museum, Primis Elementis standard: Soran and Varrock Museum. and excavate either the Hellfire forge or Warforge! Note - Gemini will eat it. This website and its contents are copyright © 1999 - 2020 Jagex Ltd. 220 Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0WA, United Kingdom. Additionally, you will need the Legatus Amulet (found in the Praesidio Remains, which requires level 47 Archaeology).

84 Archaeology required, Ground of the Polis: Study the Stone tablet on the stairs on the north side of the Acropolis. Go inspect all five strange writings again. You will need to draw the circle, place the candles, light the candles, and chant the incantation, starting at the west candle and moving clockwise: Ordo Animam Capit, Ceterum Aperuerit Ianuam, and Et Daemonium Renascitur. Requires: Time Served mystery and a restored Pontifex Signet Ring artefact (found in Carcerem Debris, which requires level 58 Archaeology). Use 300 mosaic fragments and the restored “Hallowed Be the Everlight” painting on the elevator (complete guide at the end) to finish the ‘Hallowed Be…’ mystery. Looking in the achievements tab, there are sub achievements under "Research - Guild", shown below. You will be unable to finish the mystery until level 105, so just leave an extra one in your bank. Afterwards, decipher the Theoretical Blueprints that are on the [wall. 40 Archaeology required, Deeper and Down: Study the Hellhound marker on the south-western platform below the entrance on the third level (use a Dagon portal to jump down once) (The Source - The Harrowing). That will unlock the puzzle. You can finish this mystery at any point as every excavation site beyond this one awards these pages, however, it is recommended that you finish it before going beyond the level 91 spot, as you can fully complete the Stormguard mysteries by 95, giving you a new researcher to add to your missions. Turn in all five journal pages, found in Weapons Research Debris and any higher leveled excavation pile within the Stormguard Citadel, to Gee'ka. After discovering a Marking on the Wall, you will gain a 30 minute research for each one. 97 Archaeology required, Too Many Bones: Study the animal skull in the south-western corner of the Warforge Tunnels. It has been amazing to see the camaraderie and willingness to share information to help others even with the race. After the cutscene, return to the vault and talk to Trindine to finish the mystery. Alright, I may have a solution for the Writings on the walls mystery, and if I am correct nobody will have it for a little while. While excavating in the area, you will come across pages needed for the ‘Eyes in Their Stars’ mystery. There are five journal pages to be turned in to Zanik to complete the final mystery, ‘Heart of the Forge.’. 29 Posts . Ceremonial unicorn saddle: Sir Atcha and Varrock Museum Note: This post was meant to combine a training guide plus mysteries and research, however it will hit reddit's character limit. Can someone help me figure out how to start this? Go into the Prison and pass the red barrier. The Infernal Source contains many broken Zodiac portals. Take it with a repaired ‘Frying pan’ to the graveyard south of Vanescula Drakan and bury them to finish the ‘Fallen Angels’ mystery. ; Reiniger has a tattoo similar to the symbols found at each Dig Site. Once you have collected all four pages, follow the path all the way down to the chalk circle. Return to Everlight and head to the Monoceros remains. A subreddit dedicated to the MMORPG RuneScape. Talking to Mephisto will inform the player that they need to solve a slider puzzle in order to free them.