ple tasks. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Ben, I just usually play pro-Kenny. It was only a sign of things to come for Jackson I suppose.

Willard is the true horror, Ben is just an after-dinner snack… with a creepy theme song. He was just a kid though and I think a lot of people forget that.

31 Days of Horror presents the week in horror: Hellboy, Twin Peaks + more, Read This Book: Commanders In Crisis Is A Masterclass In Crossovers, 31 Days Of Horror 2020: Fans Get Their Money’s Worth With The Friday The 13th Collection: Deluxe Edition, In The Game: Crash Bandicoot 4, Bounty Battle, 31 Days Of Horror 2020 Presents Gilbert Speaks On: Believers, 31 Days Of Horror Presents Heroes & Villains Trick ‘r Treat, Halloween Man. EDIT: He also saved our lives in the meat locker so he gets points for that I suppose. Like searching for solar modules or something like that. Skip to about 3:15, The fact that Ben was allowed to be live was mercy enough. The fact that hes such a great character is why they hate him. I was hoping Ben would turn on him like he did Willard.

Weirder still are the extras that stare mindlessly. I hate him in a way, but often hes so pathetic that you just cant hate him for long.

;-; R.I.P Ben, I will always love to hate you Ask him anything about movies, television, music, or especially comics or French fries, and you’ll be hard pressed to stump him or shut him up.

Parents Guide, elsa lanchester CA25_149-1_5=24_144 {2SRN}. I don't hate Ben.

Originally offered to Donny Osmond, “Ben” was Michael Jackson’s first solo number one hit. If some guy got your wife and child killed, even if his intentions were good, would you forgive and forget? I pitied Ben, but boy did I hate him. The only good thing that he did was sacrifice himself, and that was pretty cool of him though.. Ben's the man besides all the stupid stuff he did. Ben was nice, he was scared thats all, yeah he made a lot of stupids decisions but he took them just because he thought he was helping, c'mon how would everyone of us feel if we were Ben? Fair enough he was a kid scared in the apocalypse but his actions got half the group wiped out and almost killed once again. He was about as useful as shampoo for a bald man. The power struggle between man and rat is impressive.

As far as Ben being a coward, no argument there. In the final act of Willard, Ben becomes the monster, as opposed to either Willard or Martin. Ben Wolford. And while Willard was psychological and character-driven, this is more about how disgusting rats are, the grocery store scene being a prime example. And the way this kid played with the rats like dolls really creeped me out, more than the rats killing people, in either movie. Hes had it hard. Moving against type when it comes to such things, Ben is a very different movie, and that difference starts with what most people remember about the movie – the title song. In terms of personality I liked Ben because he never antagonised Lee upon meeting him like Larry. I just can’t understand how Ben can put up with this annoying kid, but took out Willard first chance he got. No no jk. He even comments on that throughout the game depending on your dialogue choices.

what i find funny is ben was made intentionally to be made hated. Brrrr… yeah, really scary. I just dont know why he kept being given responsibilities. We watch as Ben takes down Willard again, just in case we had forgotten. This movie is full of mediocre 1970s television and movie actors like Arthur O’Connell, Joseph Campanella, Kenneth Tobey (who starred in a number of classic scifi-horrors from the 1950s, including The Thing from Another World ), Lee Montgomery (the kid) and very young Meredith Baxter (pre-Birney).

Dropped his ass. He was about as useful as shampoo for a bald man.

With most of his acting done opposite the rats, this is a masterful soliloquy, an acting tour de force, by Davison. Hard to begrudge a kid (even if he is a teenager) for getting scared when the world has literally gone to shit and is full of actual real life monsters.

Even after I was willing to move on from the obvious mistake of keeping the deal with the bandits a secret, every one of Ben's actions in episode 4 were the writers literally going out of their way to make you hate him. I’m not sure which was worse though, Danny’s fantasy world, including the Ben puppet show and the “Start the Day” song, or the crappy animated rats used in the attack scenes. People hate Ben because he is a stupid shitlord that is the reason for everything bad that happened after episode 2. Still I saved him because he was just a kid but, come on guy, an 8 year old is smarter than you. Unpopular opinion, I know but (shrugs). Half of the deaths the group suffered were because of something he did or something he screwed up. His actions caused walkers to eat multiple bandits, chomp on Duck, eat Chuck after he shot himself, eat Brie (not too sad about that one), possibly cause Molly to run away and never to be seen again, AND bite Lee! Once again though...he is just a kid. The thing is...he's the nicest and most well-raised member of the group, hes just a dunce, and thats why everyone hates him, and thats all they can say to prove any point. Willard forms unhealthy connections to the rats, naming a white rat he’s fond of Socrates, and another more aggressive black rat Ben. Also he displayed stupidity when he removed the hatchet in Crawford. oh and Travis. Still I saved him because he was just a kid but, come on guy, an 8 year old is smarter than you.

What us up with that? Follow. Ben Weston is a fictional character from Days of Our Lives, an American soap opera on the NBC network, most notably portrayed by Robert Scott Wilson.The role was originated by Justin Gaston in 2014, as Ben Rogers, when the character was introduced as the new love interest of Abigail Deveraux (), and was later revealed to be the estranged brother of Jordan Ridgeway (Chrishell Stause). In fact i thought he was a cool character.I know he got Kenny's family killed, but can't we forgive and forget? Willard works for Mr. Martin, a particularly nasty turn by Ernest Borgnine, who worked Willard’s father to death and stole his company. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! But our only defense against the escalation of systematic hate that threatens to unhinge our society is rule of law. They take duck and clem and who knows what bandits would have done with them, they already did bad things to someone elses girl... And something i really loved about saving Ben in Crawford is, even if he messed things, even if ken wanted him dead, in the end he taught Ken how to forgive.

His preference, and death of Socrates by his boss’ hand, leads to dissension in the rat ranks.
A social misfit, Willard is made fun of by his co-workers, and squeezed out of the company started by his deceased father by his boss. Apparently the bandits told Ben they were holding some of his friends hostage in order to get Ben to hand over supplies. He fucked up more times than the human with an average intelligence or even the smallest of IQ wouldn't do. Bruce Davison, one of the best and most underrated character actors out there, plays Willard Stiles, a quiet and meek twenty-seven year old who lives with his aged mother in a situation that more than echoes Psycho. Just a very stupid, uncoordinated and unhelpful kid. I remember, as a kid, seeing the movie on late night television, and it giving me the creeps. ;-; R.I.P Ben, I will always love to hate you. The ballad, not what one might expect from a movie about a killer rat, plays over the end credits of the film. Love the moment where he stood up to Kenny. Anyone of us who has known or worked for a Mr. Martin is definitely rooting for Willard when it comes to these two. However he is very cowardly such as when he ran away from the walkers and left Clem. Just the sight of one at a store or restaurant will cause us to never visit the establishment again, and heaven forbid we see one in our home! Seriously people say they hate Duck but he was 10x as useful as Ben. He was about as useful as shampoo for a bald man. Synopsis He has good intentions but he clearly is not the sharpest tool in the shed. One thing I noticed on re-watch was that the burglary via rat was not in the version I first saw as a kid. In the kitchen, Ben bites Willard, who tries to make a deal with him. In a world with only three networks and only a few UHF ones, it was easier for everyone to have watched the same show the night before, and Willard, along with things like Planet of the Apes or Helter Skelter or Roots, was one of those events. This film and Ben were based on the novel Ratman’s Notebooks by Stephen Gilbert, which surprisingly named more rat characters than human ones. The cat scene is still priceless, and the scene where Martin kills Socrates is fairly brutal. He constantly bullies and berates Willard much to the delight of his fellow workers. The thing is...he's the nicest and most well-raised member of the group, hes just a dunce, and thats why everyone hates him, and thats all they can say to prove any point. Ben realises the trick and calls for reinforcements. Hes had it hard.

Ben is a walker's best friend. I don't pin everything on Ben as his actions prevented a bandit attack for several weeks and he didn't cause everything and never meant any harm but I just wish he consulted the group and could of prevented so much damage. Honestly I never hated Ben.

Oh yeah. | When he has a go at Kenny because he never even got to see his family as he lost them all, you can't help but feel for poor Ben. I guess allot of people hate him because he's the reason why Ken lost his family and the reason why Carly went cray cray and shot the news reporter girl. I just dont know why he kept being given responsibilities.

Defended him at first. Of course here, Mom is still alive, at least for a little while, and played by the wonderful Elsa Lancaster, probably best known as The Bride of Frankenstein. I bet some of the more reasonable members of the group, like Carley or Kat would forgive-. ), more in common with The Blob than a traditional horror flick. I always felt so bad for him....he always tried to do the right thing, but it just never worked out. st of IQ wouldn't do. Hard as it may be for folks today to believe but both movies were monster hits with people going back to the theater to see them a second or even third time. He also seems like a nice person and seems to get along with most of the group. After this horrific start, we get an equally grisly aftermath of those events. Newcastle have taken a swipe at Hatem Ben Arfa via their programme – and he will again be forced to train with the reserves should Hull send him back to St James’ Park next month. While I don't agree with his decision to keep this information from the group, I partially understand it. oh and Travis.

Well why does everybody hate Chris? They hate him because hes the best character in the game and is so much better than Kenny, Omid, Christa, Lee, Lily, Carly, Clementine, Larry, Mark, all the Saint Johns, Molly, who else?

Poor kid didn't deserve what he got and I was really depressed after that scene not just loosing Kenny but losing him was just to much to take in at the same time.

Especially since everything he did besides grabbing that hatchet has some sort of reason for him doing it. I didn’t see WILLARD during it’s original theatrical run but I did see it when BEN came out and many theatres ran them together as a double feature. Literally he is so self hating you cant help but feel sorry for him. We have a neighborhood where there have been two murders committed by rats, and the police have Willard’s notebook, a throwback to the source material, Ratman’s Notebooks. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I didn't necessarily hate Ben. Willard’s only friend at work is Joan, played by a young Sondra Locke..  It’s a small cast, human cast that is, there are hundreds of rats.. Willard was one of classic Hollywood director Daniel Mann’s last cinematic films before moving to television, and was a summer horror hit in 1971, paving the way for more horrors with animals and outcasts. I think its pretty obvious why people hate Ben, whenever given a responsibility he fails it and in spite of that, laments when he is given sim… moreple tasks.