At around 18:30 a group of about 200 Glasgow Rangers fans (gathered by the Vanguard bears) entered the square and started intimidating the despondent “Yes” voters. It's a campaign driven by bigoted papists and is relentless as is the campaign over the water against the Protestant people. * Just remember this is the result of voting Conservative in the Glasgow region. * Thank you Mr.Tomkins and I trust that you will be vigilant when the SNP and Labour attempt to whitewash this affair. * Ruth_E_Davidson you’ve just lost my planned second vote. It comes down to a number of reasons. Scot 'wrongly' arrested for racial abuse 'in tatters' after parking row. The hard work of the footballing authorities, the police, football teams and their supporters has meant that significant progress has been made in the past two decades in making attending football matches in Scotland safer and more enjoyable, sadly the scenes on Saturday represent a significant setback for that progress.” This is not the end of this matter, but I hope you can see from the above that we have made a start in getting to the bottom of this, with a view to ensuring that all relevant lessons are learned. Why are you fans of the Rangers? Choosing not to vote for them purely because you’re a Rangers fan and Rangers fans don’t vote for the SNP is, however, utterly ludicrous. Hope he delivers. * What a sanctimonious tweet,can you also add how proud you must clearly be of your fans sectarian singing-bile like your tweet Rangers Football Club has been influenced by the exchange of people and ideas between Scotland and Northern Ireland. No doubt there are many Rangers fans who are just as ardent supporters of Independence. So while perhaps 35% voted for him, this can't be a representative view of the whole country? East Kilbride boss expects no rugby to be played this season, The latest restrictions are a blow for the players and staff at Torrance House, Rovers can be decent if they take their chances, says Matthew Aitken. Saturdays troubles and concerns should transcend politics. * Excellent reply from Mr Tomkins, it’s good to know we have a politician on our side, I may need some advice later.

She attended GUCA’s annual dinner Friday 11th. What do you think of the answers? Shameful every sense I have tweeted several messages about the disgraceful and dangerous actions of the Hibs fans in storming the pitch at the final whistle. Are Rangers fans not as capable of free thought as their fellow Scots? Posted by 3 months ago. It ignores the need for strong educational reform at nursery and primary level, and refuses to see that in ten years time it will be more xenophobic than England ever could be.

The team needs one more goal to take the game into extra time. “I’ll have all the powers, and your brothers can die fighting my wars.”, 19 September 2014: Vice news report on the outcome of the referendum. Absolute buffoon!! That’s over 700 who believe you can’t call yourself a Rangers supporter if you vote for a particular political party. l understand that Police Scotland have set up a unit to track down the perpetrators, and I would urge them to ensure that all routes are taken to identify and charge those involved in these criminal acts. It’s not entirely clear who was paying for the extras – the firm behind the advert were unwilling to disclose their client. Why is a politician tweeting such pish?

She was too busy getting married. Jog on with your opportunistic crap! Love scored the only goal of the game to earn The Bully Wee their first win over the Jags since 2007. Protestants be not deceived by wily men again. #shame.

Oh! * Your comments are very naive, your an educated public servant and you should really think about stoking sectarian tensions This reminds me of the 1996 Tory Conference in Perth when they had a piper outside playing the sash. With very best wishes: Adam Tomkins MSP: Conservative MSP for Glasgow : A Qatari diplomat told the Guardian they believed this was behind the paid for protest: “The blockading countries have a long history of using paid protesters to try and discredit those who do not agree with their views. You’ll find them too. Like Big D says,nowadays football-wise,it's to appear to be pro-union to Celtic fans when quite a lot of Celtic fans are pro-union Labour supporters themselves. One of them is even a prominent SNP campaigner. Shameful Comment. Its rise and fall reflects not only how a football club lost sense of financial reality but much of its identity, too. The ideological character of Rangers which was to persist for more than a hundred years was set by the material circumstances of the time.

We need a summit + special police powers. Questioning the heavy handed use of Manchester riot police against Glasgow Rangers fans, he also voiced concern about the approach of the Manchester city authorities in coping with the invasion of so many Rangers fans. * Couldn’t care less for your football rivalry, but this is utter filth, same old bigot Tories.