Since then, Cazeneuve has had just one goal: to become the chessboxing world champion. [56] Furthermore, the chessboxing community in London—under the command of London Chessboxing and the WCBA—has continued to grow constantly since 2011 and by now stages chessboxing events for 800 or more spectators on a regular basis 4–5 times a year at the Scala, King's Cross. Say your car breaks down on the side of the highway in the snow.

The sport has become more well known since then. Please check your email to confirm!

Dutch artist IEPE is credited with the concept.

Since 1992 the sport has gone global with countries including England, Germany, Netherlands, France, Russia and Japan all embracing the new sport.

Like boxing, chessboxers are divided into weight classes. One deciding factor in chess boxing is that the fighters have to mainly train in speed chess; the skills required by speed chess are different from those for chess using classical time controls. Reportage: Knocking out knights with chessboxing", "GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. 165.347 lbs (75 kg), Chess Boxing Organisation of India (CBOI), Chess Boxing Organisation of Iran (CBOIR). NEWSLETTER 99 (November 26, 2012). The WCBO's aim is to collect and link all of the active chessboxing clubs worldwide under one roof.

The first world championship under the auspices of Chess Boxing Global took place in Moskow, Russia in 2013 before 1200 spectators. Afterwards it's back to the chess match, then back to slugging it out.

The World Chessboxing Association (WCBA) is a legally recognized umbrella organisation for chessboxing. A few years later, upon entering high school, he discovered boxing and other combat sports as well.

In Europe, chess evolved into roughly its current form in the 15th century. It propagates the spreading of Chessboxing to all five continents.

That, in turn, inspired other people to take up chessboxing and to eventually form a French federation, headed by Guillaume Salançon.

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INFORMATION AND PEDAGOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES IN THE TASKS OF FORECASTING SPORTS PERFORMANCE. In order to get successful in this game, one must be an amazing chess player as well as boxers. He says the only real thread that unites participants is an open mind.

"I saw Rocky during summer vacation and I decided to give it a try," Cazeneuve recalls. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Encyclopedia of Sports. After reading an article about chessboxing, he announced to his then 18-year-old son: "I've found the sport for you.". Weapon used in Chess Boxing; c. Technique involved in Chess Boxing and training availability", "RPP NOTICIAS. But the story really begins with his dad, who introduced his son to chess at the tender age of just four. About Chessboxing (Report on AUGUST 23, 2019) ", "Red Bull TV on Chessboxing | Documentary HD", "Archive. [53] Created in 2009, the Los Angeles Chessboxing Club was the first of its kind in the United States and was directly followed by the New York Chessboxing Club in 2010. 2018. It was legally recognised as a registered association by Berlin's district court in 2014. By 13, Cazeneuve was winning departmental and regional competitions, earning a reputation as a future star. That's why the motto of the WCBO is "Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board". PEDAGOGICAL DIRECTION OF THE COURSE "BIOMECHANICS OF MOTOR ACTIVITIES" IN THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS OF THE SPORTS PROFILE. But the story really begins with his dad, who introduced his son to chess at the tender age of just four. (11.

[5], Chessboxing was invented by French comic book artist Enki Bilal and adapted by Dutch performance artist Iepe Rubingh as an art performance[6][7] and has subsequently grown into a competitive sport.

Chess Boxing International Cup – 2018", "St. Petersburg TV.

The 26-year-old, who also works as a recruiter for the company Pay Job, is training for an upcoming trip to Turkey for the world championships of chessboxing, a peculiar sport that combines six rounds of chess and five of English-rules boxing. Bilal's invention inspired the Dutch artist Iepe Rubingh to organize the first real-life chessboxing competition in 2003 before later starting an international federation for the sport. Eirik Bjorno. [20], The first chessboxing competition took place in Berlin in 2003. ISSN 1212-1428", "Kornaukhova Larisa Mikhailovna, Teacher of the highest category.


ISSN 2312-2919", "Associate Professor Ovchinnikov Yu.D. The rules are made in such a way that the competitors should have expertise in both the games and only then they will be able to win this game.

The first Chess Boxing World Championship was held in Amsterdam in 2003 and was won by Lepe Rubingh (Netherlands).

p.10", "Moscow 24 TV.


The concept of Chess Boxing sport is of great interest to science seeking to optimize and increase the physical and psychological characteristics of athletes through the application of new methods and approaches to increase human strength, biomechanical and intellectual abilities, and other.

They wear ear muffs to block out any distracting noise, and for three minutes concentrate on the game in front of them. COMBINED SPORTS IN THE HARMONIOUS DEVELOPMENT OF A SPECIALIST.

The boxing rounds last three minutes and the chess rounds last four.

[34][35] The event was covered by a number of world popular magazines [36] and media as: Eurosport,[37] CNN,[38][39][40] Los Angeles TImes [41] Die WELT,[42] ChessBase [43] and other. Two adversaries begin in front of a chessboard, which is placed in the center of a ring. An article for the First European Chess Boxing Championship By Sean Waisglass", "The West Chesser, Rank and File Newsletter, Official Newsletter of the West Chester Chess Club, Volume XXXI, Number 4 Donald Anderson, Editor Source:, October 6, 2005 WCCC Officers Donald Anderson, President Jim White, Chief TD and Treasurer", "COLLISION DETECTION about the First European Chess Boxing Championship, citing the CNN. Please check your email to confirm! The Department of State and Corporate Management Academy of Marketing and Social Information Technologies (Krasnodar). ISSN 2394-7500", "RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF EDUCATION, PUBLIC-STATE PHYSICAL AND SPORTS ASSOCIATION "YUNOST RUSSIA", Medvedkov V.D., Doctor pedagogical sciences, professor, Ilkevich K.B., candidate Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Today, there are approximately 3,500 chessboxers in the world and 10 different national federations, including one that was established in France in November 2018. The press took note of his accomplishment, and that gave the sport new visibility.

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And so on and so forth until a KO — or checkmate. However, chess boxing is not only the ability to master both sports but above all, being able to withstand the constant switch from a full contact sport to a thinking sport, round after round. ISSN 2412-8597", "Kamenev V.S., Katrenko M.V., NCFU, Stavropol, Russia. President Emmanuel Macron's announcement of at least four weeks of ... All rights reserved © Worldcrunch - in partnership with, French Teacher Beheaded: A New Attack On Freedom Of Speech, France's Covid Curfew And A Bad Case Of Deja Vu. The World Chessboxing Association originated from the London Chessboxing Club after having separated from the World Chess Boxing Organisation (WCBO). ISSN 2410-7344", "Chand, Lakhmi (2015).

Frank Stoldt defeated Depto in the 7th round and thereby cemented Berlin's status as the leading city in the chessboxing world becoming the first German world champion.

This, again, is where Cazeneuve's father played a key role. pp.222-226", "Vitalii I. Lukashchuk. The history of chess can be traced back nearly 1500 years, although the earliest origins are uncertain. DOI 10.14526/01_2017_177", "KOBIELA, FILIP (2011).

and Khorkova L.V., Student.

The first ever Chessboxing event hosted in the UK under the brand was at Bethnal Green Working Men's club in Hackney by Tim Woolgar on the 15th of August 2008. In 2011, the first international club matchup took place with Berlin and London in the ring—London came out the winner with 2:1 won bouts.[54]. Rubingh thought about how ridiculous it is to combine two sports or disciplines that are totally unrelated to …

English heavyweight chessboxing champion, Tim Woolgar, is its current president.

AUC KINANTHROPOLOGICA, Vol 47 No 1 (2011)" (PDF). In the year 2006, around 400 people gathered in Gloria Theatre to see a chess boxing match between Zoran Mijatovic and Frank Stoldt who was really controlled in boxing and chess board rounds. Official web site information", "Los Angeles Times. (Report 2013)", "Shakh-Man of Boxing. In 2013, the information and educational television channel.

Together, they created a demonstration of the sport for a web-series sponsored by the Canal+ television network. There are still only a handful of chessboxing clubs in France. [44][45][46][47][48] A video report by German television RBB [49] for the event of the first European Chess Boxing Championship was presented in details. 2016. By no means it is an unknown sport, it has substantially grown as a competitive sport.