Group the kids into teams, giving each team a towel.

These water balloon games are fun for the whole family and great for parties and summer bar-b-ques. Head to the kitchen and grab the colander for this super fun colander balloon toss game. 15 Ice Cream Hacks to Upgrade Your Summer. How to play:Two players stand back to back and place the water balloon (or regular water filled balloon) between their backs. This game suits the taste of boys perfectly and it’s a good way to train your accuracy to hit the target. Keep score as players attempt to hit their desired targets with the water balloons. Divide into teams and play a game of water balloon baseball. Count who break the most water balloons.

Instead of popping the balloon between their backs, the players have to try not to pop the water balloon while they race from start to finish line. How to play individually:Have the kids toss their balloon up into the air and catch it again. Related: How to Make a Math Bingo Game The Kids Will LOVE. At the start of the game, players attempt to hit the opposing team with water balloons. For this variation of the water balloon toss you need at … The goal of this game is to fill a small plastic container using only the water inside of water balloons. The person to pop the last water balloon walks away with additional pieces of candy and bragging rights! And believe me, adults love these games, too.

If the balloon is popped or dropped, players must return to the start and get another balloon. Start earning with your balloon skills.

Fill the balloon with non-toxic paint and have a fierce water balloon fight.

It was so time-consuming for such a short burst of fun. Not all balloons burst on impact, so the “home runs” could be the balloons that burst right away if you’re keeping score. Lists are my thing.

Where were these when us parents were younger?! I loved playing hot potato as a child! The only way I knew how to play with water balloons as a child was through a water balloon fight party! Everyone scatters and attempts to wet one another by throwing water balloons! Yes, you can. Using cones, rope, and a short balance beam, create an obstacle course in your yard that will surely have all the attendees laughing.

Pull out the hula-hoop and toss your water balloons at the target. But, thinking beyond just throwing them at each other, we try to find more ways to watch them bust and cool everyone off. But now we use these self-sealing water balloons during the summer, and it’s SO much better. If you make a purchase through a link on my site, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s gorgeous to experience the water balloon challenge in summer. More fun and ideas with a Water Balloon Cannon, Need a laugh?

They can stand as close to the goal as they want… shoot from far away to test your skills, or go for the slam dunk for a big splash.

Be as careful as possible so your won’t get hit by a water balloon and it breaks on you, or your are out of the game. Want custom printed balloons? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Then, have them back up, so team members are 3 feet away from one another. It’s challenging yet interesting.

The other two players stand a few feet away from the first team, their towel also stretched between them. Capture the flag is a fun, active game.

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Placing water balloons on each participants’ head, they will then have to move around the cones, jump through the boxes made of ropes, and finally balance their way across the beam. This balloon sight words game is the perfect example! Divide players into groups of two and line them up behind a starting line.

How to play:Let the runners of each team queue behind the starting line. Mark the water balloon with equations equal the numbers on the target. 20 of the BEST Water Balloon Games 1) The water balloon version of 'Hot Potato' is a great twist on the original. So much laughter, so much screaming and... 2.