His problems intensify when he comes across the body of a man which means the Comanche tribe are on the war path and with a return to Largo not an option he has to trek through hostile territory on foot . Basically, a man on the run named Gar Davis (Mr. Walker) rescues a farm woman, Celia Gray (the gorgeous Virginia Mayo), and her young son Chad (Richard Eyer) from a Comanche attack, and accompanies them to the not-too-far-away Fort Dobbs, which they believe will be a safe haven. Clint Walker received his initial starring vehicle with this reasonably engaging B Western from Warner Bros. Often compared to "Hondo" with The Duke, its story (by Burt Kennedy and George W. George) is entertaining in its own right, if not exemplary. Introduction of the henry repeating rifle ... load once and shoot all day ... virginia mayo falls for clint walker after he undresses her and puts her to bed ... clint takes off his shirt and makes all the women swoon ... what is wrong with hollywood ... clint was just a big dumb ox that took good direction. Clint Walker and Virginia Mayo star in Fort Dobbs, a Warner Brothers western that bears more than a passing resemblance to John Wayne's classic Hondo. FORT DOBBS is a minor western from the stable of Warner Bros. Virginia Mayo, nearing the end of her meaningful career, is the female lead and she looks better here than she did ten years before. In the late 1950's, Warner Brothers was the studio responsible for more westerns on television than any other production company in town (the town being Hollywood, of course!) Gar Davis doesn't know his way around women and he pays the price when he latches onto a no-good dame who plays him for a fool. He had been plucked from an everyday life only 3yrs before, with no previous acting experience, & this was his first starring role in films, in the lead no less. We don't hate the characters, but we really don't care one way or the other. Eventually, they made an escape by horse, but saw the smoke from the burning house and shed. Clint Walker may have had husky good looks, but he lacked the character to play a convincing lead, as can be seen in this modest Western from Warners. "Fort Dobbs" is a leisurely paced movie - perhaps too leisurely. But having said that it did have its compensations - in the smooth screenplay by George W. George and Burt Kennedy, crisp monochrome cinematography by William Clothier, a score by the studio's prolific Max Steiner and able direction by the rarely disappointing Gordan Douglas. There's a decent final 20 minutes waiting for you if you can make it that far, and Keith is always an interesting actor, but otherwise this is something of a slog. It is now Walker's duty to get the woman (Mayo) and her boy to the title fort despite the fact that she blames him for her husband's failure to return and he risks arrest once he gets there. | His willingness to allow himself to be hunted and disdained is in order to protect the honor, even if undeserved, of others. Clint Walker made a few noteworthy and very interesting Westerns, but he seems to be underutilized in this one. They tiptoed with the production and it shows. Clint Walker should be a better reputation on western pictures, a tall man, strong and would be a great star, something alike Clint Eastwood, somehow it didn't happens, why I really don't have the answer, Fort Dobbs he finally got a leading role with the beauty Virginia Mayo and promising child actor Richard Eyer, the movie is about a man called Gar (Walker) who kill a man, running through the desert he meets a Comanche's riot, he found a man killed by the Indians, trade is cloths with the dead man to deceived the Sheriff's Posse, who pursuit him, the chase is ended after they saw his supposed dead body in a deep gulch, meanwhile Gar tries steal a horse in a ranch nearby, the boy shot him, the farm woman (Mayo) and his son take cares him, just wound in the head, the Comanches attacks the ranch, they are pressed runaway, but the woman suspect that Gar killed his husband, ingenious formulaic plot where the hate will slowly becomes in perfect chemistry over the couple, pleasant to watch, with a enjoyable narrative structure, fine picture where Virginia Mayo had unspoiled his enchants!!! From the moment that kids of the 1950s got a look at Clint Walker on the opening episode of Cheyenne (fall, 1955), we knew that he would be the John Wayne of our generation, just as a year earlier Fess Parker as Davy Crockett became our combination of Jimmy Stewart and Gregory Peck. Brian Keith plays a bit better role as a more convincing bad guy. Fort Dobbs is directed by Gordon Douglas and written by George W. George and Burt Kennedy. | With a posse on his tail Davis uses some trickery to shake the posse but finds himself on foot in Comanche Country. Fort Dobbs was the only permanent frontier provincial fort in the colony of North Carolina. OK, up front, I'm a huge westerns fan & I've always loved Clint Walker. Fort Dobbs was an 18th-century fort in the Yadkin–Pee Dee River Basin region of the Province of North Carolina, near what is now Statesville in Iredell County. The pugnacious Native Americans have killed one man with an arrow in the back. So why didn't filmmakers make use of their potential? I wanted to like it, but couldn't. Eyer was a fabulous child actor, and there's a terrific performance by Brian Keith as the sort of friendly-enemy that Dan Duryea played in so many of the Audie Murphy oaters. Used for frontier defense during and after the French and Indian War, the fort was built to protect the British settlers of the western portion of what was then Rowan County, and served as a vital outpost for soldiers, traders, and colonial officials. To throw the posse off her trial, Gar lets them take his horse after they find his body.

They did, however, take his horse, which he left in view to add to the deception. Last updated . He's still more a "one dimension and a half bad guy", though not as corny as modern movie bad guys. a rugged hero (clint walker) and slimy villain (Brian Keith) vie over a woman (Virginia Mayo) and fight Indians. Fort Dobbs is a 1958 western, the first of three directed by Gordon Douglas to star Clint Walker. Want to see listings before they hit the market?

His character is very one-dimensional, and very terse, even though he dominates the screen throughout the film. They made stars out Clint Walker, Ty Hardin, James Garner, Jack Kelly and a host of others who appeared in their half hour and then one hour western dramas, which later became parodies of themselves, as the long running Maverick will prove. A cut-above average Warner Brother's Western. Clint Walker is Having a Really Tough Day, Brian Keith steals this tough, gritty western, "You appear to be doing all right for a dead man"(Clett), Solid, Well-Made, But Unpretentious Oater, Clint ("Cheyenne") Walker on the Big Screen, boring waste of time, plus implausible action scenes.

Clint Walker is the reformed gunfighter whose reputation places him on the sheriff's wanted poster as fate takes him to a woman's ranch in the midst of an Indian uprising. Music is by Max Steiner and cinematography by William H. Clothier. Firstly, they filmed in Black & White at a time when most movies, particularly westerns, were getting the colour treatment and besides Virginia Mayo the cast had no Marquee names to speak of. Fort Dobbs Farms Statesville, NC Market Overview. At this point, our hero lights out with a posse pursuing him straight into the desert where the Comanches have decided to hit the war path.

His soothing, dulcet voice and his monumental frame add much to the film. This movie is very similar to "Hondo" 1953 which starred John Wayne. Nondescript title hides an okay western tale.