That’s retarded. And yes, I think the “photo” at the end was a delusion. Got a question about the One Hour Photo ending. IIRC he did not take any photos of them while he was ‘posing’ them. so it would be great if someone could maybe explain it. It's the best mini-lab in the state. That’s retarded. Regarding his last comments which might reveal he was abused as a kid might just be a cover up to fool the detective into sympathizing with him and even if they are true he’s been portrayed as a very calculating person throughout the whole movie. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I don't remember the detective saying that. In the end, in his mind, he did the right thing, he didn’t take the “bad” photos, so everything is alright,and he still can be part of the family. From The Virgin Suicides to On the Rocks, IMDb dives into the cinematic stylings of Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola. I must say, though, without Williams as the lead, this movie would not have been as good as it was. If you don't like movies with little action or a low budget don't see this movie. He never actually took any photos, and was just using the flash on the camera. Directed by Mark Romanek. Continuity mistake: When Sy is following Nina and Jake after he put the picture of the husband cheating in with Jake's pictures, the cars pull over to the side of the road. That’s retarded. But my mother said,“As horrifying and painful as it will be for those children, they will get through it. I don’t believe there’s any trickery in the film, I think everything actually happened with reference to Sy taking the pictures of the adulteres. Title: 4 years ago. Sy is a lonely man, never having had any friends. He took them in the hotel room, he couldn't have developed them yet.

He took the pornagraphic ones with the people and he had another regular set of pics in his bag. Sometimes he even gives you 5-by-7s when all you ordered were 4-by-6s. both my mother and i watched the entire move and once it ended we were just like "what?" When Sy is following Nina and Jake after he put the picture of the husband cheating in with Jake's pictures, the cars pull over to the side of the road. But he knows more about the Yorkin family - specifically Nina Yorkin and her adolescent son Jake Yorkin, the two in the family who drop off and pick up the family's photofinishing - the family about whom he is obsessed, than anyone else. So it seems that Cy is always stuck in childhood, in a way.[/spoiler]. What was that about? After an incident at work and after Sy finds out more about the family through a set of photographs, he decides to right the injustices he sees in the only way he knows how. He stole the knife, went to the hotel, probably even delivered the food. Let's get one thing straight, though, this not a mainstream movie. Diagnostic Review of One Hour Photo When diagnosing films I found it to be quite difficult. Separate from membership, this is to get updates about mistakes in recent releases. I've got a question about something else in the movie (also spoilers to follow): I just watched this for the first time last night and the movie just kind of fizzled out at the end for me. However, I don't think Sy is a psychopath, he clearly cares deeply about the family. explain ending to one hour photo? I just wasn’t able to phrase it as eloquently, so didn’t really try. Sy's obsession includes fantasizing about being their favorite "Uncle Sy".

The picture set he shot is revealed to be benign objects in the hotel room. Earlier in the movie Cy talked about the fact that children take different types of photos than adults take. In the theatrical version these photos were never shown and it was left in question whether they were actually taken. I saw it at Sundance 2002, and this was one of the audience questions fielded by Robin Williams and the Director. I think the stuff in the hotel room did happen, but Cy only pretended to take the pictures, because the abuse in his past made that type of picture repugnant to him. I kinda figured it that he did break into the husband’s hotel room and did force them to pose and made them think he was taking pictures. Chris Nielsen dies in an accident, and enters Heaven. He longed to be part of a normal happy family, and after seeing pictures of this particular family, he “adopted” them as his own. AV8R, yes! (Please excuse me for not remembering the character’s name. He knows much about his customers through the photographs they have developed. Nina's husband, Will Yorkin, is incidental to his obsession since Sy has only seen him in photographs. All rights reserved. That’s retarded.

However, in a rough cut of the movie, apparently the photos of the couple in the hotel room were shown. There were also a few glaring unrealistic situations in the movie that were needed to further the story along. I just checked the meaning of psychopath and I think I misunderstood, what I meant was Sy had some wires crossed differently in his head (I don't know the right words to express my thoughts); but yeah, I agree he cared deeply about the Yorkin family. I believe that having the evidence missing later will help his defence. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I can’t believe I just watched this movie in 2019 and it’s been out since 2002 but I’m glad I did. He did terrorize the husband and his bimbo (the cops’ involvement convinces me this is real)–his moral compass is off enough to allow that, but he didn’t take the pictures–because in his mind, this is a bigger transgression and he can’t bring himself to do it!

That's exactly what One hour photo is, a good script with brilliant performances. One Hour Photo is a 2002 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Mark Romanek and starring Robin Williams, Connie Nielsen, Michael Vartan, Gary Cole, and Eriq La Salle.The film was produced by Catch 23 Entertainment, Killer Films, and John Wells Productions and released by Fox Searchlight Pictures. A well-respected businessman is sometimes controlled by his murder and mayhem-loving alter ego.

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You would never do things like make your children pose for disgusting pictures…”. Just watched this movie over the weekend.

So he’s pleased when he sees his pictures because they are “good” pictures–pictures like a child would take, not like the pictures that were taken of him when he was a child. People don't take pictures of these things. I calibrated that machine personally. The photo that Sy got off the market stall, (the old photo of a women) he said to Nina that, that was his mother, was it his mother, or did he just say that to make himself feel better, and if so, why would he lie about that?

He has even been making an extra set of prints for himself of all of their photographs since Jake was a newborn. The true story of a heroic man, Hunter "Patch" Adams, determined to become a medical doctor because he enjoys helping people. Sy is a lonely man, never having had any friends.

This is a place for fans of various creative works to share theories, interpretations and speculation related to that particular creative work. Cy expected the wife to kick Will out (maybe thinking he then could marry her himself–remember the “flirting” scene where he shows her that he’s reading the same book as her, and him telling Will what a lucky man he is–Cy would like to be more than just the uncle, but he was willing to settle for that when he thought the family was happy). An alternate prologue before the main titles featured a narration by Williams on the red eye effect in human's and animals, while a photo of a family with red eyes, footage of animals with this effect and video of what's happening in the eye when this happens. He just wanted to fix the Yorkin family because the Yorkin family was his ideal family, family he never had; and in his deepest darkest dreams he just wanted to be a part of that family. That’s retarded.

So I’m going to share my thoughts on that rule to up my character count. The picture set he shot is revealed to be benign objects in the hotel room.

Just like when he was imagining going into their house, etc.