on its cruise to Neptune.

[15] The total mass of ice in Uranus's interior is not precisely known, because different figures emerge depending on the model chosen; it must be between 9.3 and 13.5 Earth masses. [68], The mean apparent magnitude of Uranus is 5.68 with a standard deviation of 0.17, while the extremes are 5.38 and +6.03. [16][19][87][97] The troposphere is a dynamic part of the atmosphere, exhibiting strong winds, bright clouds and seasonal changes. While a spacecraft would have nowhere to land on Uranus, it wouldn’t be able to fly through its atmosphere unscathed either. The atmosphere of Uranus is composed of 83% hydrogen, from the planet's radius, mass, period of rotation, the shape [15], The standard model of Uranus's structure is that it consists of three layers: a rocky (silicate/iron–nickel) core in the centre, an icy mantle in the middle and an outer gaseous hydrogen/helium envelope. [1] It is the only planet whose English name is derived directly from a figure of Greek mythology. The important thing is not to stop questioning.- Albert Einstein. Uranus also has faint rings. NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has started a road trip that will continue through the summer across roughly a mile (1.6 kilometers) of terrain. Uranus was the first of three planets in our solar system discovered thanks to the invention of the telescope. I really wanted to say another word that started with a “d” and ended with a “k” with “i” and “c” in between, but i decided it was inapropriate.. Visit NASA Space Place for more kid-friendly facts, National Space Science Data Center Photo Gallery: Uranus, NASA Scientist Simulates Sunsets on Other Worlds, Revisiting Decades-Old Voyager 2 Data, Scientists Find One More Secret, 10 Things You Might Not Know About Voyager's Famous 'Pale Blue Dot' Photo, 10+ Things: Tour of Storms Across the Solar System, Next-Generation NASA Instrument Advanced to Study the Atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune, Hubble Reveals Dynamic Atmospheres of Uranus, Neptune, What Uranus Cloud Tops Have in Common With Rotten Eggs, Gravity Assist: Ice Giants (Uranus & Neptune) with Amy Simon, Uranus 'Loses' a Moon: The 'New' Official Moon Count of the Solar System, Fifteenth Anniversary of Voyager 2 Flyby of Uranus in 1986, Recipe for Neptune Revealed by Scientists, Huge Spring Storms Rouse Uranus from Winter Hibernation. Uranus'

Meines Erachtens muß man bei dieser Wahl die Mythologie befolgen, aus welcher die uralten Namen der übrigen Planeten entlehnen worden; denn in der Reihe der bisher bekannten, würde der von einer merkwürdigen Person oder Begebenheit der neuern Zeit wahrgenommene Name eines Planeten sehr auffallen. Uranus is an Ice Giant planet and nearly four times larger than Earth. That sets the planet's auroras out of line, making them appear far from the poles, unlike those on Earth.
and a high altitude haze that forms a "cap" above the planet's Its atmosphere is made of hydrogen and helium like Jupiter and Saturn, but it also has methane. Because, in the English-speaking world, the latter sounds like "your. NASA Space Place: All About Uranus ›. The tendency In order of increasing distance from the planet, the rings are called Zeta, 6, 5, 4, Alpha, Beta, Eta, Gamma, Delta, Lambda, Epsilon, Nu and Mu. Still, Herschel made an accurate description of the epsilon ring's size, its angle relative to Earth, its red colour, and its apparent changes as Uranus travelled around the Sun. [23][114] Recent observation also discovered that cloud features on Uranus have a lot in common with those on Neptune.

15% helium, 2% methane and small amounts of acetylene and other tilted 60 degrees from the planet's axis of rotation. A narrow band straddling the latitudinal range from −45 to −50° is the brightest large feature on its visible surface.

This trajectory took Voyager 1 out of the plane of the ecliptic, ending its planetary science mission.[147]:118. If Earth were a large apple, Uranus would be the size of a basketball. Like Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune, Uranus is a big ball of gas, often called a jovian or gas giant world.

Uranus cannot support life as we know it. Uranus [56] The intensity of sunlight varies inversely with the square of distance, and so on Uranus (at about 20 times the distance from the Sun compared to Earth) it is about 1/400 the intensity of light on Earth.

[34] Bode concluded that its near-circular orbit was more like a planet's than a comet's. The northern clouds are smaller, sharper and brighter. This These atmospheric Much of the nebula's gas, primarily hydrogen and helium, formed the Sun, and the dust grains collected together to form the first protoplanets. From an average distance of 1.8 billion miles (2.9 billion kilometers), Uranus is 19.8 astronomical units away from the Sun. Kristen Erickson This unique tilt makes Uranus appear to spin on its side, orbiting the Sun like a rolling ball. [74], The extreme pressure and temperature deep within Uranus may break up the methane molecules, with the carbon atoms condensing into crystals of diamond that rain down through the mantle like hailstones. Near the core, it heats up to 9,000 degrees Fahrenheit (4,982 degrees Celsius). Like Venus, Uranus rotates in the opposite direction as most other planets. Uranus is made of water, methane, and ammonia fluids above a small rocky center. Amanda Barnett This gas absorbs red wavelengths from the incoming

The composition of the outer moons remains unknown, but they are likely captured asteroids. But follow-up observations have since shown that there's more there than initially meets the eye.

[47] Ultimately, Bode's suggestion became the most widely used, and became universal in 1850 when HM Nautical Almanac Office, the final holdout, switched from using Georgium Sidus to Uranus. Random Grammar Guy – singular nouns ending in ‘s’ don’t need another ‘s’ after the apostrophe. [88] The Uranian thermosphere, together with the upper part of the stratosphere, corresponds to the ionosphere of Uranus. Voyager Farewell Image Solar System → Local Interstellar Cloud → Local Bubble → Gould Belt → Orion Arm → Milky Way → Milky Way subgroup → Local Group → Local Sheet → Virgo Supercluster → Laniakea Supercluster → Observable universe → UniverseEach arrow (→) may be read as "within" or "part of". The rings shown in the picture are Epsilon, Delta, Gamma, Eta, Beta, [21][111][146] It also studied the magnetic field, its irregular structure, its tilt and its unique corkscrew magnetotail caused by Uranus's sideways orientation. [72] The fluid interior structure of Uranus means that it has no solid surface. "[31] When he presented his discovery to the Royal Society, he continued to assert that he had found a comet, but also implicitly compared it to a planet:[29], The power I had on when I first saw the comet was 227. Uranus has 27 known moons. [53] In Māori, its name is Whērangi. This site is among seven NASA sites nominated this year for a Webby. The following is a summary of the rings of Uranus. Its average distance from the Sun is roughly 20 AU (3 billion km; 2 billion mi). Uranus has 27 known moons, and they are named after characters from the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. It made the first detailed investigations of its five largest moons and discovered 10 new ones.
[16][84], One of the hypotheses for this discrepancy suggests that when Uranus was hit by a supermassive impactor, which caused it to expel most of its primordial heat, it was left with a depleted core temperature. filters were respectively converted to the same blue, green and red colors

[104][105] Neptune has a similarly displaced and tilted magnetic field, suggesting that this may be a common feature of ice giants. Uranus' atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium, with a small amount of methane and traces of water and ammonia.

The matter in the rings may once have been part of a moon (or moons) that was shattered by high-speed impacts. Voyager Mission – Outer Planet: Uranus in F Minor. If Earth was the size of a nickel, Uranus would be about as big as a softball. Uranus has the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System.

Uranus ’ rotation axis was pointed less than 8 ° from the sun at its approach.

total darkness as the planet rotates. [112][113], At ultraviolet and visible wavelengths, Uranus's atmosphere is bland in comparison to the other giant planets, even to Neptune, which it otherwise closely resembles. Hubble Tracks Rotation of Uranus Visit NASA Space Place for more kid-friendly facts. Random Grammar Guy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he? The inner rings are narrow and dark. One astronomical unit (abbreviated as AU), is the distance from the Sun to Earth. Alpha, 4, 5, and 6.