Five companies fly to Umeå, with10 to 25 takeoffs per day, with fewest flights on Saturdays: The flight time from Stockholm to Umeå is one hour. Linje 100 [60] has 6 busses a day on the Sundsvall - Örnsköldsvik - Umeå - Skellefteå - Luleå - Haparanda route departing Sundsvall at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00. (2005 est.) Its area comprises the traditional landskap (province) of Västerbotten and parts of Ångermanland and Lappland.

Annual popular music festival during three days in mid March attracting thousands of visitors. Umeå Airport [55] is located 5 kilometres south of the city center, on the edge of the city.

The best club in town when it comes to music events.

This two story bar and restaurant is located close by the public library in central Umeå.

Tickets can only be bought on the bus using credit/debit cards and your cellphone, but like all city busses in Umeå, cash is not accepted. An old prison converted to a hostel. Youth hostel in the downtown area. By continuing to use the website you agree to the usage of cookies. Bikes can be rented at Cykel & Mopedhandlaren (Kungsgatan 101, +46(0)90-140170) or Umeå Camping [65] If you plan on staying longer, buying a used bike is a good investment - with a bit of effort you can find a good used bike for as low as 400 SEK. Another student pub, belonging to the Medicine Students' Union, located next to the hospital. Four star hotel located in the highest building in Umeå. The Sundsvall - Umeå or Umeå - Luleå segments cost 295 SEK each. Umeå has been awarded the title European capital of culture 2014 [49]. Collisions with moose are a common cause of road accidents. Umeå [47] is a city of about 110,000 located near the mouth of the Ume River and is the capital of Västerbotten County in Norrland in Northern Sweden. A laid back scottish style pub with a wide sortiment of draught and bottled stouts, porters and ales.

Only Malmö Aviation connects to Stockholm's Bromma Airport, which is closer to Stockholm city. Nearly 3,000 birch trees were planted along the city's wide avenues following a devastating fire that destroyed large parts of the city back in 1888. Another sportsbar in addition to O'Learys. It is recommended to have experience of driving in snow and poor visibility when driving in the winter, as even major roads get snow covered during days with lots of snow falling, just as strong winds in some parts cause snow to drift onto the road surface. Wifi is available and free of charge. Wireless internet connection available. Linje 31 [62] has 3 nonstop busses a day to Tärnaby with one bus continuing to Mo i Rana in Norway. Popular among students and workers all year around, families during the summer. As one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden with over 121,000 inhabitants, Umeå successfully manages to balance its environmental commitments with its trade and industry ambitions, attracting some of the world's most creative and enterprising businesses to the region. Primary schools for children between ages 7 and 16 (grades 1–9) and upper-secondary schools (gymnasieskola) in Umeå are tuition free and include a cooked lunch meal.The majority of teaching takes place in Swedish, but for children and young people with a mother tongue other than Swedish, the municipality offers different kinds of instruction and support based on the child's needs.

Corona is located on campus, in the back of the Universum building. Off to the side of Rådhusesplanaden you will also pass Umeå Stadsbibliotek (Umeå City Library) and Vasaplan (the hub of local bus traffic). helps you with booking hotels, daytrips and provides information about Umeå and Västerbotten.

10 minute walk to city center, 20 minute walk to campus. Annual film festival, usually held in mid-September. A perfect spot if you want to enjoy a well done burger and watch your favourite football team on one of the 30 plus widescreen tv's.

The town had to recover from a very large fire in 1888. There are presently no departures on weekend. All parts of Umeå are very safe, there is no reason to be worried walking around at night. Adventure centre on Rådhustorget in central Umeå. Umeå railway station is at the city centre. Most of the way has walkable biking-lanes, and walking to or from town or the student neighbourhood of Ålidhem is quite doable for budget travellers. Umeå city offers a safe environment, not least for family life. In 1622 it was incorporated by Gustav II Adolf. Quite expensive but amazing food. The biggest employers are the University, the Hospital and Volvo (which has a factory in the outskirts). Night buses are available on Fridays and Saturdays. Award winning restaurant. With 27,000 students, Umeå is Sweden’s fifth largest university city. makes use of cookies to improve the user experience. The terrain rises from the gulf through a forested upland zone and culminates….

Ybuss [61] is a long distance bus company with 3 busses a day on the Stockholm - Umeå route departing Stockholm at 08:20, and 21:15. Dorm bunks, singles and doubles available. 3 bars, 2 dance floors, minimum age 21 on Fridays and 27 on Saturdays. All pubs and nightclubs close at 2 AM on weekends and usually at 1 AM on weekdays. Note that the train may not run to Umeå on some Sundays, requiring you to take a bus from Vännäs (approximately 35 km away). TC represents a modern white decor bar and nightclub and is popular among house music fans.

A student pub/club close to IKSU sport centre. Admittance strictly for students possesing valid ISIC or national student card only. The main cinema in the city centre mostly showing hollywood blockbusters and swedish film. Nightlife is relatively good. Tens of daily flights connect to Stockholm, but direct flights also include [Helsinki], [Kiruna] and [Östersund]. As proof of the city's vibrant cultural scene, Umeå was named European Capital of Culture 2014.

You can also buy tickets using the app "Ultra vill mer". Preschool services are available for children from the age of one year, and are very affordable. Right in the middle of downtown.

All tickets have to be paid using credit/debit cards or using mobile phone - the local bus company has an app, "Ultra vill mer", which you can use to calculate routes and purchase tickets. Each neighborhood will have a small shopping center, with one or two supermarkets (ICA or Konsum/coop) and a few kiosks and fast food outlets. Recently it has become very popular and show sporting events and large screens.

649km (403 miles) north on E4 from Stockholm. After suffering several destructive

It is a commercial centre and port and manufactures furniture and machinery; it also has sawmills, the products of which are exported from its foreport, Holmsund. In front of the City Hall is Rådhusparken and down by the waterfront is Trädgård i Norr (Garden in the North), which is a small flower park. If you're arriving by connecting flights, make sure you're connecting at the right airport. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login).

Houses in a huge heritage villa close to Döbelns park in downtown.

This is by no means a guarantee, but it reduces the risk of moose-collisions.

Updates? An upscale nightclub and restaurant located in the City Hall building. Buses tend to be very infrequent in summertime and as a general rule it is advisable to check the timetable before getting to the bus stop during all seasons - waiting for 10 or 20 minutes in a bus stop at -20 C is a potential health risk. mun., 110,758. Corrections? Listen to five professors share their views on the positive research climate at Umeå University. List of prices in Umeå (Sweden) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Oct 2020. There are plans to prolong the rail to Sundsvall, greatly reducing travel time to Stockholm.

The ticket includes a two hours transfer time within the city buses. Recently refurbished it offers a huge choice of bottled beers. Both permanent and annual exhibitions. Don't be surprised if there is service onboard of the long distance routes or even free Wifi internet.

It is often both easier and faster to get around by bike rather than by car or bus. Open-air cultural showcase, centered around the Västerbottens Museum. Join a talented, innovative pool of people with the drive to make a difference. Founded in 1965 and is Sweden's fifth oldest university. Here you find three big museums, a sculpture park, an opera and a professional symphony orchestra – but also the cultural association Bumblebee, the music festival Umeå Open, several smaller theatres and an international literary festival, among many other events. The influx from near and far has transformed Umeå into northern Sweden’s largest urban community with an atmosphere characterised by openness partnered with just the right amount of inquisitiveness. Exhibits focus on the region's history, with art exhibits and musical performances as well. Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19.