Writing in The New York Times, Stephen Holden wrote the film "lacks the humanity of Short Cuts or the edgy hipness of Pulp Fiction, but it is still a sleek, amusingly nasty screen debut by a filmmaker whose television credits include an Amy Fisher melodrama." [4] A track was used from Waterlily Acoustic's album, Mumtaz Mahal, featuring Taj Mahal, Chitravina N. Ravikiran and Vishwa Mohan Byatt. 8) Movie CLIP - Motel Cat Fight (1996) HD. The film starred Ving Rhames as King and Jeremy Piven in a supporting role as closed-circuit promoter Hank Schwartz. Dosmo (Danny Aiello) is a hit man not without a trace of sweetness; he's afraid of dogs and likes to cook. CHARLIZE THERON AS Helga Svelgen FILM TITLE 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY; TWO DAYS IN THE VALLEY DIRECTED BY JOHN HERZFELD FILM COMPANY MGM 12 September 1996 **WARNING** This Photograph is for editorial use only and is the copyright of FILM COMPANY MGM and/or the Photographer assigned by the Film or Production Company & can only be reproduced by publications … Also involved in the murder scheme the movie revolves around is Helga Svelgen (Charlize Theron). A hooker can become Heidi Fleiss. Both audacious and unwieldy, exciting and excessive, this dark thriller is too long, too violent and not always convincing. Das Haus bewohnt der junge, exzentrische Kunsthändler Allan Hopper, der sich gerade von einer Nierenkolik erholt. In 2007, Herzfeld directed the crime thriller The Death and Life of Bobby Z starring Paul Walker and Laurence Fishburne. One of the other two hostages is a suicidal ex-director, Teddy Peppers, played by a real director, Paul Mazursky ("Down and Out in Beverly Hills"). Das Geld befindet sich jedoch noch in Beckys Haus, in das sie nicht zurückkehren will. Becky gathers that Becky liked him and Helga acknowledges she did. I especially liked the Mazursky character, who dumps his Emmy in a trash can, and the Aiello character, who consoles the art dealer's secretary: “It's just part of his nature to be cruel--don't take offense.” The movie illustrates a world view shared by a lot of people in Los Angeles: If there are only six degrees of separation between any two people in the world, there are only two or maybe three separating everyone in the Valley from the rich and famous who light up the pages of the National Enquirer. Hatcher is a little out of her league here, but the rest do a fine job, especially Aiello, Mazursky and Cruttwell. In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism. "[13] The film received a mixed review from the Los Angeles Times which noted: "Like many ambitious, provocative films, '15 Minutes' is a bit of a mess. There is also graphic violence in the movie. Although he is sympathetic, Wes begins to suspect that Becky knows more than she is saying. Herzfeld wrote at the time that he intended the film as a study of the country's fascination with celebrity—thus the title's reference to Andy Warhol's famous quote about "15 minutes of fame. 2 Days in the Valley seems to have trouble deciding which it wants to be and ends up being not quite enough of either. Just before Lee can kill Dosmo, Teddy shoots Lee, killing him. Valley [faˈlaɪ] Aussprache? Instead, here are some of the characters. Amen. Sie wird von zwei Polizisten der Sitte aufgegriffen, die zufällig auf sie stoßen. The plot underlies even the most inexplicable scenes and eventually links even the most widely separated characters, but what makes the movie fun is the dialogue and the behavior. Herzfeld described the movie, which follows 10 characters over 48 hours in the San Fernando Valley, as follows: "The movie is about a lot of people who either never achieved their goals, or screwed up their lives, or dropped the football the first time it was thrown to them. All of these characters inhabit the San Fernando Valley, which is to Beverly Hills as hell is to Dante's Inferno. Audrey jumps out of the car and tries to help the dying Helga, but Helga dies on the roadside. A grateful Wes allows Dosmo to take the $30,000 and escape with Susan, the following day, Teddy shows up to an anniversary party that Audrey is attending. Zu allem Überfluss kommt auch noch Dosmo mit seinen Geiseln am Haus vorbei, wo die Geschichte dann ein blutiges Ende findet. 2 Days in the Valley (1996) Directed by John Herzfeld Keith Carradine James Spader Ada Maris Charlize Theron Becky is furious at Helga for not telling her that Roy would be killed in their house and the latter is also furious at Becky for leaving $30,000 in the house. We sense that they're people who see success every day, who taste it and smell it and rub shoulders with it, but never have been able to grasp it. [4] He also won the first annual "Scott Newman Drug Abuse Prevention Award" for his writing on Stoned. Prices seem to vary continuously. Die Killer Lee Woods und Dosmo Pizzo überfallen und töten Roy Foxx im Haus seiner Ex-Frau Becky, nachdem sie diese mit einer Spritze betäubt haben. Er lobte die Dialoge.[1]. Lee and Dosmo then drive to an abandoned area of Mulholland Drive, where Lee shoots Dosmo and blows up the car in order to set Dosmo up as the fall guy for the murder. In heaven, a group of angels (including two portrayed by Charles Durning and Scatman Crothers) try to persuade God (voice by Gene Hackman) not to send a new plague to the Earth if these two characters can be reformed. It has a lot of violence, some of it gory, along with nudity and profanity. Statt Becky fährt Lee noch einmal zu dem Haus, obwohl die Mordkommission bereits Ermittlungen im Haus anstellt. / i ist eine Gemeinde im oberbayerischen Landkreis Miesbach. Meanwhile, a real homicide detective (Keith Carradine) is assigned to the murder, and his path crosses those of the vice cops and the Spader character, who is impersonating a cop. He's a sadist who likes to pull out a stopwatch and give his victims 60 seconds to put their affairs in order. “2 Days in the Valley” has two subjects: twisted human behavior, and the complexity of its own plot. Dosmo nimmt Allan und seine schüchterne Assistentin Susan Perish als Geiseln. Auch Wes lässt der Fall keine Ruhe, und er besucht dort seine Kollegen. Here's to some losers who sometimes get to win. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 29. While it isn't as good a movie as "Pulp Fiction" and isn't as well directed or written, it does have a couple of advantages: Not all of its characters are amoral idiots and there's even one or two of them you might care about. Click here for links to places to buy this movie in video and/or DVD format, the soundtrack, books, even used videos, games and lots of other stuff. Succumbing to her wounds, Helga dies on the curb. Wes is caught in the middle of a shootout between Dosmo and Lee, and is shot in the legs. A personal trainer can become Steven Seagal. It looks like a crime movie, but crime is the medium, not the message; the crimes are an excuse for quick connections among strangers. Mazursky delivers one of the best lines in the film when he observes, "It's been my observation that losers are more truthful than winners." In one of the movie's best scenes, he encounters an actor (Austin Pendleton) who smilingly insults him without mercy, pointing out every milestone on his descent to the bottom of the industry. It depicts 48 hours in the lives of a group of people in the San Fernando Valley who are drawn together by a murder. Jerry Goldsmith composed an original orchestral score for 2 Days in the Valley that was rejected in post-production. In 2008, he wrote and directed the made-for-television feature SIS, about the Special Investigation Squad, an elite secret police force that hunts down criminals on the streets of Los Angeles. Juli 2018 um 20:20 Uhr bearbeitet. Lee injects Becky with a tranquilizer then shoots Roy in the head. Lee reluctantly decides to kill Helga instead of taking her to the hospital, concluding that her wound is too severe to be treated, but his gun jams. Herzfeld was born on April 15, 1947 in Newark, New Jersey and grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. Helga states ,"We have to keep some secrets before you send that insurance money." Such outrage prompts a catfight. On the run, Pizzo takes four hostages in an upscale San Fernando Valley home owned by the hilariously obnoxious Allan Hopper (Greg Cruttwell). Lee and Helga are in a hotel when Helga decides to slip on lingerie. Lee flees the scene with his girlfriend, Helga Svelgen (Charlize Theron). Goldsmith's score was released in complete form by the soundtrack label Intrada Records in 2012.