read-only API trying to POST, // non-API error, e.g. Trial and error has shown that for tracked keywords, waiting 20 to 30 seconds between re-creating streams was enough. And, you also get a dedicated tweet button that follows you everywhere. Uptodown is currently under maintenance.

For example, to follow a user: The second use case for POST is when you need to pass more parameters than suitable for the length of a URL, such as when looking up a larger number of user ids or screen names: Use the .put method for actions that update state. The new app goes by the popular moniker Lite — Twitter Lite. If you don’t like clutter you can delete this shortcut as the real app launcher is stored in your local Chrome folder. It’s the browser I use, and it’s the browser that makes it easy to install web apps locally. You can find many more examples for various resources/endpoints in the tests. Always set stringify_ids: true when possible, so that Twitter will return strings instead of numbers, and rely on the id_str field, rather than on the id field. Last updated on 23 May, 2018 A tiny, full-featured, modern client / server library for the Twitter API..

It's extremely fast and feels so much lighter. If you use Google Chrome on Linux, and you happen to be a big Twitter user, here’s a neat little tip. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, Drop Node versions from Travis because Twitter rate limits it, v0.9.4: fix broken 0.9.3 build; cosmetic changes, v0.9.3: return _headers in stream creation error, Merge branch 'master' into @kmaid/fix-missing-headers, looking up a larger number of user ids or screen names, Grab the Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) from Keys and Access Tokens, Make sure you set the right access level for your app, If you want to use user-based authentication, grab the access token key and secret as well. Work fast with our official CLI. Now you won't need them, though, given the official release of Twitter Lite, the skinny app that's finally available for Android from Uptodown. .get and .post reject on error, so you can use try/catch to handle errors.

In the main Chrome menu select ‘More Tools > Add to desktop…‘.

“If you take anything away from this post let it be how non-webby PWAs feel…”. A little box will appear where you can give the app a name (this is pre-filled) and set whether you want it to ‘Open as window‘. Introduced in the first quarter of last year as a Progressive Web App, Twitter later launched the toned-down version of its Android app in September. Then you can include the following at the top of your code: Twitter has two different authentication options: App authentication is a simple header behind the scenes: You can get the bearer token by calling .getBearerToken(). The content remains unbiased and authentic. This one can be a deal breaker if you love swiping between the tabs. Learn more. Plus, it's been specifically designed for lagging connection speeds and slower devices.

Tap Add. Use the .post method for actions that change state, or when the total size of the parameters might be too long for a GET request. There are no response headers specifying how long to wait, and the error, as well as streaming limits in general, are poorly documented.