Scottish Proverbs> The tartan was originally called 'Tunes of Glory'. Today with home computers and the vast information network through the Internet, it is much easier to try and trace a family history.  Slideshow 2007>  Businesses> Richard Pilgrim oscillates wildly at this innovative interpretation of a classic.     Across Scotland> With a strong contingent from the Scottish Executive, Scottish Parliament and Visit Scotland, Tartan Day offered the opportunity to promote Scotland across the broader perspective.

"Tartan Day was a magnificent day and has put Scotland firmly on the map", said First Minister, Jack McConnell. American film, TV and advertising companies were also being wooed to "come to Scotland". Postcards were handed out to everyone who came along saying invitingly: Film It In Scotland     Central>  Archaeology>     Tours/Guides>, Search This Site>


 Flowers of Scotland> We want to keep what we do free to all to access, but increasingly we are relying on revenue from our readers to continue.  Clan/Family Histories>     Info Sources>  Quotable Scots>  Tartan Day>  Scottish Battles>  Feedback/Contact> Click on the image above to see a more detailed version.  Environment> This tartan was recorded prior to the launch of The Scottish Register of Tartans. Can you spare a few quid each month to support us?Support LeftLion now, Nottingham Playhouse has treated Beauty and the Beast to a bit of Kenneth Alan Taylor magic, He may be flat but he's a hero! This Home and Away exhibition which continues until June may encourage more American Scots to delve into their past and persuade them to visit Scotland and the birthplace of their great-great-grandparents.  Literature> Tunes of Glory (1960) - Colonel Barrow's exacting standards - Duration: 3 minutes, 9 seconds.  Arts>  Poetry> According to my friend on Central Park, Sue Flanagan, a New Yorker of Scottish and Irish ancestry, the St. Patrick's Day parade was not nearly as exciting as the Tunes of Glory march on Tartan Day.  Castles To Stay In> Home and Away  Scottish Tattoo> 51 Followers.  History Timeline>  Shopping>     Airline Services>  Glasgow Photo Library>  Symbols of Scotland>  Slideshow 2006>     Castle Collections>  Castle Photo Library> The stereotypical image of tartan, bagpipes, whisky and shortbread is seen by many as outmoded and which may not attract the younger American to visit Scotland.

    Online texts> Lakeside bring their 50s themed Flat Stanley to Nottingham this Christmas, The start of the silly season and Nottingham gets another chance to shout, “It’s behind you!”, Throw in a pizza slice, a clapped-out Fiat and your favourite pair of star-crossed lovers; and you have the perfect recipe.

Scotland of the 21st Century  Humour/Humor>     Alphabetic List> The Ellis Island museum is the former Immigration Centre in New York harbour where millions arrived as refugees from the United Kingdom, Ireland and across Eastern Europe. The colours represent the streets and buildings of New York, with green for Central Park, blue for the rivers (Hudson, Harlem & East) that surround Manhattan and two black stripes  Education> "The creation of a Scottish Parliament will assist us to make a contribution on the international stage for progress in business, commerce and the arts.  History Quiz>  Sport> Distilled - Live Scotland in New York was a three day arts festival, offering a taste of contemporary rock, jazz and Celtic music, comedy and cabaret, DJ club nights and a selection of our leading writers, novelists and poets. The essence and heart of Tartan Day is of course to celebrate and recognise the great ancestral bond between Scotland and the United States. They rarely looked back nostalgically and were regarded as the invisible immigrants.

 Edinburgh Photos> A mini film festival screening the newest Scottish film, "Strictly Sinatra" to the classic "Whisky Galore" (known as "Tight Little Island" in North America) as well as seminars and discussions were arranged to inform the American film industry of the great locations and opportunities for filming against the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish landscape.  Scottish Festivals>  Slideshow 2009>

More than 3,000 young New Yorkers made their way to the Boylan Studios in the Chelsea district of downtown Manhattan for a series of cabaret variety shows featuring such hot talent of today including Tommy Smith, the superb young jazz saxophonist, the Mull Historical Society, a chart topping rock band, Rhona Cameron, the sassy comedienne and Arnold Brown, who wowed the crowd with his Scottish Jewish humour.     Animals>  Romantic Scotland> The Distilled arts festival, the Tunes of Glory march and a glittering Pipes and Drums charity ball at the Waldorf Astoria combined to present a true reflection of what Scotland is today, both proud of its traditional heritage and culture as well as a forward-looking cosmopolitan European country.  Scottish Parliament>  Genealogy>, Government>  Poetry from Scotland>  Newspapers>  Famous Scots>  Webcams in Scotland>, The illustrations in this feature are from official sources, Ken Scott and. We are very ambitious for both Scotland and the USA.". A noble-born child is left behind by a governor and his wife as they flee the outbreak of civil war, Stick a curly moustache on your best mate, dunk him in something irresistibly odorous and point him in your sweetheart’s direction, Joint-wrenchingly energetic for singers and dancers alike, the number of knee supports on show bearing testament, Copyright © 2020 LeftLion Ltd (8661252)44-54 Freckingham Street, Nottingham NG1 1DQ, Web design and build by LeftLion Extended, we're a creative agency, get in touch to find out more, This stirring stage production tells a tragic tale of personality clashes amongst the tartan of a Scottish regiment. Many had fled from the Highland Clearances, others to seek adventure or find work opportunities.  Haunted Castles> Where else would you like to go in Scotland?  Desktop Graphics>

An exhibition, Home and Away, Highland Departures and Returns has just opened on Ellis Island which documents the story of the many hundreds of thousands of Scots who arrived here during the 19th century.

The Scots travelled to America for the opportunity of work and a new life.  Where Am I?     Highlands> Can you spare a few quid each month to support us.

    Glasgow>  St Andrew Societies> Websites such as and Scottish Origins help you begin the research with excellent advice on place names, surnames and parish records with a click of a button.  Architecture>  Parliamo Scots>, Places to Visit>  Scottish Banknotes>     Festivals> If you would like to request threadcount information for this tartan you must, Receive notification of all new registered tartan designs and other news updates.  Employment>