“Instantly they think of San Quentin … being buggered by your cell mate. Vocals [Möstresticator] – Maynard James Keenan Photography By [Radiographic Photo] – Craig Caton Wait about 20 minutes or so(I can't remember cause its been awhile) and you start to hear a mans voice telling you a story. “I was busting my ass working on movie sets in Hollywood trying to survive,” he recalled. Tool‘s first album sounded like nothing else at the time. manufactured and distributed by bmg music Your head hurt and it rang when you stood up. 9. Tool - Undertow review: It might not be as theatrical or virtuosic as Tool's subsequent releases, but Undertow is an album so full of rage, so permeated with pure anger, that it's a more than worthy member of the Tool canon. Perhaps the most whimsical image in the whole package was the one on the back cover, of a pig standing amid a small army of upright forks, with the word “undertow” shaved into its side. “Even before we started on Undertow, he wanted to get another bass player in the band so he could play guitar. “People focus on, in a video, what the people look like, so they’re going, ‘OK, let’s develop this person’s personality,'” Keenan explained to Raygun in April 1994. Recorded At – Grand Master Studios You were already getting nervous again. ... Track number 69 actually isn't a "hidden track" it's a song called "Disgustipated" on the CD it says on the back that it's supposed to be number 10, but they put a minute of blank songs inbetween them. Unlike most popular bands of the early Nineties, Tool were more than happy to operate in a state of semi-anonymity. Two Undertow songs, “Sober” and “Crawl Away,” appeared in early versions on a limited-edition 1991 demo tape called 72826; and according to the band, there were other future Undertow songs that were left off of Opiate at the behest of the record company. Artwork [Art Concept] – Tool Track List: All items in Music are non returnable. It only half counts as a second track because it is actually part of the same track as disgustipated, the track with Maynard going off as a psychotic preacher talking about carrots. Engineer [Assistant Recording] – Brad Cook, Robert Fayer Actually, the whole Blue Is Your Colour thing, starts at 13:51 on my cd, and I find it highly unlogical that someone would leave such a long freaky message about knives and camera cases on their answering machine, isnt there a limit how long you can record for? You just can’t find components for many of the vintage amps. "Disgustipated" is track 69 on most pressings in North America (tracks 10-68 are silent and are about 1 second in length). Track number 69 actually isn't a "hidden track" it's a song called "Disgustipated" on the CD it says on the back that it's supposed to be number 10, but they put a minute of blank songs inbetween them. “Our tastes run through Joni Mitchell, King Crimson, Depeche Mode and country,” guitarist Adam Jones told Guitar World in September 1993. Mixed at Ameraycan Studios, North Hollywood, CA.

The album’s success firmly established Tool as a potent creative force, and helped pave the way for a new wave of progressive metal, even though the band members themselves resolutely refused to let themselves be pigeonholed into any genre. if you listen to the messages in his songs they are deep and dark but very meaningful. That’s a distraction from the piece at hand. Track 4 & 5 were recorded live on New Year's Eve, December 31st 1991 at Jellö Loft in Hollywood, CA, USA. This hidden message is in fact a message Maynard(the lead singer)'s landlord left on his answering machine. It was a red car and it was new. That's the song "Message to Harry Manback" off of AEnima. We’re Tool.”, Recorded in the fall of 1992 at Sound City in Van Nuys, California, and at Hollywood’s Grandmaster Recorders, and co-produced by the band with Sylvia Massy, Undertow came together much more quickly than any Tool album ever would again. He lost a lot of money …  like $3,000. Want more Rolling Stone? Allmusic saw the album's success in the "striking, haunting visuals that complemented the album's nihilistic yet wistful mood."
The lyrics to the story go as follows: It was daylight when you woke up in your ditch. I called him and pointed out that we’d mentioned him in the liner notes. He was borrowing from the merchandiser to play poker with us and he’s really bad at bluffing. The silent tracks are just there before track 69. Your head was almost empty.

Manufactured By – BMG Music

“He’s kind of a bad poker player.

“He had a gambling debt for a while with us,” Keenan claimed.

“The guy who mixed our album … wanted to cut up our songs,” Jones told Guitar School in 1994. This happened, I grew up and now I’m doing it to someone else. That's why track 69 is hidden, because there are 58 tracks before it with nothing on it, so it makes the listener think that there is nothing there. Photography By [Cow Photo] – Danielle Bregmann Actually, Kurenai is right, this was a message left by Bill the landlord on one of their answering machines. I don’t want to follow formula. Out across your field, you could see two tiny people walking by your woods. Phonographic Copyright (p) – BMG Music In honor of the album’s 25th anniversary, here are 10 things you might not know about Tool’s Undertow. You began to walk towards them. So you gotta keep your head fresh.”, 5. Maynard James Keenan, Tool. On certain Japanese imports, "Disgustipated" is track 70, with a short live version of "Flood" as track 71. According to Allmusic, Undertow helped heavy metal music remain prominent as a mainstream musical style, and allowed several later bands to break through to the mainstream.

Something you’d never want to see, but it’s kind of beautiful.”.

Tracks 10 to 68 are each 0:01 of silence. They briefly tested the waters in August 1993 – Hicks introduced the band at their Lollapalooza performance in Irwindale, California, before drily asking the crowd at the front of stage to search the dusty mosh pit for his missing contact lens – but the collaboration would sadly never come to fruition, due to Hicks’ death from pancreatic cancer in February 1994. And we were all just like, ‘There’s no way we’re getting another a-hole in this band to deal with.’ But he really wasn’t happy with things the way they were. That’s how you’re gonna get noticed!’ It took us a long time to figure out how politics work at a record company. It’s not about that at all … and it’s not saying that sodomy or sexual abuse is in any way OK. It’s not. Sign up for our newsletter. When you look at the Mona Lisa, I don’t have any idea what the artist looks like or what he’s about. Undertow is a song about repeated drug use. Some artists used it to get around parental advisory labeling and squeeze all the profanity they cut out into one hidden track. “When we went into the studio, [Rollins] came down and he read that part, but he also wrote his own part to kind of paraphrase what I’d said. Usually completely filling the capacity of the disc and squeezing in a song right at the end. So we put his there.”, Though the band had formed a personal and creative bond with Rollins while opening for the Rollins Band during a 1992 tour, Keenan – who is known to occasionally embroider a story to make it more interesting – told the magazine that Rollins’ presence was motivated not by a sense of artistic kinship, but rather as payback for a poker debt. To make you wait for track 69. I don’t want people to latch on to my movements or the way I sound or the way Danny hits his drums. Drums [Membranophones] – Danny Carey Oh Lord, why did everything always have to keep changing like this. he's even credited in the liner notes. Bought this over 20 years ago, but lost it. You looked up at your sky, then that made blue be your color.
"If god is our father," you thought, then Satan must be our cousin." when you stood up there was goo all over your clothes. We want to hear from you! Producer – Sylvia Massy, Tool It also appears as track 39, track 10 (mostly in Europe) or as a hidden track following "Flood" on track 9. Why didn't anyone else understand these important things? 6. Undertow‘s liner notes almost resulted in a collaboration between Tool and comedian Bill Hicks.Among the people thanked in Undertow‘s liner notes was comic Bill Hicks, whose stand-up tapes had been among Keenan’s favorite on-tour soundtracks. Adam Jones’ pet pig Moe made a cameo appearance in the album’s artwork.A talented visual artist, Jones was responsible for most of Undertow‘s artwork, including the red ribcage sculpture on the cover, and the nude images of a woman and man (which caused Wal-Mart and K-Mart to refuse to carry the album) and an X-ray image of a person with a dildo inserted into their rectum. Photography By – Dean Karr 1. Copyright (c) – BMG Music

Artwork [Creative Direction] – K. Lee Hammond Awesome 25 minute listen from front to back.

The actual time of the crickets chirping is 11 minutes and 6 seconds, or 666 seconds. Other [Models] – Laurie Ann Arden, Richard Hawkins You can see the car parked far down the road and you walked towards it. Maynard once claimed that Henry Rollins did his spoken-word part on “Bottom” to pay off a massive poker debt.One of the album’s standout tracks, the dynamic seven-minute epic “Bottom,” includes a spoken-word cameo appearance by Henry Rollins, who modified Keenan’s original words for the passage with some thoughts of his own.

A lot of bands have silence before a hidden track. Is she frowning? As of July 7, 2010, Undertow has sold 2,910,000 copies in the US. There was a great underground movement of music in L.A. at that time that we were really bonding together with them to fight against and create a new scene we felt was more worthwhile.”, 3. Any band is better while they’re scraping and clawing to get to the top, and TOOL eventually got to the top. Bass [Bottom Feeder] – Paul D'Amour ℗ & © 1993 bmg music “I like a picture that makes you uncomfortable on one [hand] and it’s beautiful on the other,” Jones explained to the Los Angeles Times in April 1993. … In the song, it talks about ‘I become full circle.’ And that’s what that means. “Rent was high and there was a lot of weird hypocrisy that happens with both the film and music industries. Maynard shot a piano to death for “Disgustipated.”. Are you talking about the evangelist preaching about how the harvest is like apocalypse for the carrots?