Having not read the play before she arrived, Rodriguez is surprised to discover that it’s a one-woman show. Directed by Laura Baker. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

These deficits are compounded by del Castillo's frequent character shifts, in which she moves from college coed to other personas. But these are unusual times, so please check that events are still happening.

The show is a play-within-a-play, with actress Karen Rodriguez playing herself participating in a reading of the script, and an imagined Gomez sitting silently in the house. Audiences who saw the Goodman Theatre’s stage adaptation of 2666 earlier this year will be at least somewhat prepared for the subject matter of this play, presented as part of the Greenhouse Theater Center’s Solo Celebration! Other digressions also occur: at one point del Castillo plays a man who has been arrested for brutalizing women, something he denies. Sadly, this potential is squandered. Sound Design by Elisheba Ittoop. Everyone, however, is on edge. In addition, Riccardo Hernandez’ scenic design and Aaron Rhyne's projection design are stellar. Monday June 20 2016.

Performed by Kate del Castillo. Written by Isaac Gomez, who lives across the border in El Paso, Texas, “the way she spoke” is a one-woman show that fails to speak to us: it’s performed by Mexican film star Kate del Castillo who attempts to give different accents and vocal mannerisms to the various characters she impersonates, without much success. (The device would be too convenient if not for the fact that it’s 100% believable.) As its title suggests, the show is based on hundreds of interviews Gomez conducted with women and men in Juarez, but it’s not straight documentary. "The breadth of what this play is doing and the tightrope … (the way she spoke plays at the Minetta Lane Theatre, 18 Minetta Lane, through August 18, 2019. What they—and consequently we—learn is heartbreaking. Luckily, Laura Baker’s assured direction keeps everything in hand, doing wonderful justice to both Rodriguez and Gomez. It’s a raw moment. Isaac Gomez’s The Way She Spoke: A Docu-Mythologia concerns the systemic abduction, rape and murder of hundreds women in Juarez, Mexico over the course of several decades. Greenhouse Theater Center. Hasta la victoria, mis hermanas, por siempre. And the play lets no one off the hook.

Nonetheless, they feel flat, even distanced. All rights reserved. Even worse, they note that the police seem uninterested in finding the culprits. Look out for your first newsletter in your inbox soon! TDF is a not-for-profit organization that has been dedicated to bringing the power of the performing arts to everyone since 1968. Hair and Make-up by J. Jared Janas. Lighting Design by Lap Chi Chu. By: The running time is 80 minutes. To purchase tickets visit ticketmaster.com, audible.com, or minettalanenyc.com, By Isaac Gomez; Directed by Jo BonneyProduced by Audible Theater, Off Broadway, Solo ShowRuns through 8.18.19Minetta Lane Theatre, 18 Minetta Lane. The play has a dreamlike quality, with Rodriguez moving between herself and Gomez and the women of Juarez and back again, that could get away from many directors.

Also A horrifying topic such as the abductions and brutal murders of women in Juarez, Mexico would seem inherently dramatic -- 'til you sit through an hour of "The Way She Spoke." Some of what’s said is extremely effective—especially near the end, when del Castillo reads the names and ages of several dozen women and girls who've either gone missing or were eventually found dead. BOTTOM LINE: An ambitious, but emotionally flat, exploration of the misogyny that has led to the disappearance and murder of more than 1500 women and girls in Juarez, Mexico.A play about the murder and disappearance of more than 1500 women should leave the audience in tears, shaken and angry. Nonetheless, she confesses that she is “research-obsessed” and feels compelled to learn as much as she can about the seemingly never-ending violence that targets female teenagers, children, and adult women. http://www.tdf.org/shows/17624/the-way-she-spoke-, 12,"error_msg":"REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and higher (12)","request_args":[{"key":"format","value":"json"},{"key":"query","value":"SELECT share_count FROM link_stat WHERE url=\"http:\/\/www.tdf.org\/shows\/17624\/the-way-she-spoke-\""},{"key":"method","value":"fql.query"}. As all of them—most of all herself— Rodriguez is heart-wrenching. Time Out is a registered trademark of Time Out America LLC. Déjà vu! Although the character notes that she was born in Mexico, she tells the audience that she has not been back since she was twelve. There are probably some who won’t see it because of that subject matter, but they should reconsider.

Perhaps this is because her speech is so rapid that it doesn’t give the audience adequate time to fully absorb the magnitude of the material. Running time: 1hr 5mins; no intermission. At one point, walls of posters bearing the likenesses of the missing ask anyone with information to call a hotline number. Try another? These images are a powerful reminder of how unsafe the world can be for women and girls, not just in Juarez, but everywhere. It’s as much about the women who died as all the people who are left to reckon with those deaths. However, the … Friendly warning! Projection Design by Aaron Rhyne. del Castillo tells a boatload of horror stories. http://www.greenhousetheater.org/#!blank-4/bv8cz. Some parents report that the bodies of their loved ones were found mutilated and battered but the perpetrators were never caught. It’s a pity, because the information has the potential gravitas to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. She even plays a literal saint—one who sadly has little to offer. Costume Design by Emilio Sosa. This thing is a triumph.

She wonders, is the company complicit in what has been happening? We're working hard to be accurate. No performance Friday 7/20. In fact, the way she spoke is something of a call to arms, for despite its flaws, the show suggests that, no matter what, we have a moral obligation to be our sisters’ keepers. A message from TDF on our commitment to change. What’s more, they acknowledge that women in Juarez have become increasingly fearful, and despite a handful of valiant feminist organizing efforts, most community members are too terrified to protest or demand better. Enlisting the help of her childhood friend Blanca and Blanca's mother, del Castillo's character visits several families of the dead or vanished. Kate del Castillo in the way she spoke. © 2020 Theasy.comAll Rights ReservedWeb Design by mitchellmedianyc, One-woman show about the murder and disappearance of girls and women in Juarez, Mexico, Some knowledge of Spanish would be useful (mostly English, but there is some untranslated Spanish), As will all Audible productions, the performance will later be released as an audio play, Not recommended for children or teens younger than 14. An intricately constructed solo piece offers a devastating look into the wave of murders in Juarez, Mexico.

The challenges that The Way She Spoke presented were irresistible, as was its relevance. Despite its surface simplicity, The Way She Spoke is actually unspeakably complex, juggling not just disparate characters and points of view but also a whole rat’s nest of moral and philosophical questions.

Hasta la victoria, mis hermanas, por siempre. Scenic Design by Riccardo Hernandez. Those who skipped 2666 might need to steel themselves against the waves of abject horror that await them. Actor Kate del Castillo (star of Telemundo’s La Reina del Sur) is the play’s never-named sole character. © 2020 Time Out America LLC and affiliated companies owned by Time Out Group Plc. Thanks for subscribing! At other times, we see row upon row of homemade pink crosses, spontaneous memorials that have been erected in vacant lots throughout Juarez.

Scripts and cookies must be enabled to use this feature. She explains that the bus company forced her to drop her passengers off on random street corners, rather than at their homes, leaving them to walk the final blocks alone. Mature audiences - Production contains graphic descriptions of violence. In fact, the way she spoke is something of a call to arms, for despite its flaws, the show suggests that, no matter what, we have a moral obligation to be our sisters’ keepers. Directed by Jo Bonney.

Bringing the Power of the Performing Arts to Everyone. Isaac Gomez’s The Way She Spoke: A Docu-Mythologia concerns the systemic abduction, rape and murder of hundreds women in Juarez, Mexico … Photo by Joan Marcus. Initially, she presents herself as an undergraduate at the University of Texas-El Paso, a city located directly across the border from Juarez. )the way she spoke is by Isaac Gomez. Images projected onto the theater’s back wall are a subtle complement to the spoken word and beautifully illustrate what del Castillo describes. In acting out the script, Rodriguez plays Gomez himself, as well as the women and men he interviews and who guide him around the city. Isaac Gomez and Kate del Castillo give voice to victims of violence in 'the way she spoke'. With Karen Rodriguez.

Poignant interviews (mostly with Mexican mothers) inspired the script. TDF Subsidy Program: Pulitzer Prize Winners.

Still, there is merit in the way she spoke. The set-up is intriguing. It’s distracting, and makes for a disjointed narrative. Production Stage Manager is Evangeline Rose Whitlock. How Do You Tell the Stories of Missing and Murdered Women? Kate del Castillo (Netflix/Telemundo’s La Reina del Sur) stars in this haunting and theatrical one-woman play that takes us from a New York stage to the treacherous streets of Juarez, Mexico where thousands of women have been murdered in an epidemic of violence that has yet to stop.

Another interviewee, Sandra, was until recently a bus driver charged with transporting workers from the city center to the sweatshop-like maquiladoras, or factories. Performances are Tuesdays through Fridays at 7; Saturdays at 2 and 7; Sundays at 3. We already have this email. But Isaac Gomez’s latest (following La Ruta) piece the way she spoke—a one-woman exploration of the violent and bloody femicide that has riddled the border city of Juarez, Mexico, since 1993—fails to deliver. By Isaac Gomez. Ticket prices run from $23 to $50 and are available at ticketmaster.com, audible.com, or minettalanenyc.com. Alex Huntsberger, Posted: For example, at several points in the play she becomes a critic and shoots questions at Gomez about the script he's written. Sandra reports that she finally quit, frustrated that she could not protect her riders from being abducted. The transition is awkward, and while it adds dimension, it’s a jarring switch. (the way she spoke plays at the Minetta Lane Theatre, 18 Minetta Lane, through August 18, 2019.