Later, the Scarlet Witch suffered a blow to her sanity in the aftermath of merging with a cosmic entity while consulting with Doctor Doom over missing memories. Tarantula | During the period in which pages from Chthon's sacred tome, the Darkhold, were scattered across the globe, Wanda's powers were periodically disabled -- with her being left powerless in several dangerous battles against various super-villains -- until several of the missing pages were restored to the book. How do you reassemble the Avengers?

Although much of the Scarlet Witch’s true origins remain elusive to her thanks to manipulations by others, she can still recall her early days as a child with her twin brother Pietro. Namor intervened on Wanda's behalf, and destroyed the equipment which Magneto was about to use. [27] The Toad chose to remain at Polemachus. Ainsi Pietro Maximoff et elle sont désignés sous le terme d'« optimisés ». How much of it is true and how much of it is more unconscious manifestations of the Scarlet Witch's reality manipulation is debatable. Les enfants furent élevés par Bova sur le Mont Wundagore, où demeurait captif Chthon, un puissant démon. Onslaught |

Lightmaster | Scarecrow | Chance | Wanda has undergone mental breakdowns, episodes of mental illness, and severe suicidal depression relating to her powers and personal traumas. Another fan, however, thinks Wanda, played by Elizabeth Olsen in the MCU, could still come out with the win even in the film version. In the "House of M" reality that she created, her chaos wave was so powerful that even Meggan, who absorbed the power of Beyonders, only could stop it for a few seconds. Growing Man | Namor |

Il apparaît comme l'un des deux principaux antagonistes (avec Ultron) de la série de bandes dessinées Avengers, comme l'un des deux principaux antagonistes (avec Magus) de la série Les Gardiens de la Galaxie, et comme un antagoniste majeur dans les bandes dessinées Iron Man et Le Surfeur d'Argent. Wanda was living in a small apartment with her only relative, her "Aunt Agatha" (who was never seen, but could possibly have been a manifestation of Wanda's now-dead mentor Agatha Harkness; Wanda also mentioned this to Beast, saying she was stuck out here for purposes of looking after an "elderly relative" who would worry if she got home late, indicating that this aunt indeed existed in some form).

Wanda’s interest in magic has grown, too, and during her investigation into the arcane arts she learned that her mother was the Scarlet Witch before her.

Sabretooth | La Vision fut capturée par des gouvernements étrangers qui voyaient en lui une menace, comme Ultron. Mister Fear | $180.00. Psycho-Man | Collector | Attuma | Equinox | Trick Shot | [21], Namor easily defeated the Beast and the Angel, but was immobilized by Cyclops' blasts.

Puma |

Deke Wainscroft | Bullseye |

[35], Training with Agatha Harkness increased Wanda's control of her 'Chaos Magic'. Purple Man | Niles Van Roekel | Molten Man-Thing | Arcade | | Owl | Superia |

High Evolutionary | She seemingly lost all her memories and powers and was engaged to Victor von Doom. Blastaar | For years, she and her twin brother, Pietro, believed that they were the children of Romany couple, Django and Marya Maximoff.

“She was able to destroy an Infinity Stone from her left hand and was able to stop Thanos with 5 infinity stones from her right hand, that, too both at the same time. Black Order |

Titanium Man | Red Skull | Avengers: Infinity War: Black Order (Thanos, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Nebula, Outriders, Chitauri & Leviathans) | Red Skull | The Collector | Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Thunderbolt Ross Rhino | Deathurge |

$150.00. Malgré sa personnalité globalement mégalomane, Thanos ne souhaite pas tout détruire, même s'il est prêt à s'associer à des héros lorsqu'il perçoit une menace plus dangereuse que lui. The champion called Wonder Man can also claim Wanda’s love, though not to any stable and lasting effect. En affectant les champs de probabilités, la Sorcière rouge peut déclencher divers phénomènes physiques invraisemblables, comme la combustion spontanée d’objets inflammables sans aucune cause physique, la production de rouille ou de pourriture rapide sur les matériaux organiques ou non organiques, la répulsion d’objets en plein vol, voire la perturbation des émissions ou des champs énergétiques, comme créer des tornades spontanément, La portée de ses pouvoirs hex sont relativement courts, limités à la portée de sa vision. Apocalypse | Hela | Though she does not possess a quite-so specific rogues gallery as many of her fellow costumed champions, the Scarlet Witch can claim a few immediate enemies from her years with the Avengers and her own personal trials. Crossbones |