Although they're trying to sell it as Chicago, it's clearly Toronto.

Jack and Victor decide to visit Winston in his new home at the seaside town of Finport - but find the local people are even stranger than those in Craiglang.

Watch the main man Mr. Bruce Willis talk about being retired and extremely dangerous: Your email address will not be published. The house itself was duplicated in California , on the Disney Ranch in Santa Clarita , north of Los Angeles .

Craiglang's residents can't resist the temptation of the Futuroo catalogue.

Meanwhile, Jack devises a scheme to finally get the attention of his estranged son in Johannesburg. Turning Osprey Heights into a mini Las Vegas, Tam wins Joe's motor-wheelchair. Jack and Victor have a major falling-out: Victor's son John is as distant and uncaring as ever, while Jack has warm tears in his eyes when his daughter Mary in Canada sends him a video tape of her and the weans.

Isa wants to know who is throwing her a surprise birthday party. Navid finds Pete 'the Jakey', Craiglang's answer to Barny Gumball, has been letting himself go, lately. But things go wrong when he actually turns up to see his 'sick' father.

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Jack and Victor get a taste of how the other half live when they are mistaken for two socialites by a couple of rich widows. When John leaves an unclear message on the phone, they enlist the help of their mate with superhuman hearing, Shug, to help out.
Aside from a few scenes shot in New Orleans all the locations are in the GTA (cities such as Brampton, Cambridge, and Mississauga were included) and in the Showline Studios in Toronto, even though the movie claims to have visited New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. The French military base scenes are set at the Red Fort in Delhi, but Beecham House’s Red Fort filming location is actually Amer Fort in Amber, Jaipur.

Winston, a lifetime expert at fiddling the DHSS, takes his game one step-up, in the form of pretty home-helper Mrs. Begg . Jack and Victor succumb to the lure of the Dial-A-Bus, but this one doesn't stop where they expected. Your email address will not be published. Jack and Victor kick off series 3 in an opening episode that picks up where the last episode of series 2 left off - the boys are flying to Canada to visit Jack's family. Meanwhile Boabby has discovered internet dating and encourages Winston to try it too. Jack and Victor aren't sure what to make of it when one of their pals takes up with a woman half his age. Full Cast and Crew

Jack and Victor offer a helping hand to Methadone Mick. Enola Holmes was filmed at the Greenwich Old Royal Naval College, Ashridge Forest, a Russell Group university library and on the Severn Valley Railway. Red Joan, directed by Trevor Nunn and starring Judi Dench, filmed in Cambridge and London. (parking garage for chase scene) 5 of 5 found this interesting. The Red Hoose Where was Still Game Filmed? Boabby the barman and Stevie the bookie vie for the attention of the new pizza girl. He doesn't buy a pint; he decides to get married.

The future is here as Navid shows off his new scanner, Tam befriends an older woman and Jack and Victor must get their hands on the last steak pie in the butcher's shop. Yes No.

Everyone is displaced as Winston needs a place to stay and the Clansman regulars are turfed out.

Proof is the, Many of the thrilling scenes between the good and the bad guys take place in abandoned locations, far away from any possible witnesses. Filming locations include Anaheim, Sanger, Santa Clarita and Valencia CA. this one is the. Jack and Victor face a miserable New Year when they become trapped in a lift at Osprey Heights. Jack and Victor club together to out-bid Manky Franky to win themselves Danny's old motor. Meanwhile, Isa struggles with her new cleaning job at the undertaker's and Tam pushes his skinflintishness to new depths, In the second of this double-bill, a trip to the cinema ends up creating a mystery for Jack and Victor and the gang. Will things come to a climax, or will father and son remain more distant than ever? Isa gets into a fix with some animals, while Jack & Victor decide to go on that adventure.

Isa's pulse is set racing as a long-lost companion returns. Meanwhile Isa limbers up for the Craiglang Bake Off and locks whisks with local cake rival, Peggy.

Jack and Victor are hell bent on getting a free pizza now that their old pal Winston works there.

But the gang from Craiglang are not happy at missing out. Craiglang is in the grip of a hot spell. Not to be outdone, our boys set out to win a slogan competition.

In the movie finale, a perfect spot for shooting was the. Navid, however, is about to encounter a more pressing problem. Where was Still Game Filmed: Series 8 Highlights, Enola Holmes Filming Locations: Adventures in Mystery Solving. Winston decides to take matters into his own hands. Sonora, California, USA You can actually see the slight look of surprise on Willis's face in the scene.

Meryl Streep was considered for the role of Victoria.

Twilight Monthly magazine needs a new cover star and Victor is convinced he's the man for the job.

Once again, they unite in an impossible mission to stop the operation and rescue the VP, Stanton, from being killed by his own people. Our vulnerable pensioners are to take radical measures to protect themselves from the night crawlers.

But to win the fair lady's heart, a double date is in order.

Jack and Victor contact an old friend to come to town and take matters in his giant-sized hands. But where is it coming from? RED was shot here for nine weeks.

Jack and Victor swap Craiglang for the Highlands and a retreat in Tighnahulish at Hogmanay with pals Winston and Tam. Jack arranges a birthday surprise for Victor's 75th - a trip down the river in an inflatable dinghy. But can Winston keep up the pretence for long? The television crew which makes Blighty's Hardest Pubs drops by The Clansman and Bobby foolishly promises them all the action they can handle.

When Jack and Victor volunteer to redecorate Isa's living room the alterations go a lot further than planned. But look closer and you will recognize that it's actually not Cleveland but the houses of the. Frank Moses' birthdate is March 19th, 1955, which is Bruce Willis' real birth date. Cold Turkey - Jack and Victor fear for their Christmas dinner after being nasty to Isa and Winston gets to grips with his turkey. Isa receives news about her ex husband Harry that changes her life. Aside from a few scenes shot in New Orleans all the locations are in the GTA (cities such as Brampton, Cambridge, and Mississauga were included) and in the Showline Studios in Toronto, even though the movie claims to have visited New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

A little test for all busy students; doesn't the "NYC" campus library look a little bit too much like our, Production didn't have to move much from New York City to Washington, D.C. Actually, both locations were filmed in Toronto. Is he, as Jack says, setting himself up for a fall? The filming began on January 18, 2010 in Toronto. Boaby bars Jack & Vic & Co. from the Clansman.

or Retired Extremely Dangerous section in the CIA Headquarters he contacts his former colleagues. There's rumours of a money-dealer newly arrived in Craiglang. They rehearse their scripts for when they get there to convince the doctor, but Jack's 'I'm depressed' face looks more like 'I'm constipated'.

Yes. Columbia, California, USA 9 of 9 found this interesting Interesting? But is he all that he appears to be? There can be only one winner. Will the DHSS listen to Robbie Burns, or will our heroes be kept apart? And what are they to do when an old friend - and notorious tapper - 'dies', and the chance to slip back a few items presents itself? Navid and Boabby settle a dispute over whose job is the cushiest.

Winston saves the day by thwarting a mugger and becomes an internet sensation. The filming began on January 18, 2010 in Toronto.

Screenshots of this scene.

The Neds have colonised the local park and Jack and Victor aren't happy about it. Even Jack and Victor decide to get in on the action by buying stock market shares from Navid at the corner shop. Navid's shop is in the Townhead area of Glasgow.
Jack and Victor gather a team for the walking football tournament. As Isa spreads gossip he's the grim reaper, the residents become spooked - but what is he really up to? The drinks are on him!

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