The Outcasts are an American garage rock band from San Antonio, Texas that released a total of five singles between 1965 and 1967. That album's liner notes suggested that the San Antonio band had backed her on these songs, a natural mistake, since King is from Houston, and the record label that released the final single by the Outcasts, Gallant Records, was based there. Playing for the first time to a crowd of about ten thousand people we played the gig of our lives, going down a storm, changing our standing in England for the next few years”.

Standing Room Only (a 1967 concert). Back in Belfast he’d got a job, married, had a couple of kids and settled into a domestic life only occasionally interrupted with mindless acts of drunken violence, then he met Colin, and within months he had dyed his hair blonde, started wearing tartan bondage trousers and left his wife to follow the band. They were filmed during recording sessions at Wizard Studios on 21 November 1978

[1], Greg Cowan returned in 2003 with an "Irish punk supergroup" along with members of Rudi and Stalag 17, performing at the book launch of It Makes You Want to Spit!, which is still going as Shame Academy.[2].

Greg “to be honest, the way we played the covers, no one recognised them anyway”.

Greg explains  “ Hendi was our road manager, he set up the gear, drove the van, did the lights, but we always had friends who travelled with us, their jobs were less specific.

In 1996 French punks The Dickheads paid the band the ultimate tribute by including a cover of The Cops Are Coming on their The Best Hate Songs EP, which was released by One By One Records in France.

Their last Good Vibrations related release came in the shape of the Room To Move EP, a compilation 7" to which The Outcasts contributed the track Cyborg which also appeared on their debut album. The Outcasts had no pretensions. The Outcasts tried their hand at many styles, from protest songs ("Price of Victory"), blues ("Sweet Mary"), to instrumentals ("Come on Over" and "The Birds") and romantic ballads ("I'll Set You Free" and "Everyday"). One recent reviewer remarked, "The music on this selection is jarringly experimental, the spirit is possessed fervor. They were fierce looking characters, I opened the door and thought, I’m in for a heavy night. A 2002 posting on by Jim Ryan, a former bandmember. Gli OutKast sono un gruppo musicale hip hop statunitense formato dai rapper e produttori André 3000 e Big Boi. We held a band meeting in a shed in Barnet’s Park the night after Colin’s funeral to decide if we were carrying on.

Outkast (stylized as OutKast) were an American hip hop duo formed in 1992 in East Point, Georgia, consisting of Atlanta-based rappers André "3000" Benjamin (formerly known as Dré) and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton. Members: Buddy Carson, Denny Turner, Galen … According to the Ugly Things compilation album notes, they are the most recognized band of this name that were active in the mid-1960s, including another popular band from Manhasset, New York (see below for others).[1].

Official Facebook page of Belfast PuNk legends The Outcasts. The single was released on the band’s own GBH Records, so named because Colin had been arrested in Spain on a G.B.H. Greg remembers the recording session for the single -  “ Due to our musical ineptitude it took thirty takes to get it right, the studio engineers were especially baffled why Colin would change the beat anytime he felt like it during the a song.”   George Doherty, who produced the single, recalls “Yeah they made a big impression on me then. The first pressing of 2000 copies was printed on various coloured paper.

The band formed in early 1977, with an initial line up of Blair Hamilton (vocals), Greg Cowan (bass), Colin "Getty" Getgood (lead guitar), and Greg's brothers Colin Cowan (drums), and Martin Cowan (rhythm guitar). Irish punk band formed in early 1977 in Belfast by the Cowan brothers and Colin "Getty" Getwood.

Greg - “Nothing was the same after that; although Colin was a terrible drummer, he was the heart of the band. [13] This song inspired the name of a British psychedelic rock band, Blair 1523 (Bomp! Greg says “This single shows us really having lost our way. When you got to know them however they were just big pussy cats.”, After continuous gigging at the Harp Bar the band built up a loyal fanatical following. The second album Blood And Thunder was released by Abstract Records in 1982 (and by New Rose in France) and on September 25th ‘82 they recorded their second, and final, session for the John Peel Show, the featured tracks being Winter, Magnum Force, Sex and Glory and Frustration. Seven Deadly Sins was also performed on a Whistle Test Special from Belfast. Notes: [1] The large attendance at Colin's funeral prompted the band to play a thankyou gig at the Harp Bar, and the positive reaction convinced the band that they should carry on. This “gig” ignited the idea of reforming the Outcasts and when they were offered a prime slot at the Rebellion PuNk Festival in Blackpool the following year, it was an offer which they couldn’t refuse. in this legendary film.

The band's last single, 1523 Blair features a "wind-up" introduction, followed by guitar riffs played at a furious pace, then barely intelligible lyrics, all at a blistering tempo.

It was the most emotional moment I've ever had. My favourite review is one in N.M.E. Our best songs were recorded when we couldn’t play well enough to do them justice, but then we weren’t making music to be analysed years later, it was all about now, throwing out all that went before and having our moment in the spotlight.

[1] They recorded a second Peel session and released the Blood and Thunder album on Abstract Records, which reached number 20 in the indie album chart. Later on this backfired badly on us. Greg - “The Outcasts leave no lasting musical heritage. The Outcasts were a great band. use, or spare copies of any releases, In 2020 The Outcasts played on Toy Dolls Tour. Greg recalls “That year and a half was really about the band slowly imploding. to coincide with the Good Vibrations Irish Tour of April 1979. After touring with the Meteors our sound took on a more Psychobilly sound. They never took things too seriously, always ‘playing it for the laffs’. The Outcasts continued to cause mayhem on the local gig circuit before going into the studio to record a track, the excellent and graphically violent ode to necrophillia The Cops Are Coming, which was to appear on the double 7" compilation The Battle Of The Bands EP, again on the Good Vibes label. One common misconception has to do with the 1960s band The Outcasts from Manhasset, New York,[9] whose recordings were reissued by the same Collectables label, even before they featured the Texas band.

Tracks 1-11 are the Blood And Thunder album; tracks 12-16 are the Seven Deadly Sins mini-LP;

Ray Falls joined the army.

then please get in touch.

charge before being deported. One track "You're A Disease" appears [1] A few more singles and the Seven Deadly Sins mini-album followed, but the band split up in early 1985.

After supporting The Clash on the first gig they actually played in Belfast the bouncers waited backstage and beat our fuck in as revenge. Galen Niles was the guitarist in two well-regarded Texas hard rock bands, Homer and Ultra during the 1970s and is still active in music. Greg -“Somebody dropped out at the last minute and we were put on fourth billing between Black Flag and The Exploited, Bow Wow Wow and the Damned were headlining. and again on 1st March 1980 with Rudi and Big Self. (No other state is so heavily collected today in compilation albums of garage rock and psychedelic rock music; as one example, the landmark Highs in the Mid-Sixties series devotes five of their twenty-three volumes to bands from Texas. Greg remembers “We played our first gig since Colin’s death at the Harp Bar. (The title was taken from the address of the Doyle Jones recording studio in Houston.)