Get Notified about the latest hits and trends, so that you are always on top of the latest in music when it comes to your friends.   This will remove all the songs from your queue. Voyna tiranam! Download Gaana App now! To make the thief disgorge his booty Erst wenn wir sie vertrieben haben The author of the anthem's lyrics, Eugène Pottier, an anarchist, attended this congress.[1][2]. This is the final struggle, 副歌, 起来,饥寒交迫的奴隶,

吃尽了我们的血肉。 How much hot blood of ours have bled, In the city and the country, you working people The third, fourth and fifth stanzas of the French original are not used in this version. So come brothers and sisters Núlìmen, qǐlái, qǐlái! (fùgē), Arise, slaves afflicted by hunger and cold, Jiù yào yǒu xīshēng jīngshén.

So come brothers and sisters C'est assez, languir en tutelle For the struggle carries on The first was composed by Juan Feleo of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas-1930 under the title "Pandaigdigang Awit ng Manggagawa" (The International Worker's Anthem) which was translated from the English version. Вздувайте горн и куйте смело, 奴隶们起来起来! Chorus, Stand up, all victims of oppression Vzduvayte gorn i kuyte smelo, Peace among us, war to the tyrants! Let the flames in the furnace burn red-hot, Припев Великой армии труда, Jiù yí dìng yào shí xiàn. Kita yang kini hina-papa, We will destroy this world of violence 满腔的热血已经沸腾, Empty words: "the rights of the poor"! The old world shall be destroyed like fallen petals and splashed water,

When we fight, provoked by their aggression, The Marching Song Of The Covert Battalions. Vsya vlast narodu trudovomu! Each at his forge must do their duty, This world must belong to us! (repeat)

Угля и стали короли! Ng mga buwitre at uwak

Koro 哪里容得寄生虫!

(repeat) Tuán jié qǐ lái, dào míng tiān, Ating Partido'y dakila Perjuangan penghabisan, Poka zhelezo goryacho! The Internationale pastilah di dunia!


The international ideal Unless enjoyed by one and all International Hits: Best International Songs of All Time. À faire de nous des héros Rihanna), Top 100 Most Listened Rap Songs in June 2020 - Playlist Throwback Hits & New Rap Music 2020 to 2021, Top 50 Most Listened Twerking Songs in October 2020 - Playlist Old Hits & New Twerking Music 2020, Best 50 Spanish Party Songs 2020 To Dance To (October), Chansons Françaises les Plus Aimées 2020 - Meilleur Musique Française 2020, 90s Pop Music Hits Playlist - Greatest 1990's Pop Songs, Best Songs to Listen in School - Back to School Music Playlist, New Pop Songs 2020 - Latest Pop Music Playlist 2020 (Pop Hits Released This Month), Best of Late 90s + Early 2000s Hip-Hop & R&B. С Интернационалом 是誰創造了人類世界? Shì wǒ mén láo dòng qún zhòng. A better world's in birth! (副歌), 起来饥寒交迫的奴隶, L'impôt saigne le malheureux The Internationale The people want only their due. Ang sangkatauhan Les rois nous saoulaient de fumées Down to the foundations, and then

要創造人類的幸福, 人類方重興! 旧世界打个落花流水, Justice, like embers in the crater's hearth Kaya ang ating kaligtasa'y Let no one build walls to divide us The Internationale Lyrics: Stand up, all victims of oppression / For the tyrants fear your might!

Chī jìn le wǒ men de xuè ròu. Но паразиты  – никогда!

Than steal work? And here is our battle cry: 就一定要實現。 新社會創造得光華。 By ordering that they give it back,

Pierre De Geyter lost the first copyright case in 1914, but after his brother committed suicide and left a note explaining the fraud, Pierre was declared the copyright owner by a court of appeal in 1922. For this is the time and place! The earth shall rise on new foundations:

For the struggle carries on View All. Ubiytsy, v vas togda napravim

In 1918, the chief-editor of Izvestia, Yuri Steklov, appealed to Russian writers to translate the other three stanzas and in the end, the song was expanded into six stanzas. 副歌, 起来,饥寒交迫的奴隶,

Arise, suffering people all over the world! For only when the iron is fired will we succeed in forging it! Nad svoroy psov i palachey, – The song was a rallying anthem of the demonstrators at the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and was repeatedly sung both while marching to the Square and within the Square. 快快的當這爐火通紅, Refrain:

Entirely depend on ourselves to save ourselves! 副歌, Qǐ lái, jī hán jiāo pò de nú lì, nun mit Macht zum Durchbruch dringt! Лишь мы, работники всемирной Not god, nor tsar, nor hero. Enough of the will of kings 这是我们的 Tunay na kalayaan Tóng yīng dé nà xióng nà ěr There has never been any saviour of the world,

Дурманить нас в чаду войны! In Stadt und Land, ihr Arbeitsleute, Bathala o manunubos The three stanzas of this version roughly correspond to the three stanzas of Arkady Kots' Russian version and the first, second, and sixth French lyrics by Eugène Pottier.

Once we have driven them out, Shì shéi chuàng zào le rén lèi shì jiè?

Les rois de la mine et du rail Весь мир голодных и рабов! For this is the time and place!

His translation has transliterated "The Internationale" as Yīngdénàxióngnà'ěr (simplified Chinese: 英德纳雄纳尔; traditional Chinese: 英德納雄納爾) when singing the phrase in Standard Chinese. 團結起來到明天, This version is the most common and is also the anthem of the Communist Party of China.

Dunia sudah berganti rupa, Wakasan ang pagsasamantala Billy Bragg was asked by Pete Seeger to sing "The Internationale" with him at the Vancouver Folk Festival in 1989.

А дармоедов всех долой! (English: "This is the final struggle / Let us group together and tomorrow / The Internationale / Will be the human race."). Fù gē, Arise, slaves afflicted by hunger and cold,

Welcome to International Lyrics Playground - the most comprehensive lyrics site on the net! Bragg thought the traditional English lyrics were archaic and unsingable (Scottish musician Dick Gaughan[19] and former Labour MP Tony Benn[20] disagreed), and composed a new set of lyrics. 起來,全世界受苦的人! About 1871 a Parisian transport worker, Eugène Pottier, wrote the words (as a poem), which begin, How much of our flesh have they consumed? To fully kill those bandits' crestless lives

Ouvriers, paysans, nous sommes
In the streets and in the fields La terre n'appartient qu'aux hommes

For this is the time and place Tax bleeds the unfortunate. Yī qiē guī láo dòng zhě suǒ yǒu, Hancurkan seluruh dunia lama, 起來飢寒交迫的奴隸, Своею собственной рукой.

Shéi shì shìjièshàng de chuàngzàozhě? Chorus

We must struggle for truth!

A nashe pravo  – zvuk pustoy! Pripev Pas de droits sans devoirs dit-elle Kaya ang ating kaligtasa'y The third, fourth, and fifth French stanzas are not sung in Chinese in the above two versions of Qu and the National Revolutionary Army. Gaana offers you free, unlimited access to over 30 million Hindi Songs, Bollywood Music, English MP3 songs, Regional Music & Mirchi Play. Koro

人类方重兴! Unser Blut sei nicht mehr der Raben,


Wǒmen yào zuò tiānxià de zhǔrén. [7] In 1888 Pierre De Geyter (1848–1932) set the earlier lyrics to a new melody, composed especially for Pottier's lyrics. The Internationale Peace to the people! Nǎ néng róng de jì shēng chóng! How can parasites be accommodated!

Unites the human race

We'll live together or we'll die alone Zuì kě hèn nà xiē dú shé měng shòu, 快把那爐火燒得通紅,

快把那炉火烧得通红, [11] Luckhardt's German text is public domain since 1984. Stand up, prisoners of starvation

Soufflons nous-mêmes notre forge 起来全世界上的罪人!

We'll live together or we'll die alone Припев: Ang maso ay ating hawakan Nicht der mächt'gen Geier Fraß! Chorus. HOORAY! As the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China grants individuals copyright for their lifetime plus 50 years, Shen's translation is expected to remain copyrighted there until the end of 2052.

In our world poisoned by exploitation Tiada "pengasih" dan "penyayang", И решительный бой; Le soleil brillera toujours. Let racist ignorance be ended Bangon, mga bihag ng gutom 團結起來到明天, Some of the best The Voice moments from all arround the world. Lenjapkan adat dan paham tua, We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. We'll live together or we'll die alone kumpullah melawan.

On to the last fight!

Hear the hot songs of the year and all important new cd releases of 2020 in one place. My nash, my novy mir postroim, – Ont-ils jamais fait autre chose In our world poisoned by exploitation REFRAIN (2×) My zhizn postroim po-inomu – REFRAIN (2×): 起来,全世界受苦的人! A red sun will shine all over the five continents! And we'll strike the iron while it's hot. For you have nothing if you have no rights! Пока железо горячо! humanity will rise up!

Let us group together, and tomorrow 一切只歸生產者所有, The Internationale

最后決死爭, Arise, ye prisoners of want. Archived lyrics are from artists, composers who were established prior to 1990.

Yào wèi zhēn lǐ ér dòu zhēng!

Only we ourselves can do! Cóng jīn yào pǔ yǒu tiān xià. Ves mir nasilya my razrushim 起來,天下飢寒的奴隸! Or food for powerful vultures! I yesli grom veliky gryanet In our world poisoned by exploitation senantiasa tambah besar. 全靠我們自己! For the tyrants fear your might! Unite together towards tomorrow,

Chorus Chorus Let us be inspired by life and love In 1989, this was coupled with the chant: "Volkspolizei, steh dem Volke bei" (People's police, stand with the people! Stocks in the air, and break ranks. Mò dào wǒ mén yī qián bù zhí, [28], Bangon sa pagkakagupiling 这是最后的争斗,

The original French refrain of the song is C'est la lutte finale / Groupons-nous et demain / L'Internationale / Sera le genre humain.

Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The International [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] - Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer on AllMusic - 2009 - German director Tom Tykwer (RUN LOLA RUN,…

Unless enjoyed by one and all, Chorus: The full song is as follows: Вставай, проклятьем заклеймённый, Pripev We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. No higher power will save us,

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旧社会破坏得彻底, 副歌, Qǐ lái, jī hán jiāo pò de nú lì,

就一定要實現。 Кипит наш разум возмущённый

The third version, which introduced the third stanza, was derived from both Chinese and French versions and translated by Jose Maria Sison, the CPP's founding chairman.


從今要普有天下。 Decree the common salvation. The muzzles of our cannons at you!

Do not say that we are worth nothing, These translations are based on lyrics from French, Russian, English, Mandarin, German, and the Netherlands.