These were the three main peoples, then, from whom sub-tribes and offshoots spread and developed over the centuries. While the EaĆ¼r learned much of high-pressure environments and the extraction of minerals under extremes of pressure, a time came when the drills and explosives of their industry disturbed the crust of the planet itself. By the fifth century M.E., however, local space mining of nearby objects and asteroid belts had supplied enough precious materials for the various Torians to finally build crafts that were on the scale of their ambitions.

The last to die was Hoce, still believing, still hoping for the gods themselves to appear, end the horror, and bless them all. 3) Should an Endless travel to another realm, they must show proper respect or find themselves unwelcome to return. Who needed to worry about complexities like food, clothing, and shelter? Their long winters were dedicated to study, thought, prayer, and philosophical debate. Although Destiny is considered one of The Endless, unlike the rest of his siblings, it was not always that way within the comic book world, in fact he was making appearances in the comic book universe long before Neil Gaiman was a household name or The Endless even a concept put in print. The greatest risk, however, aside from the occasional carnivorous dinosaur, was the great leviathans. A number of major, radical changes to their own biochemistry would be necessary in order to survive this; and with the help of allies among the Torian spacefarers they began the arduous process. All this combines with their powers and purview to make the seven Endless a rather dysfunctional family of seven siblings. However, many groups were opposed to the idea of virtualization, and for a number of reasons worked either casually or aggressively to discourage the spread of so-called "Freeminds" or "Virtuals" among their citizens. Scythefist would swim through one, feeding, and move on; cloudfish would tag a ride for days, feeding on the slowly moving mountain of flesh. The third one, Letum, studied psychology, neurobiology, and the sciences of the conscious.

The first to travel widely between the stars were known as the Endless. It was most difficult for the reasonable ones who were caught in the middle; viewed as enemy by both Virtuals and Concretes they fared poorly. One of the great mysteries of any sentient race is the understanding of consciousness. There are 233 pages (8 articles) written by 285,788 users on this wiki. Bringing forth food from the tundra-like ground was a difficult task, and communities banded together for the long hours of arduous work during the planting and harvesting of their brief season.