Paying $20 all at once may represent the difference between going out on a Friday and staying home. Chas also studies writing at The New School in Manhattan and attends as many storytelling shows as he can get to.

Well, we kinda did it. After that, we have no assurance that the Dish can survive another year. If so, what else should be free? But it remains a fragile achievement. Vimeo previously relied on a “tip jar” for users to pay content owners any amount, though there was no block on viewing the videos. Using Reconciliation to pass a series of redistributive measures alongside Covid19 relief — a new child allowance, green infrastructure investment, Obamacare expansion, phased-in tax hikes on the wealthy — side-steps the filibuster question (you don’t need 60 Senate votes to pass a Reconciliation bill) and sets Biden up for a big initial win, with the momentum that provides. Coffee at coffee shops?

Thanks. And such an atmosphere could help usher in an immediate stimulus package which, as Matt Yglesias explains here, is close to oven-ready. I’ve long tried to figure out a way to have this kind of lively community without endangering my health and sanity. Your Insights And Stories, Hi Dishheads, thanks for joining our first foray into an open forum for paid subscribers — in part, as a thank you for your support.

And thanks to everyone for their support and feedback, positive and critical. Fluency isn’t how we think: It’s how we feel while we’re thinking. Email your entry to

We’ve decided to spare you two separate emails on Friday — for the window contest and the main Dish — and instead give you a link here for the results for last week’s window, located on our archive page, where previous contests can also be found. You have been a role model for me for what it means to grapple with being both gay and Catholic.


Which is why the Weekly Dish, which launches now, is where I’ve landed. The idea that people are shoving food into their mouths without even thinking about what’s in it or how much they’re eating is, when you think about it, insane.

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Actually attacking, and even mocking, critical theory’s ideas and methods, as I have done continually in this space, is therefore out of sync with the values of Vox Media.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Among the likeliest scenarios in 538’s poll of polls is now a Biden Electoral College victory of over 400. Love Undetectable: Notes on Friendship, Sex, and Survival. He was also President of the Oxford Union, and spent his summer vacations as an actor in the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. Chas is former waiter turned student turned new media aficionado.

VFYW Contest: The Set Of The Next BearCity? In 2006 he took the blog to and then to, where he was able to employ interns for the first time to handle the ever-expanding web of content. The award usually goes to progressives and liberals, so I am a particularly grateful outlier. But you send us so many links and ideas every day that the creators of the Dish are better understood as a community, you and us, correcting, enlightening, harshing and moving each other.

But, when you think about it, it’s wild that people do that so blithely.

It has a readership of around 1.2 million unique visitors with an average of around 8 million pageviews a month from around the world.

To coin a very 2012 phrase: you built that. (This always struck me as odd because I was being brave only in revealing my lack of bravery, which is a cheap sort of bravery indeed.). He testified against the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, edited an anthology, Same-Sex Marriage: Pro and Con, and toured the country campaigning on the issue.

If we start paying for content, we restrict the flow of information.” Or something along those lines.

And a landslide is the only thing that can possibly, finally break the far right fever that has destroyed the GOP as a legitimate right-of-center political party, and turned it into a paranoid, media-driven, fact-free festival of fear and animus.

Almost 9,000 of them are now on auto-renew, and if our 25,000 original supporters renew next year in numbers comparable with the very beginning, then we’ll finally have a solid basis for a ongoing, entirely-online blogazine with no sponsored content and (so far) no advertizing. There is a lot of information/discussion on The Dish that would be difficult to find anywhere else.

In his final column at the magazine, Sullivan announced that he will be returning to independent writing through a new version of his popular blog The Dish. But we need to get this on a stable footing; we need to figure out a budget; we need to plan. And I go “that’s not bad, is it?” If I was a general reader and wanted to find out about the world, it’s pretty comprehensive and kind of fun. By “new” business model, we mean asking you to pay directly for what we do.

These defeats can impress on the partisan psyche more deeply than Congressional reversals. Chris is primarily in charge of the blog’s regular features and editing the massive in-tray. But the dwelling on it, the parsing of every political moment through this racial and gender lens, is an ideological choice. Please don’t wait to help us one more time. Second Law: People will pay out of cash flow for enhancements to their existing abilities or equipment. The other is the grandson of an Irish immigrant, whose father ran gas stations in the MidWest, and who ended up in talk radio, Congress and then the governor’s mansion in Indiana.

No desserts.

That’s what changed America. I’m not judging people who do; I did for a long time. If you value it at more than $20, how does that square with your belief system? As always, keep those dissents coming, along with anything else you want to add to the Dish mix, including a view from your own window: But Dr. W. was right: Coming out as anxious has helped. In writing about the site for The New Yorker that same year, William Finnegan neatly summarized its appeal: … one of the fascinations of the Dish was watching Sullivan react, revise, pontificate, aggregate, argue, emote, entertain, and ride forth against his numerous political and …

July saw our traffic at 900,000 unique visitors and over 6 million pageviews. I ended up realizing that I am an enormous consumer of your material and would probably value it at somewhere around $300/year. (Bonus points for guessing the year the photo was taken.) The world itself is no problem, but we are a problem to ourselves because we are alienated from ourselves, and this alienation is due precisely to an inveterate habit of division by which we break reality into pieces and then wonder why, after we have manipulated the pieces until they fall apart, we find ourselves out of touch with life, with reality, with the world and most of all with ourselves,” – Thomas Merton, “Is the World a Problem?” (1966).

In 2015, political commentator Andrew Sullivan brought his long-running website the Dish to an end.