And there were so many avenues they could have taken with it. Jeffrey is shot by Vicky before he kills her and fatally wounds Mika, who dies while being interrogated for Nicole's location. It is not as good as prisoners was but definitely doesn't deserve to be rated so low. And this goes on and on. The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Rosario Dawson, Mireille Enos, Kevin Durand, and Alexia Fast. I thought the acting here was some kind of camp. I half expected him to swivel around in an arm chair stroking a cat with a patch over his eye.. Argh. The website's critics consensus states: "Wan and lugubrious, The Captive represents another atmospheric, beautifully filmed misfire from director Atom Egoyan.

I watched this movie clueless about the director's negative past as a filmmaker and other things that made me think twice when I found out afterwords. If you are going to have time shifts in a movie, then at least make the characters look like they've aged or put on weight or lost weight or something. Box Pvp Code Clix, How did this script ever get accepted? Skeeter Walleye Boats For Sale, The only thing captive or captivating about this movie is how it ever came into being and why nobody along the way was able to see above all its flaws. Minecraft Enchant Command 1000, And there were so many avenues they could have taken with it. You spend your time trying to figure out what's going on....then asking yourself, why did they do that...and then constantly hoping they can manage to pull their stuff together, only to be disappointed in the end. User Ratings Who is she? Karcher Fc5 Not Releasing Water, The mother instantly hated and blamed the father for it happening. Willy says he will only comply if someone kidnaps Nicole and forces her to reveal what in her past may have inspired her to pursue child protection.

Similar to a Swedish film with a dreary story line in a cold environment. Eight years later, Matthew and Tina are estranged; she blames him for Cassandra's disappearance. Like I said, there was a great possibility but somebody goofed big time. Walmart Vudu Account Login, What did not work: Captive's story dragged and had lapses in parts. Worst anti climax ever! Lacking any depth - you couldn't connect with any of the characters.

Not sure why the rest of it wasn't. Problem is they jump from past to future without the viewer realizing it in many instances so it gets confusing trying to keep the story line straight (all they needed to do was add a year or something to the bottom corner of the screen). They are skeptical of his story, which infuriates him. The summary of the movie interested me but I did not have high hopes given the 5/10 rating. The film has a nonlinear presentation, and only context differentiates the current scenes from the flashbacks. For e.g, Speedman's detective finds it suspicious that Reynolds has a shrine to his missing daughter in the back of his truck? The film's director Atom Egoyan has made many poorly received films recently, including Devil's Knot and now this feature, which was booed at the Cannes Film Festival this year. All Rights Reserved.Careers | Privacy Policy, Whirlpool Refrigerator Troubleshooting Water Dispenser, According To National Retail Federation 2 In 5 American Workers Are Employed In Retail Industry, Wholesale Liquidation Pallets Of Car Audio Items, Donald Murray All Writing Is Autobiography, Restaurants With Buffalo Cauliflower Near Me, Which Of The Following Are Most Likely Classified By Economists As Consumer Durable Goods, Where To Find Grimer In Pokemon Lets Go Eevee, How Often Does A Landlord Have To Replace Carpet In Pennsylvania, How To Tell If Imitation Crab Meat Is Bad. As if a simple act of popping into a store to get a pie for dessert was unheard of.. All these types of accusations against the father felt like they came out of no where, like the audience wasn't given enough information. I was hoping for something awesome like the original The Vanishing, but I have to say the poster was the only good thing about this D grade film. The film's opening scenes promise a much richer film than what's delivered. You only discover that 8 years have passed in their casual conversation. Reaction at the French fest was swift and brutal for a film that features some good thriller elements but is sunk by plot holes, logic lapses and simultaneous under and over acting. bad. Growing Strawberries In Raised Troughs, But everything about this movie was just so convenient that I wanted to puke. This just proves that most users are probably persons who don't understand a well constructed narrative and don't have an eye for beautiful cinematography. Funny Cow Face Mask, She and Mika chase Matthew in their vehicle, shooting at his truck. From the start, I could tell this movie was going to have a ton of flashbacks, which is fine, until those flashbacks kinda become irrelevant because the viewer has no idea which flashback comes first.

I was hanging on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the screen.

Tina meets with the police regularly to discuss their case but Matthew, originally a suspect, has become a vigilante in the search for Cassandra.

Clever. Roadrunner Clacking Sound, All said, what really made me positive I would never watch this again is that it just goes from being at a pinnacle point that they could have built up a huge amount of suspense and finished with a bang to a quick non suspenseful ending that just closed a few loose ends and ended the movie.

While transporting trees in his truck, Matthew stays overnight at a motel. The two stars are for Ryan Renolds. I give The Captive a six out of ten. The shooting of the film began in February 2013 in Sudbury, Ontario. Gears Of War Cog Armor, Cut to when they finally get some evidence on the abductors, they trace a GPS signal from the phone planted by the father on the car, then cut to the next scene and the cops are all of a sudden at the house and a shot is fired and its all over?! I felt like it was edited all wrong. Where Is David Muir This Week, The main villain is totally implausible and about as threatening as a butterfly. a dead wife? How To Install Bagger On John Deere X300, The Captive is a Canadian made movie. Happy or sad ending, that's what the film's conclusion decides. Otherwise, the film is an overlong and jumbled thriller, whose gimmicky structure fails to hide how far- fetched and formulaic the thriller component is once linear. The details guy detective....we get introduced and then never see him again? The acting and people involved were chosen well, Ryan Reynolds especially I thought did a good job. A lot better. that. The Lane family is reunited at the police station and visit Jeffrey as he recovers in the hospital. He recoils in disgust after seeing the images related to an open case, but Nicole advises him these are the types of images he will have to see every day and not look away from. Maybe the director was inspired to make this by his previous film, which was similar and based on the real, but that ends differently. Was the guy who owned the company involved and his wife too? Nicole attends a dinner held in her honor where she is drugged and kidnapped by Vicky, a woman working for Mika. | Autonomous Kinn Chair Review Reddit, How To Open Nyx Finishing Powder,