1.4k. [6] In 1975, the Alliance World Fellowship (AWF) was officially organized. As the Burning Legion descended onto the world, Varian Wrynn has gone missing. Falstad Wildhammer -. King Terenas took the refugees at their word about the danger in the south and agreed to join forces.
[42], During the middle of the Second War, the Alliance was approached by a man who offered his support to their cause - Daval Prestor, who claimed to be the ruler of "a small kingdom in the north". This made cooperation sluggish, and considerably slowed the rate at which the Alliance was able to reclaim its former lands and glory. Afterward, Theramore is destroyed by the Horde, and the leaders of the Alliance, outraged at this matter, completely devote themselves into the war against the Horde. Afterward, Gilneas was re-inducted into the Alliance. Gryphon - The Wildhammer train Gryphons to act as mounts and companions. Operation: Shieldwall - Alliance forces in Pandaria, stationed at Lion's Landing in Krasarang Wilds. Pearlfin tribe - A tribe of jinyu with their home in Jade Forest. After the war, many kept their pledge of friendship to the Alliance, although some stayed in Outland to heal their former adopted homeworld and those they left behind.  Furbolg, Stormwind City, Ironforge, Darnassus, Gnomeregan, The Exodar, Gilneas City, The Vindicaar, Telogrus Rift, Shadowforge City, Boralus, Mechagon City, Khaz Modan, Northern Kalimdor, Southern Eastern Kingdoms, and Central and southeastern Kul Tiras, Common, Darnassian, Draenei, Dwarven, Gnomish, Pandaren, Thalassian, Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Gnomeregan, Exodar, Gilneas, Tushui Pandaren, Dark Iron clan, Kul Tiras, Army of the Light, Rustbolt Resistance, Explorers' League, Highborne, The Frostborn, Kirin Tor (Silver Covenant), Kurenai, Pearlfin Jinyu, Wildhammer clanSee more forces, The Alliance (also called the Grand Alliance)[2][3] is one of two major political factions of the mortal races in Azeroth, its counterpart being the Horde which the Alliance has traditionally been at war with. You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. When the Dark Portal reopened, the draenei offered their services in the Alliance's crusade against the Burning Legion in Outland. King Anduin Wrynn /  Regent Lord Turalyon, King Magni Bronzebeard - The Alliance World Fellowship is the international governing body of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (The Alliance, also C&MA).The Alliance is an evangelical Protestant denomination within the Keswickian Higher Life movement of Christianity. Heavily armored vehicles with massive guns often help take well-defended structures, or even serve to simply destroy an enemy's morale. [23][26] Currently, a magical wall encircles the area, where the ruins once were, while the rebuilt city itself went floating to Northrend.
Elekk - The draenei have brought with them their huge elekk beasts from Outland, whom they use as mounts. The Alliance of Lordaeron was the union of the seven human kingdoms, along with the dwarves of Khaz Modan (which also included the gnomes of Gnomeregan) and Aerie Peak, the high elves of Quel'Thalas, and others with major political influence including the Church of the Holy Light. Gelbin Mekkatorque With his death and her abandonment, the Fourth War is considered over and the two factions have begun talks of peace, though many surmise it may not last or cannot forgive the atrocities of the past. With Arthas' betrayal the Kingdom of Lordaeron fell under the Scourge. The Alliance leadership barely escape and wonder whether their victory was worth the cost. The dwarves gave the gnomes a place to build themselves a city, in the dwarven owned mountains of Dun Morogh, not too far from Ironforge itself thus the gnomes and dwarves built Gnomeregan.

Although the Horde make no move to occupy the remains of the World Tree, they appear to be expecting the the planned counterattack by Anduin and Genn upon the ruins of Lordaeron. Realizing they needed help to survive in this new world and to oppose the Horde, which chose their continent as its new home, the night elves reluctantly joined the Alliance. Although great headway was being made against the Legion, the Alliance is split between by Malfurion and Tyrande dealing with the resurgent threat of the Horde in Kalimdor, Prophet Velen pressing the attack on Argus, the Council of the Three Hammers dealing with Magni's new strange state, and Anduin with Genn managing the final efforts in the Broken Isles with the help of Mekkatorque. [7] In 2010, it was present in 50 countries. Following the defeat of the Burning Legion during the Argus Campaign, the Alliance sought new allies to replenish their depleted ranks and bolster their forces in the event of future Horde aggression.

They created a dwelling in Darnassus for them to seek refuge in as the war for their home rages on.

Menschen, Zwerge und Gnome sind die ältesten Völker in diesem Bündnis.

To ensure the survival of the Alliance in the face of division, Simpson put all property in the name of the Alliance. The true high elves remain loyal to the new Alliance, most notably the ones dwelling in Theramore under Lady Jaina Proudmoore and in the Hinterlands at Quel'Danil Lodge.