Are you really... are you really this stupid? A woman in a second-story window waves to ANDY, who blows her a kiss. SAM ANDY is talking to three police officers, his stance confident. ANDY'S VAN - They have found the van, and Dean comments that he's starting to like this dude, as the van is sweet. DEAN Me, I have, um, I have visions. It's all gonna be okay." SAM'S VISION - Tracey is walking over to the edge of a very high dam. He shoots Dennis. Maybe we're all supposed to be..." "What, killers?" You had O.J. "We can push them! Whoa, Doc! She looks at him. Wait 'till you see what's in store for both of us.". He smiles nervously. Sam tells Dean to stay back, and Dean agrees, saying he's had his head messed with enough for one day. Okay. He smiles, turns, and continues walking. SAM: SAM sees the BLUE RIDGE bus approach, and crosses in front of it towards the sporting goods store. Ellen tells Jo she'd better break out the whiskey instead. That's a turkey hunter, twelve gauge, pump action. No! Lost his mother in a nursery fire exactly six months later, also like me. Stop crying. Dean, the demon said he had plans for me and children like me. I can do that," she says, and hangs up. ANDY runs over to them and shoves a strip of duct tape over WEBER'S mouth. Sam asks him why he's bending over backwards to defend Andy, and Dean replies because Sam isn't right about this. SAM Andy's adopted mother was murdered by the demon Azazelabove Andy's crib when he was six months old, but Webber's adopted mother was not. DEAN and the children dance to the pipes of pan. ELLEN That older guy, that's him, that's the shooter. Here. Back to DR JENNINGS' face; he lowers the phone slowly. Dennis said and Jennings nods, slightly. SAM Anson Weems, who goes by the alias Webber, is a reference to Anson Williams who played "Pottsy Webber" on "Happy Days". Sam asks how they're gonna track this guy down, and Dean replies it's not a problem. "People would say the same thing about what you can do." where the demons dwell she says. She says she could help, but he replies that they need to handle this one on their own. WEBER We'll go back in time to that mystic land Thank god! TEASER. She lowers the cigarette lighter to her drenched arm. Which breaks pattern. Probably shouldn't have left you kids in here. Her cell phone rings and she answers it. Crying again, TRACY is unbuttoning her dress as WEBER watches. Sam asks when, and Dean tells him just before he got there. Read Simon Said from the story Supernatural (Dean Winchester x Reader) by LayceJ25 (RJ) with 959 reads. No". Sam comes up right then and tells Dean that they have a match, they've got to go. all you need is this. DEAN and SAM approach ANDY'S blue van from the back. Ellen asks if the psychics are dangerous, and Dean says no, not all of them. SAM Means there's hope for both of us. "Demons. "Rockin' Nebraska. After you turned twenty-two. Sam and Dean meet Andy Gallagher, a slacker with psychic powers of persuasion. He was just, he was pushed into that. (Dean smiles weakly and turns back to the road.). That was my room money". SAM pushes him back. ... you call him up, you go out for a drink, you don't start killing people! Company Credits Dean paid for the gas and put it on and leaned against the car, waiting for Sam. ELLEN "He said I had to wait for the right time," he says. All right." Ash gives him a look and says, "Now, that is just weird man, why would I be looking for that?" Um, Ansen Weems. Our visions always do." (demonic echo) I said STOP IT! He tells her that the Demon said he had plans for the people like him. "Afternoon, Dennis." Yeah. She bursts into flames as the man watches in horror. I've never used my mind thing on her. Holly put you and your brother up for adoption. (demonic echo). Let's hit the... (he pauses, absorbing Sam's Condition) ... road. Written by You're not gonna have anything after tonight. ANDY DENNIS unlocks the display and pulls out the indicated gun. I gasp in pain as I lean forward and lean my head on the table. SAM "Doc!" Dean says he tried to find out but that information is locked up. DEAN DR JENNINGS I was able to say as the pain in my head was still there. He shuts the door; SAM and DEAN go back to: ASH is sitting at a table with his laptop open, looking at the hand-drawn sketch of the bus logo from SAM'S vision. Cut to ... SAM gasps. #jensenackles "The man with the yellow eyes," replies Ansem. I mean if you think you might like to take up the sport.