The full interview was thought to be lost for many years, until a VHS copy surfaced. We never changed it. TO FIT THESE THINGS TOGETHER A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY. The crowd broke into an applause at the end and it was a truly emotional moment.

Sell it to the highest bidder but with the condition that it must be shown/made available in the current form in its entirety. AND EVENTUALLY THEY DOMINATED THE MACINTOSH APPLICATION MARKET. Thoughts about when it would be shown in Australia. AND THEN YOU FIX YOUR GUESS AT THE END OF THE QUARTER. HE SAID, "YOU KNOW, I'LL TAKE 50 OF THOSE. WELL, NO. AND THEN WENT AND PAID OFF THE PARTS PEOPLE IN 30 DAYS. Your speaker profile out on Keynote ( has a little info… THEN OF COURSE THEY CAN GO OFF AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.

He was a perfectionist even from the early days. But we’re starting to see it applied into the commercial world as well. looking forward to seeing it a theater near ME! He created EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and was an entrepreneur.
I’m really thankful that bit of history was recovered.

(Note: Sculley is referring to  C.K. The result was I got fired and they had two more CEOs who both licensed the technology but… they shut down the industrial design. But because his standards are so high, people sit there and say, “How does Apple do it? He came to my house and he was fascinated because I had special hinges and locks designed for doors. WAS SOFT KEYS AT THE BOTTOM OF A SCREEN, YOU KNOW.

That being said, I want to see the Steve Jobs interview in its ENTIRETY, so if making that series requires you to only show small segments, that is not my desired outcome. Interviewer: In program six, we’re going to look at some of the past predictions of why people have been so wrong about the future. Following Job’s death last year a VHS copy of the entire interview was found in a garage. As an example in an organization, we’re starting to see that as business conditions change faster and faster with each year, we cannot change our management hierarchical organization very fast relative to the changing business conditions. I have the Triumph of the Nerds DVD and would love to see the whole interview. But after that, making the whole thing available would make you a hero in the community! I can go into a lot of details about my youth, but I don't know that anybody would really care about that too much.

Also if it goes on YouTube how will anyone but Bob’s readers know its there? Though it’s only a part of my larger interest in the history of computing. So that was the first explosion was the spreadsheet. Although, I wish there were more research into the causes of cancer, rather than into fixing it once it’s there, which doesn’t attack this issue at its roots for most cancers (except for those that are caused by inherited genetic predispositions, and even there there might be research into the trigger mechanisms needed).

It’s not rocket science. THERE WAS A PERSON RUNNING THE STORAGE DIVISION. So much story to build on since that time… Please, please – make it happen, man! AND HE, I THINK, WAS KIND OF ANTSY TO GET BACK INTO SOMETHING, NO, WE DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY.

I’ve got $3 and would love to see it regardless of quality, if one presumes it to be standard VHS quality. AND IT WAS BETTER THAN WHAT WE WERE DOING. TO CREATE MORE OPPORTUNITY FOR THEMSELVES., […] by EVERYONE in the industry. It shows people living an enviable lifestyle, courtesy of Apple’s products. here the fb page, just started:, Oh, Bob, I was hoping you can add a few words there to spice it up a little , […] 1995, before Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he sat down with Bob Cringely for an hour-long interview during the making of the Triumph of the Nerds TV series.