The realism came from the stories and the performances, but the show was supposed to be colorful and almost dreamlike. Star Trek: TOS is a product of the 60s. Just thought you might know. This episode was pretty bad. Its sorta just a fun little experiment done with some love, I think. It kept replaying in my mind for several days after and still when I think about it it gives me goosebumps. The Golvonek use this crashed version as a template to create their own, more primitive version of the planet killer, capable of destroying planets with a particle weapon but requiring a degree of active crew operation and suffering various operating problems. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. When releasing something that is decades old, companies should remaster and restore the original elements the best they can… but the final product should be 100% faithful to what the original movie/series did.

Where can I see TOS episodes with the original special effects, which I love, online? There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s go point by point: There’s not one singular goal that all artists should strive towards.

I feel they should have been remastered for HD, but not tampered with in any way artistically. I’ve gone back to watching them on VHS lately haha. The plot is nothing too special, but the presentation and acting (and lack of flirty sexy lady! Great episode. Decker answers with an anguished "The third planet."

Doohan's performance was memorable here too, especially his obvious and constant irritation with the finicky transporter tech. The Many served as the guiding force of the vessel, however they required a physical, living being to actually unite them in purpose. Show me a group of teenagers here in 2017 and I guarantee you at least one of them is into music, movies, video games or fashion from the 80s or 90s, or even things that are older. When the Star Wars Special Editions were being teased before their release, I have to admit I was somewhat into the idea. The Federation attempted to neutralize the threat Delcara posed and during negotiations the Borg attacked with their two cubes. Then, when they were doing the upgraded version, it was obviously much better quality. In the game Star Trek: Shattered Universe, in the level "From Hell's Heart", the doomsday machine appeared and was trying to destroy the Klingon homeworld in the Mirror universe. Later Star Trek series aimed to be visually realistic but TOS was after something different. (TOS novel: Star Trek 3, TNG novel: Vendetta), Another account postulated that the doomsday machine was created by a race of giants from another galaxy at war with another race over three million years ago. (ST - The Q Conflict comic: "Issue 3"). Doomsday machines were equipped with a devastating antiproton beam even the Borg were incapable of resisting. The ending with the transporter failing repeatedly was maybe the most dramatic in the entire series. Meanwhile, on the Constellation, Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott managed to effect partial repairs to the impulse engines and a single phaser bank. Can’t wait until they CGI Chekov walking around the ship and encountering Khan in Space Seed, though. Keeping in tune with the series' social commentary is the low-key allegory on nuclear weapons—which is implicitly present, but never threatens to eclipse the story. Now, the Botany Bay in the episode Space Seed with its blurry textures looks straight out of an N64 game. William Windom was great as the haggard, broken Commodore Decker and "The Doomsday Machine" has all the elements of the best Trek episodes: tight script, thinly-disguised references to 60's politics, self-sacrifice for the greater good, tactical improvisation under pressure, victory-snatched-from-jaws-of-defeat etc. You’re trying to simulate a fantasy object, so you want to create a model that has a sufficient amount of detail and use materials that catch light in the correct way. A second attempt at infecting the weapon with a Nanoprobe virus also failed because of the strong hull of the ship, but this strategy was successful when applied directly to the ship's internal systems.

Ensign Harry Kim attempted to use the same tactic that destroyed the original planet killer, using the damaged ship of an alien they had recently rescued, but this failed. Both are worthwhile goals, and we want to have a world that has many different types of art in it. When the Golvonek planet killer travels back from the future to be discovered by the Enterprise in the present, it is eventually destroyed when its surviving crew crash it into its own past self to convince their worlds to seriously consider peace, while the proto-planet killer is salvaged by Federation scientists for future study. Pretty much what I think is “don’t change the thing to be something it’s not”. Attempting to enhance the realism of TOS’s special effects goes against what the show was trying to do visually, and that’s why the Remastered version sucks all the beauty and fun out of each frame. I said to Gene, “After I went through all the work on this, this is what you shoot? The USS Constellation engaging the doomsday machine. However, the Enterprise sensors detected a small drop in the power output of the planet killer – the shuttlecraft's explosion, however small, had in fact caused some minor damage to the weapon from the inside. Sure, clean up the film to get rid of any dirt, negative dirt and scratches and then use CG for anything that cannot be repaired chemically, but that’s as far as any kind of CG works should go. Saw this as an 9 year old when it came out and it had me on the edge of the bed the whole time. As the ship entered the system, they discovered the fourth planet in the system was collapsing.

The "planet killer" was featured in several non-canon productions.

When the planet killer was distracted by Voyager, Tom Paris took the Delta Flyer and beamed The Doctor into the ship- his mobile emitter coated with a thin layer of neutronium so that the planet killer's sensors would have trouble distinguishing the emitter from itself-, who administered the microscopic weapon. After being locked in, the pilots were not alone; planet killers also contained an intelligence contained within their cores known as the Many, which seemed to be a repository of the creators' "souls", or a computerized version of their minds. Decker tried to beam his crew back up, but the machine attacked again, damaging the transporter. Spock's calm but firm action in the face of this adversity is an absolute joy to watch unfold.

CBS Entertainment | This site and its contents ® & © 2020 CBS Studios Inc. © 2020 CBS Television Distribution and CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. No surprise it was written by Spinrad. He’s got the script and penciling out Spock lines, because he had something in contract saying that he had to have the most lines, that Nimoy couldn’t have more lines than he did. Also the music fits perfectly. It just gets better with age! Haha, I just realized, I personally occasionally use Windom’s “don’t you think I know that!! Never heard of Mr Windom before but a quick google revealed that i had seen him before in other things, as well as 'murder she wrote'. CGI definitely beats out practical effects if you wanted to make a swarm of alien bugs, but if you want to explode a building, a CGI explosion is not going to look as good as blowing up a practical model, at least with today’s technology. A Jim Henson Muppet looks more like a living creature than this.

It was typical L.A. politics, but in this it was true… I said to Gene, “I can’t talk about that now, Gene. Then on the ship he was essentially a bad guy. This FAQ is empty. I'm glad to see this episode get four stars.

This style of CGI remaster came too early imho.

Desilu Studios - 9336 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast. As the Constellation approached, it was attacked by the planet killer. It can’t just be the case that our brains just latch onto the first thing we see and that’s the only version we’ll find acceptable. Yeah, but it defaults to the remastered versions. Hate it when there’s something that’s originally Mono or Stereo and it’s made to 5.1 or something, and naturally leaving the original audio track choice out (Region 2 suffers from this at least from what I’ve seen and heard). Tense, exciting, perfectly paced... it's just great. As the Constellation approached, it was attacked by the planet killer, deflector shields giving no defense. Written by Recovering Decker and quickly learning of the futility of attacking the ship, the Enterprise crew were able to calculate that the course of the planet killer which would lead it towards the more densely populated regions of the Alpha Quadrant, including the Rigel system. Unless it’s something already in the first place I don’t mind.

(TOS: "The Doomsday Machine"), The Enterprise's encounter with the planet killer was glimpsed by the Tardigrade "Ephraim" during her attempt to reunite with her eggs, which she had laid aboard the ship. So far I've preferred the original version for every episode (I'm comparing with clips on YT), but "The Doomsday Machine" might very well be the first one which actually looks better with the new graphics. In the first volley, the Enterprise took heavy damage, with shields almost exhausted and transporters and communications damaged.

In 2006, a Remastered version of Star Trek: The Original Series was attempted. Both she and the craft were trapped in an infinite-mass time loop, spread to every point in the cosmos.