Acts from Norwegian metal band Turbonegro and London indie group Art Brut to Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Rós and New Jersey rock outfit the Gaslight Anthem are vocally supportive. Pour en savoir plus, affichez le panier. Combined with a port economy that relies heavily on unionised industry, and given a social institution around which to congregate – FC St Pauli – counterculture has thrived. The famous Reeperbahn street, the Landungsbrücken piers and the Fischmarkt markets are among the most visited sites in Hamburg and the Hamburg DOM fun fair is the largest of its kind in Germany. A bastion of leftwing activism and DIY arts, its supporters, particularly the legendary “Ultras”, are one of the western world’s most politically and culturally engaged fanbases, and the club is particularly beloved of punk and underground music fans. A hulking mass of concrete and steel designed to withstand allied bombing, Flakturm IV dwarfs the Millerntor. I was looking for a club that transcends sport – St Pauli is a model of that.”, It’s late May, and FCSP are hosting Antira Sankt Pauli 2018. Formalités douanières et suivi international fournis, Diapositive précédente - À la Une cette semaine dans : ST pauli, Diapositive suivante - À la Une cette semaine dans : ST pauli, - St. Pauli T'shirt Official Product Gr. Last modified on Mon 15 Apr 2019 12.34 BST, Hamburg’s FC St Pauli occupies a distinctive position in world football.

I’m not alone in noticing a disconnect between the tournament’s messages and its demographic; the vast majority of people here are white, more often male than female, and although there may well have been a significant LGBT+ contingent in attendance, their presence was rarely explicit. - Soccerway Southampton. Apparently FCSP Ultras are often employed as security staff in Hamburg because “they’re intelligent, but know how to fight”. Right in the middle of all this towers Millerntor stadium, home to FC St. Pauli. Yet it’s writ large across Hamburg, even away from its nucleus in St Pauli. - Camiseta Shirt Maglia Ska, Rock, Punk festival. A fan community is something to nurture. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. *By integrating this * asterisk-marked offer, we may receive a commission from the dealer upon purchase.

St. Pauli isn't your everyday football club.

Each night, after the official Antira events have concluded, I’m whisked off by locals to various other DIY events around the area, further underlining St Pauli’s deep-seated musical connections. Achetez en toute confiance et sécurité sur eBay! Tickets to the games are hard to come by ─ the 29,546 seats of the Millerntor stadium, located in the heart of St. Pauli, are almost always sold out. Away from the pitch, the Millerntor-Stadion and the surrounding area play host to a number of non-footballing events, including a workshop at which representatives of each team detail their concerns about the far-right in their homelands. Music, St.Pauli. One factor may be the German government’s fiscal attitude to culture: as Arts Council England’s year-on-year budget reduction since 2010 continues with a further cut of £156m by 2022, German culture minister Monika Grütters has proposed an increase to national arts funding of €302m (£256m) a year. After all, which other European second division club can claim to have a Brooklyn-based supporters club?

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technically impressive football tournament, continues with a further cut of £156m by 2022. Clashes between FCSP fans and far-right hooligans are commonplace, and the Ultras are famously active in antifascist violence.

The Fanladen project provides the space for supporters to organise self-help groups, meetings and special programmes for minorities.

Norrköping. Welcome to St. Pauli Supporter Merch, the website that makes it easy to browse & buy all the merchandise created by St. Pauli fans on one convenient website! It is this very special … Without this subculture, those good deeds may go undone; without comparable subcultures, who knows what else we’d lose?

DJs pump hardcore punk, ska, dub and electro through a soundsystem overlooking the pitch, and on Saturday evening, we’re treated to sets from Italian punks Bull Brigade, Connecticut rapper Ceschi Ramos, and Stuttgart ska band No Sports. Personally, rich in content, different. St.Pauli. His sentiment still holds – many of the younger supporters have little to do with rock and are active in Hamburg’s DIY techno, house and Afrobeat scenes.

The team has a whole host of enthusiastic supporters. Talla L. Nueva. If you manage to get a hold of them, you'll be in for an intense experience. There are real tensions here. “We went to their stadium, and to see ‘No Football for Fascists’ painted across the stand, to see them encouraging more girls playing football – it’s fascinating. “We’ll probably get beaten a lot though,” one player shrugs. From jewellery to stationery and x-mas tree balls: The skull and bones of St. Pauli can be found on every conceivable merch-item. As Göttlich says, “If a musician is not working closely with his fans, the musician will disappear. Yet these victories seem beside the point: at the closing ceremony, each team presents another with a gift, each of roughly equal value. Everyone is welcome at the games and the many bars and pubs that screen live games. Even lagging behind HSV's national and international success doesn't affect the unwavering support for St. Pauli. Because of the urban, diverse and colourful crowds at home games, the club has always been a little more open to progressive political ideas than most of their opponents.

St.Pauli. - Camiseta,Shirt, Maglia. The location reflects in the crowds that are drawn to every St. Pauli game: it's safe to say that the younger and more liberal inner-city crowd favours their boys in brown over the more traditional and suburban HSV team. S / Neu-Ungebraucht Original-Verpackt, - G $ D St.Pauli Poker Pirate King Pimp Star Col En V T-Shirt M 48, - T-SHIRT - FC ST. PAULI : WIR SIND POKAL - XL (x). “They were one of the first clubs to not allow racists in, and they’ve been pretty left [wing], and punk rock,” Gaslight guitarist Alex Rosamilia has said. “Because some of the other teams are actually … fit.”. Visit Millerntor Stadium and cross your fingers, you'll hear Blur's 'Song 2' many times - it rings out every time St. Pauli scores a goal, Visitors : © / Andreas Vallbracht. All rights reserved. Derby. Camiseta Shirt Maglia Ska, Rock, Punk festival. Göteborg . Unlike London’s more covert equivalent, the city’s squat scene is not only well-known, but highly visible, particularly around such landmarks as the Rote Flora.

Antira for short, it is an annual international anti-racist football tournament to which progressive, fan-led global teams are invited. “Everybody in Europe should be concerned about the new far-right movement,” club president Oke Göttlich tells me inside the club’s Millerntor-Stadion. Our fans don’t always do everything right, but they are what make St Pauli special.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Toutes les paroles de chanson de FC St. Pauli Fans Fussballgesänge ainsi que les traductions sur Paroles Musique ! “We are not a party, we only can make our values heard. After all, it's the little things that St. Pauli fans are proud of: sensationally defeating Bayern München in 2002 officially gave the club the tongue-in-cheek moniker of “Weltpokalsiegerbesieger” (winner against the Intercontinental Cup's winner).