(Come on. (Spell, Sacred and Commencement). What had been so beautifully crafted in the midst of rebuilding now laid in ashes amidst the destruction and utter chaos at the end.

Lana summed this up when she asks “how could I ever have loved you?” in the finale. [38] When asked if her being cast as a traditionally red haired character caused outcry from fans, Kreuk believes that whoever did "got over it pretty fast". Chloe reminded Clark of the “Other Woman” (Lois) and warned him not to achieve closure at her expense. She then convinces the children she's not their enemy. (Remember, “No more secrets? Gay Panic at 'Grey's'! Lana has dated three former football quarterbacks: Whitney Fordman, Clark Kent, and Jason Teague.

Had to love the way she was looking at Clark throughout the eppie and the Hug at the end. Status And then Kara administers the coup de grace with the “kissing cousins” sequence, keeping Clark from driving Lana to the airport and making him doubt the intentions of Lana and everyone else around him. Our destiny isn't written in some book in the future. According to the High School Yearbook, Lana was "Most likely to be a Cover Girl". (Power) Doomsday ironically gave them an opportunity to work together in stressful situations. During the fight Lana blasts the Soldier to protect Superman and eventually Superman defeats him with his arctic breath. [25] When she learns that Lex set up a fake pregnancy in order to get her to marry him in the season six finale "Phantom", Lana effectively ends the marriage and fakes her own death to escape Lex after he threatens her. In the season four finale "Commencement", Lana is confronted by Jason’s mother Genevieve, who is also after the three stones of knowledge, and during a struggle Isobel comes forward and kills Genevieve. (Hydro) She hinted that Clark was still haunting Lana to the latter.

Kreuk was also co-nominated with Welling at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards for Most Beautiful Couple (TV - Choice Chemistry). In her senior year she had red highlights in her hair. Lois is caught in the crossfire but manages to find protection under one of the turned over vehicles, just as an incoming missile hit the same vehicle and it flew above her head about to crash down upon her, Lois is saved by a "red-blue blur". Each one has big time trust and affection issues toward the other, the world and themselves. Family (Rage/Hydro/Crimson/Promise/Progeny) He failed to save Lana from the blazer explosion. By the end of the episode, the procedure is complete, and Lana becomes just as strong and invulnerable as Clark.
However, she was resolved to be in control of her life and no longer be a victim of her circumstances, so she decided to leave Smallville and on go a training quest, to prepare herself both mentally and physically to wear the Prometheus suit and stop Lex from gaining its powers. (Gone) His apparent lack of interest about her condition while she was in the hospital was jarring to say the least. When Hector Hammond possessed Superman and created a "world of peace" for him, Lana reappears as an adult in one of Clark's visions as his wife living in their apartment in Metropolis and having a female puppy dog referring to it as their "daughter".

Lana Lang is the Business Editor at the Daily Planet. He sacrificed his powers (Arrival, Mortal and Hidden).

As for Clark and Lana themselves, they have big issues to settle for themselves. Season 8’s ‘Lana Arc’, no matter how brief, illustrated the tragic consequences of true love being foiled by others’ selfish ends. Lois and Lana flee from the metallic clutches of Metallo. "[42], Even though Lana eventually marries Lex in season six, Al Gough argues that Lana still loved Clark and Clark still loved her. Lana’s Aunt Nell does not want them to get together. (Bizarro) After Jor-El imprisoned Clark in the Fortress, Bizarro actually made the most of that opportunity. She has been a series regular since the pilot episode, and has been played continuously by Kristin Kreuk, with two other actresses having portrayed Lana Lang as a child and as an elderly woman. She played a big role in rescuing him from the Kryptonite cage. Jordan's premonition of Lana's peaceful death.