Deke Pierce was wearing civilian clothes as he took to the lectern in a narrow press room inside the Texas Capitol in Austin last month, but it was still obvious that he was a cop. In closing arguments, Tanner pointed the finger at Rodney, using everything from DNA evidence, to the position of the driver’s seat in Fennell’s truck, to Rodney’s habit of walking Bastrop streets late at night near his home. He cited the Michael Morton case as an example of how the justice system can err and a remedy can be years, if not decades, in the making.

Reading the punishment phase transcripts, it is clear that the women who testified had been traumatized by terrifying sexual assaults. They ran Rodney’s DNA against several other alleged rape victims in the area, and they got matches.

When Stites’s body was found, she was lying face up, yet the front of her body showed clear signs of lividity — on her face, right arm and hand, and chest. Stacey told her mother that she cut her fingernails short to avoid getting “gunk” under them while handling produce, Carol said. However, the Court of Criminal Appeals has considered each new supplement a brand-new writ. Ligature marks striped her neck, and her H-E-B nametag rested in the crook of her knee. His supporters have rallied, more than two million people have signed an online petition asking for a reprieve and lawmakers, celebrities and religious leaders have targeted Gov.

Greg Abbott to stop execution of Rodney Reed, whose guilt is widely doubted, Texas Crime Files podcast Episode 1: The murder of Stacey Stites, EU joins call to stop execution of Rodney Reed, Bastrop man convicted of murder, KVUE's 'Texas Crime Files' podcast on Rodney Reed case now available, Death row inmate Rodney Reed maintains innocence weeks before execution: 'They're going to be executing an innocent man', New Rodney Reed witness claims fiance bragged about murder, Rodney Reed case: New witness reportedly says fiance knew Stacy Stites was having affair, Sen. Kirk Watson joins growing effort to stop Rodney Reed’s execution, Kim Kardashian West asks Gov. Police fanned out across the town and around Lake Bastrop. The concept of a relationship between a black man and a white woman was taboo in Bastrop at that time, she said. More than 20 years have passed since Stacey Stites' body was found in a wooded area in Bastrop, Texas.

“The only reason that anyone talks to me or listens to me is because I have a blood relation to the victim,” Stobbs said. Did Rodney Reed kill her?

If it was the murder weapon, the belt would almost certainly retain the genetic trace of her killer. Ryan Grim talks to Ilyse Hogue about Amy Coney Barrett and Luther Lowe about the possible antitrust case against Google. The experts— Dr. Michael Baden, Dr. Werner Spitz and Dr. LeRoy Riddick—say the DNA evidence in Stites was not necessarily deposited at the time of her death, and it could have been left there days before she died.
Stacey’s cousin, Heather Stobbs, said she knows that speaking out on behalf of Rodney is “extremely painful” for Stacey’s immediate family, but it would be “horrible to put Rodney Reed to death and then find out that someone else, like Jimmy Fennell, actually killed Stacey.”. “Every year it is something else that he and Stacey are supposed to have done together. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings.

The DNA found in Stites and on her chest did match Rodney’s, and those pieces of evidence would be part of a consensual relationship, the defense has argued.

Carol said she’s heard people making a big deal out of Stacey’s fingernails that were cut to the quick at the time of her death. On April 23, 1996, Stites was found dead, her body dumped on the side of a country road outside of Bastrop, a small town roughly a half-hour east of Austin. On paper, the defense had about a year to prepare, but by the time Rodney’s trial rolled around, far less than a year’s worth of work had been done, Benjet said. Consultez le journal numérique et ses suppléments, chaque jour avant 13h. The three forensic experts from Rodney’s original trial have since submitted affidavits stating that Stacey’s original time of death is inaccurate, which makes the prosecution’s timeline of Rodney allegedly killing her implausible.

He stood with his feet wide and his arms slightly away from his body, a stance molded by years in a uniform encumbered by heavy gear. The defense needed to prove the relationship existed to explain the DNA, but if the defense claimed a consensual relationship occurred, it could open the door for the prosecution to counter, says one legal expert.

Reed’s lawyers, including his long-time attorney Bryce Benjet of the Innocence Project, have asked various courts to intervene, among them the U.S. Supreme Court. Abbott to stop execution of Rodney Reed, Texas lawmakers ask Gov.

“I don’t know why they’re coming forward with false narratives.

Reed’s investigator at trial regarding Bastrop police. Among the witnesses who weren’t called were at least two who said they knew about the affair and that Fennell had found out about it and threatened Reed.

Abbott to intervene in scheduled execution of Rodney Reed, Dr. Phil examines new theories in Rodney Reed case, Innocence Project files petition for U.S. Supreme Court to hear Rodney Reed's death row case, Rodney Reed's family holds rally, asks for re-trial.

Do you find it odd that these people did not come forward back then, when there was a $50,000 reward being offered by H-E-B?” Dobbs said.
And court documents show there was a beer can found in the area near the body. Vous pouvez vous connecter avec votre compte sur autant d’appareils que vous le souhaitez, mais en les utilisant à des moments différents. I was completely shocked.”, On October 11, Reed’s lawyers secured a second affidavit, this one from Charles Wayne Fletcher, who worked as a deputy with the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office and was friends with both Stites and Fennell. By about 5 a.m. a manager contacted Carol and let her know Stacey hadn’t shown up.

Did Rodney Reed kill her?

There were complaints against Fennell, but “a lot of them are kind of quasi-immoral, but not criminal acts.” He characterized the allegations against Reed as “violent, savage, repeated behavior.” Fennell’s behavior, on the other hand, according to Phillips, was “audacious, it was improper, it was exploitation of his badge.”.

Since lividity takes at least four hours to set, the pathologists have agreed that this meant that Stites was killed and left in a position where she was slumped forward, one arm outstretched, for at least four hours before her body was dumped. She was living in the nearby town of Giddings, about 30 minutes northeast of Bastrop, in an apartment she shared with Fennell, who was a cop there.