Check for Hokuto No Ken on eBay. I will return with more once I’ve gotten the time to play some more games ^__^ I’m extremely happy to finally have the AES, and a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Eric, theSegaDude :D, Recently I connected my new Super Game Boy 2 to my Super Famicom to see that it worked, and I ended up playing a fighting game! Maybe it’s better in multiplayer, though. Character and clothing movements are very smooth and life-like and you can tell that IGS paid great attention to detail. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (Europe) Start Game. Nice list! 1) Actually, Sengoku Basara X was on the list originally, but it ended up getting trimmed when I was doing final edits. } Play retro style Fighting games.

This six-button weapon-based fighter features the ability to break weapons or throw them away willingly to fight unarmed, which is less powerful but faster and easier to combo from. Add absolutely gorgeous gameplay and graphics, and some creative mech designs, and you’ve got a title well worth playing.

:D It reminded me of Shiten Myooh for the Sega Mega Drive, in the fact that you had several characters you could switch between, but they could die and then you would loose them. is available under the Great co-op game, but really really odd! preloadimages('games/783/00.gif','games/783/01.gif','games/783/02.gif','games/783/03.gif') Check for Gundam Battle Assault on eBay. var myimages=new Array() And once again, two players can team up to beat these monsters down all over the world.

The game was followed shortly after by a sequel, Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors. RETRO GATHERING I haven’t tried Magician Lord on the AES yet, but I’ve played it through on the Neo Geo X Gold, it’s a great sidescrolling adventure game :D Difficult, but the unlimited continues makes it easier ^^ There’s still so much variation in the stages and such that it keeps you going out of curiousity to see the ending :D I made a video about the ridiculous lines with voice-overs in this game, you can check out that video here on my youtube channel >>, I’ve been told that NAM-1975 is a good one, I’m eager to try this one out ^__^, I have also played some Sengoku with NinjaBrite. Arcade Start Game. Character designs are interesting, and players are treated to a scene of them standing over their downed opponent when they win.

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Your Stand is your power, and fighting with a stand will grant you special abilities and bonuses. Check for Joy Mecha Fight on eBay. Preload images script

Arcade, Saturn, PlayStation I think Daraku Tenshi – The Fallen Angels should be included in this list. Preload images script

Gundam Battle Assault is a slower paced fighting game than some may be used to…but then again, you are piloting massive war machines in space. /* Personally, I’ve never played the arcade version of Rabbit, but I did enjoy the Saturn version a bit still.

Great list! Despite using the same engine as Galaxy Fight and a four-button control scheme, Waku Waku 7 is also far different from its predecessor. Uh oh! WWF Raw (World) Start Game. Famicom Support independent sellers. Learn more. In a style often referred to as dial-a-combo, players can rapidly press attack buttons to add hits, which leads to button-mashing being rewarded. There are three types: Attack, Defense, and Counterattack. … Also, an updated version that allowed the selection of three characters was released by IGS, called The Killing Blade Plus. If you enjoy their unique art styles, you may want to give Rakuga Kids a chance. A little odd, considering it’s Capcom, but they handle the change well. And if you’re a fan of Fist of the North Star, you’ll definitely enjoy this game.
Players have three health bars, a boost meter, and an ammunition counter. While single player story mode only allows the player to use Godzilla against a horde of enemy monsters, the game does feature multiple final bosses, depending on the final score, and Godzilla’s appearance changes to reflect the era in which he fought that villain.

myimages[i].src=preloadimages.arguments[i]   United States   |   English (US)   |   $ (USD), remembering account, browser, and regional preferences, remembering privacy and security settings, personalized search, content, and recommendations, helping sellers understand their audience, showing relevant, targeted ads on and off Etsy. The titles on this list are just a few of the games that would be spawned from Capcom’s fighting masterpiece. Final. Arcade, PlayStation 2 And the combo capabilities in this game are absolutely awesome. myimages[i].src=preloadimages.arguments[i]

Escape will close this window. Genesis. However, you forgot a few great ones…Sengoku Basara X, Rage of the Dragons, and Daemon Bride should have all made your list. myimages[i].src=preloadimages.arguments[i]

Get hit, and your Defensive gauge increases. The game’s even built to handle either the 3-button or 6-button controller well, so players can be viable with either. Samurai Shodown Anthology received a mention on this list because it was repeatedly delayed in the US, and because it saw a very quiet and limited release. 'games/990/00.gif','games/990/01.gif'); Black Belt */

Add to it a juggle system that was relatively unique for the time, and it’s not a bad game. myimages[i].src=preloadimages.arguments[i] Personalized Advertising. } Time it wrong, and the resulting health drain may kill you instead. Super Nintendo NES Gameboy Advance SEGA Genesis DOS TurboGrafx 16 MSX Atari 800 The game is gorgeous, and the audio work is spot on.

Known as simply Godzilla in the west, this little gem features a multitude of famous enemies and selectable opponents between stages.

A couple of things i wanna mention though. Posts about fighting games written by stopXwhispering. Counters are also a big deal in Matrimelee and do some solid damage. are Metamoqester and Monster Maulers even considered 2d fighting games? } PlayStation PS1 / PSX, SEGA Saturn, 3DO, Nintendo, Arcade, Atari, Neo-Geo. Arcade, PlayStation, Dreamcast Best classic old retro games. 'games/464/00.gif','games/464/01.gif'); Adventures of Bayou Billy, The You also picked up orbs that you had no clue what they did ;D Just like in Shiten Myooh! And while projectile attacks are blockable, melee attacks can only be blocked by a certain type of shield, which drains health to use but is still better than taking an attack to the face. And yeah, I guess Sengoku Basara X is in the same class as Hokuto No Ken — I guess it’s hard to know what got more exposure. Opponents will sometimes be much more powerful or much weaker than the player, adding a nice touch of realism, though the game is largely balanced. That and you forgot Sengoku Basara X (currently best buy version is out: mad cheap), which after Hokuto No Ken are my favorites and I´ve owned some of the more obscure Saturn and PS fighters in this list. When characters are close together and zoomed in, they are heavily pixelated. The combo system is similar to Fatal Fury, where moves are chained into bigger moves, and then into specials. } Check for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on Amazon Arcade, Saturn, PlayStation

SNES, Genesis/Megadrive

*/ Great list, I really love 2D fighting games. It’s the same looking guy on the cover so I guess they’re sequels ;D. If anyone wonders what their names are I can read it ^^ I played as Tachibana Ukyo. The fighting game genre has never been more popular, with modern takes on many of the big names from yesteryear.

/* And as per many weapons fighters, weapons can be thrown away for additional techniques, adding to the player’s arsenal.

The game features music from the anime, and also included a “Trial Mode,” a survival mode where the player must continually fight more difficult opponents while gaining only a little health back each round. Released by Banpresto, this six-button 2D fighter is heavily anime-themed, and features many moves that by the time of its release had become standard. I’m aware you had to cut-off many games, but I feel I have to mention just a few games at least in this comments section: Alien Challenge – IGS’s first foray into 2d fighters, a spiritual ancestor to Killing Blade and Martial Masters. The Eye of Typhoon features both single play, where players get to select their opponent, and a 2 on 2 team mode. Once again, players must pick one of three characters to face off against massive monster boss after monster boss. In some cases other titles have been referenced, or series mentioned; these are also worth exploring for the fighter fan who wants to find something new to play, or those just interested in what the genre has to offer. Just remember, the NTSC-J Saturn port is considered the worst: it might be better to look up the enhanced Saturn version, Suiko Enbu Fuun Saiki, which allowed players to use the final boss and also featured two characters from Fighter’s History.

4D Sports Boxing Also known as Kyukyoku Sentai Dadandarn, this arcade-only fighting game by Konami is actually a series of boss rushes, where one or two players must fight against large monsters in various locales. Check for Touki Densho Angel Eyes on eBay. And characters who stand still for a little while will even auto-taunt. */ Hit me up when this is being worked on: “Fighters for handhelds were not included, primarily because they rightfully deserve their own topic,” as I’d love to at least be part of the brain-storming. The 80s titles would just get lost, since the newer games improved on so much.

Neo-Geo MVS, Neo-Geo AES The controls have also been tweaked into a six-button fighter, including a dash and overhead attack button. var myimages=new Array()

The third game in the Power Instinct series from Atlus dropped the majority of the original cast and much of the lighthearted nature for a darker game, though the humor is still there. function preloadimages(){

Incorporating multi-plane arenas similar to Fatal Fury and allowing four players to brawl at the same time, Treasure created a game that is heavy on mobility and defense while also frantic and action-packed. Check for Waku Waku 7 on eBay. PC-only fighters were also not included; there are quality fighters for the PC, both professional and fan-made(Arm Joe comes to mind), but PC gaming has never been the focus of this site.

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Check for The Rumble Fish on eBay. Really great idea and great work ! } Very unlike me since I usually never enjoy fighting games, I find them pointless and I don’t like memorizing combos or just button mashing. :D My friend theSegaDude delivered once again and let me buy his SNK Neo Geo AES collection!! Arcade, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP new MultiSwap('link6', 500, 'games/650/02.gif','games/650/03.gif', This entry actually represents a series of ports and updates with titles such as Asuka 120% BURNING Fest. Most of these releases are for the NTSC-J PlayStation and Sega Saturn, though the original were FM Towns and Sharp X68000 games. 'games/1216/00.gif','games/1216/01.gif'); Altered Beast

The game also added Bomber moves, super moves that are dangerous to use because they drain a small portion of your health as well. Check for Kaiser Knuckle on eBay.

But power mode also gives players access to Super Desperation Moves. A sequel, The Rumble Fish 2, was also released in arcades, and two characters from it were added to The Rumble Fish roster when it was ported to PlayStation 2. To add to the mix, characters can reach up and grab parts of the stage to evade attacks, then swing off them for extra mobility. Check for Melty Blood: Act Cadenza on eBay. Broaden your horizons by digging deeper into different types of games.