Pros It's stable enough to bring my 70lb lab for a paddle around the lake. Usage Fotos, vídeos, artículos o lo que sugieras. It is a smooth and comfortable ride and I would recommend the Red Paddle board to anyone. Cons Exercise, touring, will be trying class I - III white water later this summer and from what I've heard it should do great. Even as a beginner I was able to hold a side plank without getting wet.

But, and it is a big but, they had to perform. Another thing: the Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride MSL iSUP purchase doesn’t come with a fully ready-to-go package – you ought to buy a paddle and a leash separately (unless you had them laying around already)…. Firm, stable, glides well, looks good (the 2014 models graphics are much nicer in my opinion) and the inflation process easy to figure out and helps give a good warm up ;-) No matter what type of rider you are, you’ll have endless fun on this all-round board. | post | sunsetpaddler Some small surf, I got on a paddleboard for the first time this past weekend in Destin, Fl. Still, it’s an all-around, but it’s just geared more towards surfing, some whitewater too, and less for other SUP activities (not a dedicated surfing iSUP, a bit too wide for being one), but it doesn’t exclude anything. Pros Living in a condo restricts me from having a regular solid board, so the fact that Red Paddle sells an inflatable board is ideal for me. Touring, I LOVE my board! How Does The Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride iSUP Perform? 7 – rear D-ring for ankle leash 4 – width

Check its price and delivery conditions: Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride MSL iSUP package. I love my Red Paddle 10'6". I use it for touring, exploring, exercise, and making my friends jealous of all the fun I'm having. Mochila Red Paddle la mejor bolsa para transportar tu SUP hinchable. I purchased my Red Paddle board late in the summer of 2013 so I was only able to ride it a couple of times. Its a great way to spend the entire day. Surfing is usually a more tricky sport than flatwater paddling.

Usually, all-around iSUPs are anywhere from around 10 to 12 feet in length, sometimes quite a bit more than 12 actually.

This board is extremely durable and can take a beating.

The Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride MSL iSUP comes in just 1 set of colors (overall white, blue deck pad, red logo, red fins). To put it in perspective, starting at 426 lbs (193 kilograms; 1 kilogram = 1 liter), the board would be under water completely because of too much weight. Este modelo de SUP hinchable irrumpió en el mercado con gran fuerza hasta convertirse en una de las tablas paddle surf hinchables más vendidas del mundo. Good inflatables are expensive and when you are buying two at once, deals are that much more desirable. El ancho de 32″ y el espesor de 4,72″ (120mm) y sus 240 litros  proporcionaron suficiente rigidez y estabilidad tanto para mí (peso 80 kg) como para mi mujer (peso 47 kg). PVC material (link opens in a new tab). Usage They had an idea that it could be made better with inflatable paddleboards. In addition there's a handy water resistant phone case and repair kit. Thicker SUP feel stiffer and more stable than thinner SUP. Just magical. Cons Normally, inflatable boards are 4 to 6 inches thick. Great all round board. Red Paddle Co 10’6 Ride 2021 is designed to glide over the water in all conditions.

If you were a quick learner of a beginner with dedication and happened to weigh less than 210 lbs (for surfing), or better yet, weighed less than 180 lbs (for other SUP activities to be viable), the Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride might be a good match for you. A well built board, easy to pump up and most of all much more stable than I thought ISUP's could be. BUT it is maneuverable, responsive (not a dedicated surfing iSUP, it’s an all-around after all). Cons All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

Lightweight, very stable, easy enough to handle for a beginner. and travel off to explore the coast, or, more local to me, the canal system- and yes, I have had some funny looks! It absolutely fulfills that need, but what I didn't know was how satisfied I would be with the board overall. Deck got dirt and stayed dirty after a cople of uses

Was really surprised on how stable this inflatable is. According to the video on the Red Paddle web page it can be inflated easily in just a few minutes.

I like to challenge myself to go further and further each time, and to explore new locations. Echa un vistazo a las preguntas frecuentes sobre una tabla hinchable de paddle surf en nuestro FAQ sobre SUP inflable. Usage I've ridden on slow, quiet waters and on choppy seas and each time, she performs like a dream. What is PVC? The Red Paddle Co 9’8 might not be for you if you considered yourself to be a larger paddler (close to or more than 210 lbs) looking for a speedy and extra stable iSUP for flatwater conditions. Usage 3 – carry handle

Another downside would be if you went against wind with it, the rounded wide nose will catch all the wind, or, likewise, against smaller waves in choppier conditions (won’t cut through, will be at the mercy of the wave).

I have since purchased a BTP two stage electric turbo pump with a portable battery. Lightweight, stable, easy to handle Ride 10.6 tiene muchísimas. Embed these reviews on your site. I am able to store it in the closet and it fits in the back seat of my car. I live in a condo and storing my Red Paddle is a piece of cake.

Canal cruising. The only con is that it is not as fast as most hard-boards I have ridden. Doesn’t have that much of a speed to it, so it will probably feel slow in flatwater conditions, almost like a cruiser, but with snappy turning ability. mainly touring, some yoga. Es difícil diseñar una tabla de SUP completa que sirva para la mayor parte de las condiciones y riders. The Red Paddle Ride 9-feet-8-inch MSL iSUP measures 9′8″ x 31″ x 3.93″ (length x width x thickness), weighs 19 pounds (lbs) and can carry up to 210 pounds (lbs). A great board for the all round paddler, it floats and glides easily on flat water, while still riding smoothly and predictably in surf.

I called customer service and had to cut a piece out of the hose (quality control issue) it's still a piece of crap. Usage Pros What this means it can be deflated and inflated, is strong and durable. A bonus is that it comes with an awesome travel bag and pump! Red Paddle Co 9’8 iSUP Board This makes it easy to travel with compared to a solid SUP board. I learnt to ride a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) for this first time this summer and I loved it! The second layer of PVC is laminated on top. I am also very impressed with the ride and control. Stability, build quality, compact packing.

The Red Paddle Co 9’8 Ride iSUP has a tri-fin setup consisting of 3 small fixed red fins.