Everybody in the region knew Mr. Clark of the Clarks, that famous and serious Judge, lived here. Gracias por esas 16.7K, los quiero. Years later, Dina Angela, the extraordinary girl, was now 13 years old. Why not tell me now?" "Well...your child seems to be a bit "Special".". Nobody talks back. Dina knew that her father was a very famous Judge, and that he did things very fairly, always looked at things in a neutral point of view. "Then...what should we do? If that's the case, then I shall not let her go to school.

What exactly is his weapon?? #eyelessjack Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Yes i will credit you and thanks for telling me about his new hair cut. Mr. Clark closed his book and looked at Taylor, "If any accident happens, just finish her off... She is a failure, after all...". Great, isn't it? That day was an important day for the Clarks; after 10 months, Mrs. Clark was finally going to give birth to her child. After a few hours, the nurse delivering the child walked out from the room with an awkward expression on her face, and went to Mr. Clark's office to see him.

"But she's a monster. Clark." Despite knowing that her mother and father were never so well with each other before she was even born, it can't be changed; both of their parents decided the marriage themselves that time. Mr. Clark threw her back onto the bed, "Tell my lawyer to come here" concluded Mr. Clark as he left the room. Hope u like it. Dina had never stepped outside before because of her eyes. Here are stories and origins about your favourite creepypastas.

Mr. Clark shouted furiously.

The Forgotten Proxy- Características en español. She's lying on the bed, and next to her was Mr. and Mrs. Clark's child. In fact, her eyesight is two times of a normal person's." Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. "Yes? The two arrived at the room where Mrs. Clark was taking a rest. When he walked up to the child, he saw his child, and instantly the expression on Mr. Clark's face became more shocked than that of everyone's. I've already said too much. Yet ANOTHER character with a hood and mask for no real reason other than to make it seem "dark" and "mysterious". Y'know, like every other easily explainable and understandable character who tries to be like EJ or JTK. For Mrs. Clark, she never cared much about how Dina looked; she was always on her daughter's side, always thinking for her. "Uh...you might need to see it yourself, Mr.

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eyelessjack, creepypasta, jeffthekiller. Or how can you give birth to such monster!?" Personalidad: Chapado a la antigua, misterioso, perverso, tranquilo e impredecible.

sometimes I have the feeling people forget that Red is still in the progress.

The doctor even said that he has never seen a case like this – Her eyeballs are black but she has no problem in her eyesight.

But I'm just letting you know now; I do not support deconstructive criticism. En esta obra pondré historias y personajes de Creepypastas pocos conocidos. Taylor, standing in front of Mr. Clark's desk, handed him a stack of documents on the girl's information.

I would like to be taken seriously... 'cause I'm not a 12/14 years old gurl that writes a bad fanfiction. This is a very bad issue to our family."

The child was a girl, but her hair was in the color of blonde, unlike her parents'; Mrs. Clark's was red, while Mr. Clark's was brown. Nombre: Red Angel. Her blonde hair was short and messy, but she usually had them brushed whenever her father was around; though it's usually her mother who brushes them. Comida favorita: Corazones, sopa de verduras y la pizza. Mr. Clark said, without even taking a glance at the documents. James The Night Stalker- Características. #creepypasta I have to thank you for making the effort to draw something. "Mr. Clark, about your daughter...she certainly is your daughter without doubt; the DNA test does not go wrong, and the sight tests show that her eye sight is normal.

Oh, also, tell the nurses who helped deliver the child not to tell anyone about this. Le disgusta: La gente arrogante, la intimidación, la resistencia de sus victimas y los días soleados. Jason The Toy Maker- Creepypasta en español. #bendrowned Si les gusto den fav, se lo agradecería mucho. #horror Ojos: El izquierdo rojo y el derecho negro. Ropa: Capucha negra, guantes negros, pantalones rojos, mandriles negros y una máscara. Donde viven las historias. She didn't like to talk, possibly because she was locked up in the mansion all her life by her father, therefore became anti-socialized. Of course, she always knew what her husband (who did not like Dina at all) was up to. Eyes: (Left) red and (right) black Hair: Red Clothes: Black hoody, black gloves, red pants, black chucks and a mask Weapon: Cutter knife, 45 ACP in Black Height: 5'10 / 1,77 Sexuality: Bisexual Relationship: Singel Personality: Charming, mysterious, perverse, quiet and unpredictable Full Reference Sheet: Creepypasta: Red Angel - Full Description I don't say stuff about how a character is a Mary Sue or anything like that, because a) I don't think Mary Sues exist, and b) I don't think saying stuff like that really helps the creator improve the character. "What is it that needs me to go take a look at? from the story Creepypastas by CandyZ8 (Nanazus) with 3,026 reads.

Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. "What monstrous creature is that?!" Hola, soy Mariana, pero pueden llamarme Candy.

"Mrs. Clark is very weak right now, Mr. Clark. She was often fascinated when looking into her own eyes. However, he always seeks for perfection on everything, which was why he had a very bad relationship with Dina. Le gusta: La sangre, grito de criaturas, cuervos, los ojos de otras personas, la oscuridad, el sexo, sexo, sexo... el sexo caliente. Father Madness- Características en español.

Enemigos: La policía y los padres(Él no cree que tiene un enemigo Creepypasta, por ahora). Creepypasta: Red Angel - Full Description. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Amigos:Alice, Bridget, Crazy Face, Daisy, Emily, Hoody, LuLu, No Name, the She, Saint, Sliga, Slenderman, Splendorman. It's just an edgy anime character with a mask. Arma: Un cuchillo cortador, P14-45 (arma de fuego) en negro.

The most surprising thing however, was that the girl had a pair of terrifying eyes; her eyes were all black; the pupil, the white of the eye – pure black.

Read Red Angel- Características. A few days later, Mr. Clark's lawyer, Taylor, arrived. She's not perfect; what I want is a perfect child." #slenderman. Hand her to the orphanage?" Purely great. Haha, okay I hope it's done soon. Bye.

Oh, yes, how ORIGINAL! And I REALLY enjoy that he has lip piercings and a completely black eye for.. What reason again..?

Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Suddenly Mr. Clark grabbed the still-resting Mrs. Clark, "You didn't mess with other people, did you?! Aficiones: Recoger ojos, matar a la gente, violar a chicos y chicas, la lectura y el acecho. Read Red Angel from the story Creepypasta Origins by Cursed333 with 1,852 reads. Taylor asked. creepypastas. OH YEAH, THERE IS NO REASON STATED. "Um, Mr. Clark..." The nurse looked at him with a shocking expression on her face. (sorry just can't tell, Ah so much hate, personally I like the design, plus you can’t tell how it’ll be without the story, the story is what makes the character not the design, the design only has a small, Those that do not understand have obviously never tried to write a story, be it for a creepypasta or in general ^^. Mr. Clark looked at the panicking woman as he frowned. Lo principal son las traducciones de estos personajes, pero no serán la perfección ya que todavía no soy una persona bilingüe... Domicilio: Norte de Alemania (viene en realidad de EE.UU.). #jeffthekiller Don't let anyone see her. Otra información: Está buscando desesperadamente la compañía, ¡porque siempre está solo!. Mr. Clark noticed that the other people who helped with the birthing also seemed to be embarrassed.

Sell custom creations to people who love your style. What is it?" Descúbrelo ahora. She got herself a mirror and looked at her eyes; they were pure black, but looking closely, she actually saw little sparkles in them, like a small galaxy. Please..." "Like I care about it!" #laughingjack Tema favorito: Rosas blancas, libros de John Saul y sus armas. Botdf had a child with anime and it looks SO SCARY (so scary no pun intended Im gonna shit bricks jabjhbvjb). I will recruit tutors to teach her.

who take this too seriously- like hell they do. Bebida favorita: Cerveza, la sangre y el té.