thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. It’s not like some evil event.

Everything is restored to a perfected younger state again,” Rand says.

Writer’s Note: Med Bed technology has been “suppressed” and hidden from the public for a long, long time. Trust me, this forced incarnation has been PAINFUL….being in the WRONG body…..think of it like a prison without walls. He and his wife have three kids. Get the top P.O.D.
And enhance with a macrobiotic diet and micronised, purified zeolite to detox. These technologies are already here.

genotypes against major insect pests, CPI Aerostructures contracted to manufacture air management system components, Careem to introduce driverless taxi pods by 2030, IN POD WE TRUST; Pop in and share your moment for the chance to scoop PS500, Identification of Phytophthora species on cocoa pods and pod husks using three culture media, Efficiency of points of dispensing for influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 vaccination, Los Angeles county, California, USA, 2009. She obtained the information by using a unique method “hypnosis regression memories” whereby Ileana was able to verify the information did indeed come from the Secret Space Program by seeing the holographic medical pods during her tenure as a Secret Space Program Asset on Mars. Impressive concept.

It is said that one person with focused intent can effect change for up to 1 million people! You wake up and look in the mirror and your creepy skin is gone. Is that a positive? It’s not something out of the clear blue sky. he lives his life strictly for the kids because he is loving and recognizes what is important. abbreviation related to Medical. As well as many widely used medical abbreviations this text includes abbreviations that have meaning only within oncology, All rights reserved. sub-specialities or even particular organisations. We have a wonderful group of human beings that have collaborated and worked together for a very long time.”.

I have been in one way, shape or form, involved with the entire global transition for 36 years. I WOUD LIKETO KNOW WHERE OR HOW WE CAN SOLID INFORMATION, LKE THE PLACE, PHONE NUMBER. Jared is a highly intelligent and knowledgeable man who has been working with the global transition for decades, and has information about many topics the general public is not aware of, including but not limited to, off-world ET technology gifts to humanity like the Quantum Financial Computer System, Anti-Gravity Propulsion, Replicators and Med Beds. Holographic Medical Pods & Secret Space Programs by Ileana the Star Traveler, Captain Randy Cramer USMC – Earth Citizen Consulting. It actually identifies your DNA and it does a complete internal analysis of the body. There are also portable Meditech Pod units which put injured subjects into stasis sleep in order to slow down bodily degradation and conserve life force energy so that patients do not die on their way for medical attention. I pray daily that she lives long enough to be benefit from this that has been so terribly kept from us for so long. There’s no injection, no needles or anything. Or take my sick father in law to the first one? A lot of us don’t know each other, have never come across each other, maybe once in a while on occasion, but the compartmentalization is absolutely huge. !!! All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Es decir que sane enfermedades graves del cuerpo que 8ncluya órganos y piel, tambien que pueda rejuvenecer..!!! Because he’s done it for people. Captain Randy Cramer USMC – Earth Citizen Consulting – attempting to manufacture and distribute Med Beds. It is a technology that has been given to humanity by off-world ET’s. I can only pray she will live that long but her time is running out. These Med Pods can be installed virtually anywhere as they do not require much power to operate.
Thank you so much for the light and love , bringing so much peace and clarity as we are all for light in the family of the oneness, now , forever. Obst.