Now a free man again, the protagonist and his allies drive back home. After the Futaba heist, it will increase twofold, to close to 60% and when the fake Medjed tries to rig the poll in order to use Okumura to frame the Theives, the percentage of people agreeing goes to over 80%. The Phantom Thieves, with assistance from Zenkichi and Ichinose, arrive in Osaka so they can apprehend Konoe.

Once defeated, Alice gives up after some banter from Ann and the protagonist, takes off her crown and vanishes, releasing all of the people she mesmerized.

During their first dinner in Sendai, a mysterious woman known as Kuon Ichinose also approaches them. Awakening Milady for real in her father's palace once fully awaken to how depraved he has became, she joins the party on official terms. She quickly commands a horde of police in riot gear stationing in front of the hotel, only for Zenkichi to take her place instead.
It expels them out of Mementos back into the real world, and proceeds to fuse it with the Metaverse to form the Qliphoth World.

Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He makes a deal with her to save himself and deceive Akechi, who comes to kill the protagonist. Happy Birthday. Zenkichi also dials the protagonist, telling them that the Police cannot shut down EMMA due to an unknown error, and it fired back up without any human interference. An update to the Persona 5 website reveals new details about the game's lead characters. Ichinose now claims that her friendliness is an act and claims that she is in fact a "heartless doll", then summons a diamond-like weapon to blast the Phantom Thieves off a cliff herself. Madarame and Kaneshiro are all tied to Shido by fiancing him with forgery and drug money, Okumura and Kobayakawa were assassinated due to being a thorn for Shido's campaign and to frame the Thieves, the IT company president issued blank hacking threats using Futaba's Medjed Moniker, artificially inflated the Phan Site's view count and votes to frame them and encrypted Wakaba's research after her murder under behalf of his boss' orders, and the Yakuza sided with Shido only because he had the best pay. A major incentive to the heist only appeared when it turns out that Okumura was also planning to sell his daughter Haru Okumura to an arranged marriage with a sleazy playboy for no reason other than his political gain, officially rendering the heist against him justified. The Phantom Thieves gain popularity and trust thanks to the reformation of multiple high profile criminals that the police failed to apprehend and track.

After defeating Yaldabaoth, the Phantom Thieves, along with the rest of the general public, find themselves living in an altered reality where everyone's deepest desires have come true. Furthermore, authorities encourage people to expose the Phantom Thieves' identities by placing a 30 million yen bounty on their heads. To change the world and protect his friends, the protagonist agrees to Sae's request. Welcome to The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts page This is a page for humorous purposes and with a very simple theme, you can order us all kinds of orders (whenever you go from respect and be taken … Read here

From the recording of Akechi's phone conversation, they find out that the mastermind behind the conspiracy is Masayoshi Shido, who is running for election to become prime minister, and has been the one responsible for the protagonist's probation. They arranged plans to travel all over Japan during their summer vacation. However, this means the protagonist may have to be imprisoned in a facility, due to his history with Shido and because the police and prosecutors are desperate to restore their own reputation and prevent anyone from viewing the Phantom Thieves as heroes. They also artificially inflated the view counters and the heist requests of Okumura on the PhanSite, leading to the opportunity where he can be killed to frame the Thieves and to ensure Shido inaugurates uncontested. When exploring Shido's Palace, the Thieves receive major revelations about the events that occured up to this point. Therefore, it didn't actually collect any desires other than people asking the application for advice, and was mistakenly led to believe that the answer to humanity's happiness is when she decides everything in their place. Persona 5 (Manga) 3. Ichinose explains the truth and logic behind EMMA, revealing that EMMA was only using Konoe to spread the application's popularity. Beware of spoilers! I’m not so sure about the Teddie shirt, but yeah, we chose it. After watching the movie, titled "New Cinema Labyrinth", the director Hikari appears, and the protagonist smiles upon seeing her. On the next day, public opinion of the Phantom Thieves takes an abrupt turn for the worst, with the Phantom Thieves labeled as violent murderers instead of allies of justice even when they were celebrating Okumura's death on the previous day. Walpurgisnacht99.

Popular games on Voobly include Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, Age of Mythology, The Rise of Rome, and many others. After blaming herself for the death of her sister, she came to Maruki for therapy.

1. Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves?

(Due to Shido heavily implied to have been birthed Akechi from a one-night stand with a call-girl, this will be absolutely detrimental to Shido's standing.)

They escape from the movie and into a theater, but a chicken-like F.O.E kidnaps Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura when they escape. While not stated, it's also implied that Morgana no longer wishes to become human unlike in the original ending. Akechi, however was aware of this from the start, having no memories after his encounter with his cognitive self in Shido's Palace. They managed to pull the heist off and find that Okumura wasn't supposed to be this corrupt and may actually atone, only for a mysterious masked Persona user to kill Okumura's Shadow after the Phantom Thieves all escape. The Thieves now enter Maruki's Palace, with Sumire joining the party as "Violet." They also lament being caught off guard by their subconscious desires, being rendered unable to protect the protagonist as a result, despite that being their utmost priority, having drowned in their blissful ignorance all the while when he was in danger. However, if this reality were to be destroyed, Akechi would go with it. With Ichinose unable to directly interfere, the party storms to the top of the tower where they encounter the Holy Torah, who traps them in a forest of fog that only permits escape once the protagonist repeatedly moves sideways into the corner.

The real Konoe confesses and willingly turns himself to Zenkichi and Kaburagi next day, with the latter whom Zenkichi requested to reform. Unfortunately, on the 23rd of December, things suddenly take a deep dive for the worst; not only does the public still wish for Shido to be Prime Minister despite his confession, but the Phantom Thieves are treated as if they never changed the hearts of their targets, almost as if they had never even existed. Phantom Aficionado Website (怪盗お願いチャンネル, Kaitō onegai chan'neru)?, or simply the "Phan-site" (怪盗ch, Kaitō ch)?, is a website created by Yuuki Mishima to promote the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in Persona 5. UU. This, alongside the heavy security present within the Depths of Mementos, alerts the Phantom Thieves that it might not be the public's Palace, but was most likely supervised by a higher being. Konoe consults EMMA on a way to capture the Phantom Thieves. The protaginist rejects the Grail's offer, and it abandons the Velvet Room, allowing the real Igor to be released from his captivity. Persona 5 1. So ask any of us to tell you…. After losing their memories and arriving back in their original times, the Phantom Thieves sans Akechi are back at the hideout in Leblanc, with Ann bringing up a movie festival, and Ryuji and the others feeling compelled to go to it.
Due to the lack of any rebellion, strife or hardship, not even the Velvet Room is able to save a world like this. However, unsettled by the abnormal enthusiasm of the general public, they begin to question whether it's right for them to act solely on their vote, and were initially indecisive about pulling a heist on Okumura.

In an investigation, they discover that the identity of the mafia boss is Junya Kaneshiro, actually a highly insecure and petty man who, upon being confronted, blackmailed the Thieves for 3 million yen simply because they appeared in front of him. If the Phantom Thieves can use code names, so can we. He then explains that, due to the protagonist regretting Akechi's death and wishing to keep his promise to him, Maruki wished to give both of them a fresh start in his new reality. 1 Where to Find 2 … Thank you.