Laura: We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. Coming Soon. Having the soul of an artist, Laura cloaks her world in a geometric black and white color scheme while energetically bounding from cupcakes to country and western music to cooking as she pursues her place in life.There are many Jarmusch touches throughout. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 April 2018. As the extremely withdrawn Don Johnston is dumped by his latest woman, he receives an anonymous letter from a former lover informing him that he has a son who may be looking for him. | Rating: C

For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything ;). This is a must see film for any person who enjoys well crafted character films. drama,

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Every day, Paterson adheres to a simple routine: he drives his bus, observing the city and overhearing fragments of conversation; he writes poetry; he walks his dog; he goes to the same bar to drink a beer; he goes home to his wife Laura. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Paterson is a gentle giant of a man, Laura is a quirky somewhat ditzy character who Paterson clearly adores. Paterson also writes heartfelt poems in a notebook, walks his dog and drinks one beer in a bar after his shift is over.

A quiet observation of the triumphs and defeats of daily life, along with the poetry evident in its smallest details. It's an experiment, to be sure, and while I would call the experiment a success I'm not sure the end goal was one worth pursuing...Call this a slight recommendation. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. If you doubt this, Paterson asks, "Would you rather be a fish?" I had only seen him play Kylo Ren in Star Wars before now ( he was also excellent in that), but I will be following his career with interest . Creating art as best we can is a very personal thing, and for some it's a need - while for others it's one of life's simple pleasures. A freelance sleuth neighbor moves Don to embark on a cross-country search for his old flames in search of answers. Travelling or based outside United Kingdom? Directed by Jim Jarmusch. A New Yorker's life is thrown into a tailspin when his younger cousin surprise-visits him, starting a strange, unpredictable adventure. He lives an extremely regimented and routinized life, that routine perhaps most vividly displayed by the fact that he is able to wake up at exactly the same time every day without an alarm.

There is a mysterious element to the film, the way Paterson keeps seeing twins and the Japanese gentlemen he encounters at the end. Subscribe to 123movies mailing list to receive updates on movies, tv-series and news, Copyright © 2020 123movies.

He writes poetry into a notebook, walks his dog, and has exactly one beer at a local bar. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 February 2018. [Full review in Spanish]. AFI Fest Special Screenings 2016: Which Would You Most Like to See? Regal Paterson Trailer Set in the present in Paterson, New Jersey, the movie depicts a week in the life of Paterson, a city bus driver in Paterson, NJ, as he balances the demands of his working-class job with his passion for poetry and the creative yearnings of his stay-at-home wife. Actor: Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani, Nellie. The pace is slow, almost languid, but if one has the patience, this film touches deeply. An African-American Mafia hit man who models himself after the samurai of old finds himself targeted for death by the mob. | Rotten (10).

Every morning Paterson wakes at around 6am, without an alarm, kisses his sleepy wife and starts his day driving the number twenty-three bus through the town where he lives, also called Paterson. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. Please click the link below to receive your verification email.