BEAUFORT, SC...Sweet Woody is a 3-4-year-old Dachshund that was an owner surrender. American black bears have a lot of variability in their sizes, ranging from 150-800 lbs depending on their geographic location and the availability of food sources.

 Our wish and lifelong hope is that our Society becomes educated in the ethical treatment of all animals and to stop the senseless killing of animals that have been tortured and abused.

Those animals include giant pythons, venomous snakes, giant tortoises, and large lizards such as monitors and crocodilians. Please make a donation to help us care for these adorable furry friends until we can find permanent homes through adoption. Shelter Phone: 719-680-2385. & what would bark and wine be with out little puppies!

Most of the animal enclosures are marked with name tags and contain information pertaining to that specific animal.
dewormed, treated for fleas and vaccinated. He had a little bit of deep-pain but not a lot. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. We are forever grateful for the generosity that pours out of our community and we love to give back.

[12] He also enjoys the occasional Tootsie Pop or Oreo as those are his favorite treats.[13]. before you make your final Decision Please do the following: if you have exhausted all other avenues, consider surrendering your animal to noah's ark. [20] Shere Khan has been laid to rest next to his brother, Leo. Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital has been serving the Rockford Community since 2008.

The faster we can generate funds, the quicker we

They are commonly used in vaccine and other pharmacological research, which was the case with the three rhesus macaques who retired from biomedical research at a University (the University did fund the building of their enclosures) to Noah's Ark in early 2015. Rescued from an animal hoarding situation, Noah’s Ark recently welcomed over 181 Chihuahuas to our family. Provides weekly food, shelter and a new toy for 5 dogs, Provides new dog bed, food bowl, leash and collar, Provides vaccines and preventative flea treatment for 1 dog, Provides igloo dog house, vaccine, toys and enrichment items, Provides dog bed, leash, collar, vaccines, and covers spay/neuter costs.

Rescued from an animal hoarding situation, Noah’s Ark recently welcomed over 181 Chihuahuas to our family. pets that end up in the wrong hands are often abused or may be sold to a research laboratory.

This is because most of the equines that come to us have extreme behavioral or medical issues and are better suited for sanctuary living rather than being a companion animal. please visit the “adoption info” tab to see our adoption process. can get the madatory surgeries and vaccines. [10] Upon his arrival to Noah's ark, Baloo had to undergo surgery to remove the harness that he had long outgrown. In late 2018, Shere Khan fell ill and in early December it was reported that he was in critical condition.

We do not sell or give out any personal information.

[7] The three cubs were brought to Noah's Ark by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources with many health problems.

Box 51051 Midland, Texas 79710 432.235.8516 A 501 (C) 3 Non Profit Organization They reach an adult weight of nearly 50 pounds and can live roughly 20 years in captivity. Our equines have come from abusive situations, been saved from slaughter, were once wild, are retired competition horses with permanent injuries, or were unwanted or unable to be cared for by their former owners. this doesn't happen, don't give your pet to a stranger. Will you win?

Shelter Address: 224 N. Chestnut St. Trinidad, CO USA 81082.

It is located on 250 acres in Locust Grove, Georgia and houses over 1,500 animals. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 nonprofit American domestic, wildlife, and exotic animal rescue and rehabilitation center., "Noah's Ark: the peaceable kingdom in Locust Grove", "A bear, a lion and a tiger are a family at Noah's Ark in Locust Grove", "Leo the lion dies at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary", "Noah's Ark official says Shere Khan is in "critical" condition", "Update: Shere Khan, beloved Bengal tiger, dies",, Wildlife rehabilitation and conservation centers, 1978 establishments in Georgia (U.S. state), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 August 2020, at 18:59. They weigh 300-500 lbs and live to be roughly 20 years old in captivity.

In late summer of 2016, caretakers noticed a change in Leo's behavior.

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Educational Sanctuary for exotic animals as well as farm animals. Noah's Ark is also home to a more unique bunch of animals such as Zuri the white Bengal tiger, Zipper the zonkey, Skunk the beefalo, and Grace the wolfdog hybrid. Neither of these forms are adoption applications!

Members of the community learned all about proper kitten care and how to help community cats! sheer number of animals.

In total, Noah's Ark is home to 38 animal enclosures, each of which house a variety of animals that accumulate to over 100 different species.

we do require a sURRENDER FEE OF $5 to help offset the costs for caring for your pet. We do what's necessary to help our rescue dogs become furever friends to new loving homes. © 2020 NoahsArksRescue. It will be expensive to provide food, supplies and medical treatment for this many dogs.

There are several ways that you can help Noah's Ark. **Note: Adoption requests are currently on hold until dogs have passed all YOU WIN THE BOTTLE YOU LAND ON!

Commercially, foxes are produced for their fur or for the pet trade although they are illegal to own as a pet in Georgia.

can get the madatory surgeries and vaccines.


With over 1,500 animals, you can imagine that our veterinary costs and food costs run high. Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association is a 501c3 organization. Open Tuesday through Saturday. While visiting Noah's Ark, the experience is typically self-guided so visitors can explore at their own pace, but guided tours are available as well. I vacillate from shock and horror to wanting to cry for the sweetest dog imaginable.

Please make a donation to help us care for these adorable furry friends until we can find permanent homes through adoption. Consider one of our Angels and be showered with unconditional love.

Rescued from an animal hoarding situation, Noah’s Ark recently welcomed over 181 Chihuahuas to our family.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE KENNEL CLOSES 30 MINUTES EARLIER THAN THE OFFICE. Given he is a Dachshund, it was assumed he had IVDD, which is common in this breed. Beautiful Baby Bob is a male bobcat who has been with us at Noah’s Ark for five years now. Noah's Ark has over 1,500 animals in various categories.

Every dog will be spayed / neutered,

[16] As a result of this discovery on August 11, Leo was put to sleep at the age of fifteen. if you live too far from noah's ark or you are unable to bring in donations for any reason, for your convenience we accept donations through amazon. This is an unprecedented rescue in the sheer number of animals. This is an unprecedented rescue in the Black bears are native to many parts of North America and are skilled at foraging, hunting, climbing, and swimming.

We also rehab 100's of animals yearly through our Wildlife Rehabilitation Program. Every dog will be spayed / neutered, Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary P.O. Some birds were beloved pets that could no longer be cared for, while others (mostly peacocks) were brought to our sanctuary after destroying neighborhood property such as lawns and cars!

medical records, registration papers, bill of sale, etc.

We were contacted late yesterday evening about a dog that had been surrendered and was at the vet unable to walk. In the wild they dine on roots, bark, tubers, and fallen fruit but at Noah’s Ark their diet consists of primate chow, fruits, vegetables, and edible plants.