On your way out of the Temple, Araman will attack you again, assuming you didn’t side with the city defenders. Nights 2, Mask of the Betrayer, Storm of Zehir, Mysteries of Westgate, The Temple of One thing to note about Okku is that you cannot control what he selects when he levels up, and you also won’t be able to equip him with anything other than a single amulet and a pair of rings. The golem fights can be an entertaining and profitable diversion. The wall will counterattack with golems and laser beams, of all things. The people at Obsidian have about as storied a history of creating computer RPGs as any company can lay claim to. When you have the four souls required to open Nefris’s door, return there and pop them in. Begin speaking to her, but note that you now can see the exact influence shifts that your conversations will have on your followers. Killing them will yield the usual essences, while Sarduris will also drop the Deea pouch, which will hurt your Wisdom and Diplomacy scores and match them with equal contributions to your Strength and Intimidate scores. The process is simple: put a weapon or armor in the enchanter’s satchel, put in an essence, then cast a spell on the satchel to enchant the weapon. As a wizard, she won’t get feats very rapidly, but that doesn’t matter much, since she already has the most valuable metamagic and crafting feats. You get more experience for running the Count off (by about 400 points), but if you kill him, he’ll drop a nice kukri that you can sell for 25,000 gold. When everything is dead, use the Sword of Gith on the Betrayer’s Gate to the north and head through. Two of her siblings, Efram and Susah, were concerned about her and arrived in Mulsantir hoping to find her. If, on the other hand, you keep Akachi alive, his spirit will slumber within you somewhere, Myrkul will remain dead, and the curse will be lifted…but you’ll never be able to leave the City of Judgment again. If you can do so, though, you’ll earn a couple thousand experience points. In order to do so, head to the northwestern corner of the map and proceed through the door here. Gawatha: Gawatha is an orc shaman that has come to ask the Coven about a boy in his possession, named Kepob. If you tell him that coming with you is better than staying in prison, then refuse to promise him anything, he’ll come along. Regardless of who you appeal to, you’ll get a new item in your inventory: Chauntea will give you the Blessed Salve of the Earthmother, which will save Gnarltooth, while Malar will give you the Toxic Plantbane of the Beastlord. and Legal Disclaimer. These enemies are going to be plenty tough, so be prepared before tackling them.