The subjects, either famous celebrities, comics’ characters, children taking photos or writing messages of support.

From this moment Thierry Guetta fame continues to grow and he becomes one of the most popular street art artists. With spray can and stencil Mr Brainwash makes paintings colorful that speak of love and hope. His personal purpose is to bring joy and positive messages of love through his art and works.

The artist’s concept of life is the phrase that Mr Brainwash wanted for his first exhibition ever mounted.

The turning point of his life was when he met the two important street-artists Obey (Shepard Farey) and Banksy. After Thierry Guetta decided to dedicate himself to film his cousin and his friends, he started to travel all over the world.

About Mr Brainwash Artist Biography you must know his real name is Thierry Guetta, born in Garges-lès-Gonesse in France. and public murals.

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The tipping point for Mr. Brainwash was his groundbreaking footage from the widely- acclaimed documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Navigating between worlds of film, celebrity culture, music, and sports, Mr. Brainwash has designed album covers for Madonna, Rick Ross, and KYGO.

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Some recent work have as subject the Monna Lisa holding Jeff Koons’ famous Balloon Dog, or driving a vintage Ferrari. He continues to donate artwork in support of the Los Angeles LGBT center, created commemorative 9/11 murals to honor the victims, and partnered with Product RED to raise AIDS awareness. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Don't miss our promotions.Securely receive our newsletter, Via Santa Marta, 6MILANO - (MM Duomo)Tel: +39 02.80886294, Via Nerino, 2MILANO - (MM Duomo)Tel: +39 02.39521618, Lungolago Roncaioli, 85SWITZERLANDTel: +41 76.5280616, From 11 lug to 5 sept 2020Waterfront Costa SmeraldaMarina di Porto Cervo, From 7 dic 2019 to 7 gen 2020Via Rosatsch 1Saint Moritz, Rue Saint-Jean, 28BRUXELLESTel: +32 28087443, © 2020 DEODATO | QWERTY SA Lugano | all rights reserved  | [email protected].

In the unique paintings of Mr Brainwash we find in the background featuring Campbell’s soup and the portrait of Marilyn Monroe, so characteristic in Warhol’s paintings, and the Stylized Men by Keith Haring. If you DON'T LIVE IN EU and you want an EXTRA EU shipping.

Here you can find Last Original Artwork of Mr Brainwash's 2019 Street Art either Exclusive Limited Edition or Unique Pieces.

For example, He realised the works Banksy Thrower and the Girl with Balloon.

Who is Mr Brainwash?

In the slogan “Life is beautiful” there is all the positivity of Mr Brainwash, there is his desire to transmit joy for the present.

With his artworks Mr Brainwash wants to convey a message of happiness and hope, which becomes even stronger thanks to the presence of bright colors. He worked with Michael Jackson, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Madonna. If the price is visible in the product fiche you can click "ADD TO CART" and proceed autonomously choosing later how to pay and how you like shipping (or pick-up it in one of our store).

There are sculpture with the written “Life is beautiful” in red, in black, in white, green, blue and yellow.

He realiseds his unique artworks in mixed media on a precious handmade sheet of paper or on canvas. In 2008 Thierry Guetta decided to start creating his own art. Shipments are insured, check the product fiche for more information, or write to [email protected]. Mr. Brainwash, (often written MBW) is a name used by French-born, Los Angeles-based street artist Thierry Guetta Mr. Brainwash Life is beautiful - Limited Signed Urban Art Prints - Galerie Kasten, Mannheim, Germany. With personal pieces from Mr. Brainwash’s past, it includes never-before-seen photos from Mr. Brainwash’s time ent

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In his paints they held each other in an embrace of love. While undertaking worldwide solo exhibitions and residency at Art Basel each year, Mr. Brainwash creates opportunities to engage the public in the world of art. For the woman singer the artist realised the cover of her album “Celebration“. Mr. Brainwash Einstein, who holds up the sign “Love is the Answer” is one of source of inspiration of the artist as one of the most appreciated subjects. Their collaboration resulted in a remarkable documentary that is part personal journey and part exposé of the art world with its mind-altering mix of hot air and hype. Before investing in street artist and then Buy Mr Brainwash Art, you must know some things about Prices and Original Signed Artwork.

We are happy that you decided to buy an artwork. In 2010 the street artist had a new rise to fame with the Banksy‘s film “Exit Through the Gift Shop“. In the paints of the artist there are the Gorilla, who writes “Follow your dreams” with a spray can, and the scientist Albert Einstein, that shows a sign with the inscription “Love is the answer“.