Mick finds Coraline at a storage facility working on a compound for the vampire cure. Dee Dee Dwight

Their blood has drug-like affects when consumed by humans; causing euphoria and temporarily heightened senses.

Dohring read two pages of script featuring Josef, and was interested by the character's "dark" and "sharp" personality. Syfy acquired the rights to air the show. [19] The Sci Fi Channel began airing repeats of the series on January 23, 2009 on Fridays at 9 pm/ET. 3 Episodes (2007-2008), Kay Reindl Although most of the film's characters seek to love freely, demonstrations of such love are often frustrated by notions of what is socially acceptable. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. 1 Episode (2007), Victoria Pratt Sister: This is most clearly embodied in Chiron's struggle to grow comfortable in his own skin and his eventual development into a character that echoes his surrogate father figure, Juan. 1 Episode (2007), Michael Fields 1 Episode (2008), Eddie McClintock

1 Episode (2007), Kavita Patil

Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! [43] A vampire's image cannot be captured with analogue cameras containing silver emulsion in the film; digital cameras are able to capture an image because they do not use silver emulsion. Between the latter two chapters of the film, Chiron goes from innocent victim to hardened gangster, raising questions about the morality of the life he's chosen. In one litter, she had a son named Earth and two daughters named Ice and Sunrise with a loner named Root. An `undead' private investigator helps the living, instead of feeding on them, by using his acute vampire senses.

1 Episode (2008), Daniel Goldman Even more morally ambiguous, however, are Paula and Juan.

Moonlight continually poses the question of whether a character is truly in control of their identity or rather inherits identities from those around them. [57] The dialogue was described by Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune as "groan-inducing". All of the original actors, apart from the male lead role, were recast in June 2007, and Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and Shannyn Sossamon replaced them. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Moonlight (Film) by Barry Jenkins. (as Herman 'Caheej' McGloun), additional line producer (as Elane Schneiderman Schmidt), additional lead man (as Robert P. Crowley), foley artist (as Vicki O'Reilly Vandegrift) / foley artist, president: visual effects, Significant Others, executive producer: visual effects, Significant Others, head of production: visual effects, Significant Others, musician: piano / orchestrator / score produced by, score mixer (as Tommy Vicari) / score recordist (as Tommy Vicari), dubbing supervisor / marketing and creative services, assistant: Barry Jenkins / production assistant, based on: the stage play "Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue" by (uncredited), special thanks (as Marco Antonio Martinez). Randi 1 [44] The best ways to kill them are by decapitation or burning; a stake through the heart is painful but only causes paralysis. By the 80's their marriage is on the rocks and ends when she kidnaps Beth Turner.

1 Episode (2007), Jane Galloway Heitz


1 Episode (2007), Molly Culver Jerry Drake He crafts and upgrades your weapons and armor Eris: A witch and the shopkeeper of The Wooden Hat. 1 Episode (2007), Nate Mooney 4 Episodes (2008-2008), Anthony Starke Kempner Sons: Benjamin Talbot Once Chiron reaches adulthood, she recovers from her addiction and starts reaching out to Chiron in an attempt to mend their relationship. The Question and Answer section for Moonlight (Film) is a great Chiron’s closest friend growing up. 1 Episode (2007), Christine Romeo Omar [42] Daylight does not kill vampires, but does make them progressively weaker. Lane 1 Episode (2008), Christopher Cousins Chiron's constellation of parents is, in a way, a sick twist on the modern family—forever complicated and fractured, but identity-forming nonetheless. 1 Episode (2007), Anil Raman He gave the episode a 'C' rating, saying the direction was "lifeless" and the acting was "stilted". Moonlight was the former leader of the Sisters. Bustos 1 Episode (2007), Derk Cheetwood

Moonlight[5] | Emma Monaghan 1 Episode (2007), Matt Riedy

Beth realizes that Josh is dying, and begs Mick to turn him into a vampire; he refuses and Josh dies. 1 Episode (2007), Holly Valance 1 Episode (2008), Martez Covington 1 Episode (2007), Brian Maillard Find one here! [33] Though undead, vampires have a pulse, are not cold blooded (but still don't produce body heat as seen in episode 11 so as heat signature cameras won't see them), and cannot turn into a bat.

Release Dates Mick and Beth discuss the problems of having a romantic relationship, and although they end up kissing, Mick tells her he needs time to figure things out. 1 Episode (2008), Lisa Sheridan [71] Once the Writers' Strike ended, CBS announced that Moonlight would return on April 25, 2008 with four new episodes, to be part of the series' first season.

Later in life, Kevin goes to prison, has a child, and becomes a cook at a diner.

| 2 Episodes (2007-2008), Erin Maher Audrey

Young Det. 1 Episode (2007), Catherine Kresge

[76] It was later reported that Syfy was considering picking up the series.

Moonlight (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Silver and fire are toxic,[33] whereas garlic, holy water and crucifixes are useless. Once she has descended into the delirium of crack addiction, Paula frequently becomes more of an antagonist than a mother to Chiron, screaming at him for failing to come home on time or stealing money from him so that she can get her fix.