: Certainly, there are some good reasons why most property companies' shares should trade at a modest discount to their net asset value. That is what no modest maiden should choose.

Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Be modest when you are on the crest of the wave. 3. With our modest incomes, my wife and I can usually afford two vacations a year. A modest crowd of hangers-on had gathered. The firm will be able to service debt and still turn a, 63. modesty example sentences. And in its sunlit lap the modest mere. As Prime Minister he accepted the resignation of his Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1958 rather than agree to, 86. While Jim went to Hollywood to become a big star, he ended up earning a less than modest salary : 31. As she had lived upon a small annuity, her whole property consisted of old furniture and a, Even at that time the road was beginning, although in a, He vibrates between the fashionable assurance of a London swindler, and the, It was not pride on her part, Rasmus said, for she is as simple and, I thought I could, but it did not seem to me that it would be, The only street in Oroville faces the river, and the buildings string for two or three blocks along, The woman paused, her foot upon the step of the, True, I certainly did not begin life with so, This bears not on the question any way; A, Davy was very proud, though one of the most, But he was in fast company--too fast for his, Modest in a sentence | Short example sentence for modest, Contumacious in a sentence | Short example sentence for contumacious, Consultative in a sentence | Short example sentence for consultative, Subdue in a sentence | Short example sentence for subdue, Revived in a sentence | Short example sentence for revived, Peasants in a sentence | Short example sentence for peasants, Involve in a sentence | Short example sentence for involve, Long Hair in a sentence | Short example sentence for long hair, Hemmed in a sentence | Short example sentence for hemmed, Snide in a sentence | Short example sentence for snide, Paying in a sentence | Short example sentence for paying, Benefits in a sentence | Short example sentence for benefits, Taxpayer in a sentence | Short example sentence for taxpayer, Decent in a sentence | Short example sentence for decent, Pays in a sentence | Short example sentence for pays, Benefit in a sentence | Short example sentence for benefit, Hearty in a sentence | Short example sentence for hearty, Favors in a sentence | Short example sentence for favors, Expense in a sentence | Short example sentence for expense.

He looked modest and embarrassed at all this praise.

The farmer was very modest in his charges. Even small independents are getting in on the act in a, 89. Some cultures also stress modest attire for young women.Regardless of the reason for fashionable modesty, a modest dress can be an attractive, beautiful gown suitable for any formal dance or event. 3. The firm will be able to service debt and still turn a modest profit. 25 examples: Advance 'diffusers' could recruit new registrants at a modest fee for each… The book was only a modest success and did not thrust the author into the spotlight. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Modest" in Example Sentences Page 1. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Modest . They take great pride in showing their houses, His tasteful interpretations never force the music into being something that it is not, and his temperament is well matched to that of the retiring and, The administration is, however, keeping expectations for enrollment numbers comparatively, Before the end of the war, the Ottoman Empire had maintained a, Derby dissolved Parliament, and the ensuing general election resulted in, The Tories pursued a Reform Bill in 1859, which would have resulted in a, While the pension did not make Johnson wealthy, it did allow him a, The three-door Mazda2 shares the same overall dimensions as the five-door and achieves a similarly, For Ringnuts who may be alarmed by the new ticket policy, there is a, The soft furnishings of these rooms, although luxurious, are more, She instructed him how he should keep state, and yet with a, She wore a sea-green, V-necked frock with a, Throughout the territory under the control of ancient Rome, residential architecture ranged from, The reader must make an effort to follow this exposition and is sometimes frustrated to find only a, Lace sleeves, a demure neckline, a full skirt and a relatively, He was born Napoleone di Buonaparte in Corsica to a relatively, One would expect squalor or heaviness, some implicit genius loci, to color McCarty's, Trudeau promised to respond to Canada's economic slowdown by running, The diet consisted mainly of the products of farming and husbandry and was supplied by hunting to a very. CK 1 2273041 Tom is being modest. Willersley agreed without any modest disavowals. You've been a Not bragging or boasting about oneself or one's achievements; unpretentious, humble. | Small, moderate in size. There were far more profitable houses to burgle within a stone's throw of her own, 88. The … We see that one should look for a proper, By extension, adaptation theory should be able to tolerate at least, Adding these factors, you might expect us to show, Despite her handiwork having decorated the entire village for many carnivals, Wendy remains, Born in Mughalsarai, in a Kayasth family of, Japan's defense of the sea lanes out to a thousand nautical miles sounded, The reason is that nuclear fission occurs best with neutrons that move at relatively, Finally, I was standing in my under garments and fumbled around in the twilight for some, In America, he began to invest the money of friends and acquaintances as well as his own, Mildly spiced with a little kick of bitter marmalade to counteract the, The PM-designate's election-night high-jinx ripped off his mask as a, The marina harbours ships and yachts of the high and mighty as well as, The birth of our second child means that our, It is also little wonder that most serious scientists tend to be, Sure enough, there on her ring finger was a gold band with a, Indeed it might be regarded as an expression of the very opposite, a, But he has turned down the lobster tartine and caramelized foie gras for a more, I like his chamber works best, a genre most suited to his essentially, And it didn't help any that she was probably wearing something that would make his grandmother faint underneath her deceptively, The smiles was coquettish, fetching, and she traced the, Isabella noticed that her own neckline was lower than Gillian's, Where kooky, zany, and madcap meet is the locus of Jacquelyn Reingold's, In person, they're wonderful conversationalists that are, After the first couple of hours of riding, Elizabeth had a suspicion that Andrew had been, But it felt so strange and unnatural to me that I wished nothing more than to be back in a, She was roughly five feet tall, dressed in a, We are trying to hone in on the talent, focus on the best stories, and we try to be low-key and.