Beds are no longer a safe haven, the darkness behind doors becomes a terrifying void where evil lurks, and one particular scare goes down in the horror history books as, hands down, one of the creepiest of all time. I have seen all six films  and, truth be told, there are bits and pieces of the three modern incarnations that I enjoy. ( Log Out /  I don’t know. I heard through the grapevine that this is the season of scary celebrations. (Thirty-One Days of Halloween), October 16 – Jaws – Book Vs. Film – Which Medium Wins? But I will know soon. Every interview with the family feels painfully real and, even as the story takes some unexpected twists, the movie constantly feels unsettlingly convincing. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Get ready for an exploration of the key differences between each pair of films. Tucking your duvet under your feet isn’t going to work here. Change ). The complete lack of action is so riveting that when something does happen, it’s truly spine-chilling. Picking the very best haunted house movies was a challenge. Instead, an atmospheric silence lurks around them that easily sends a chill down your spine.

Honoring Black History Month: Coming Soon: Reviews of Four Haunted House Novels Written By Black Women, Halloween Special – Classic Haunted House Movies and Their Remakes – Just How Bad are these Modern Modifications – 10-2-18, Summer Feature – Summer of Night – A Novel of Sweet Summer Nostalgia Doused in Terror – A Great Summer Read – 7-25-18, Article – Beyond the House: An Examination of Hauntings Within Alternate Structures. No, not necessarily.

Do these enjoyable  moments redeem  the films overall?

The first (and not the last) documentary-style haunting on this list is a slow burner of a ghost yarn that will sneak under your skin when you really don’t expect it. But I will keep an open mind and I’m sure I’ll learn something  and have fun doing so. The Haunting 1963 Vs. Here we are though, and if you’ve somehow managed to miss the creeptacular delights of Poltergeist, it’s time to grab a blanket, head to your streaming service of choice, and make sure you don’t end watching the remake by accident. What a classic film snob I  was! Constantly genuinely unnerving and inventive, not to mention definitely not for those with a fear of clowns, Hell House LLC is a brilliant found-footage surprise. It has something to do with a day at the end of the month that we call “Halloween.” We here at  are going to contribute to the “spookies”  with three compare/contrast articles concerning the modernization of three classic haunted house films. The best haunted house movies are the ones that make your bedroom feel perilous.

Marketed in 1980 as an "experience beyond total fear," The Changeling plays a little differently in 2019. She becomes worried when Simon starts talking about his new "friend" Tomas, but when he disappears entirely, things, quite understandably, take a turn for the worst. Ju-On, though, does a perfect job of introducing us to the concept of the Grudge. As you can tell by the title of this article, I begin with the assumption that modern remakes of the classic haunted house films are bad. Picking the very best haunted house movies was a challenge.

Oh man, there I go again!). The Innocents is vital haunted horror homework and a perfect introduction to a genre that really doesn’t want you to get a good night’s sleep. The resulting list, then, is a combination of classic haunted horror and modern takes on the genre. In the days to come, prepare yourselves for a presentation  of six films. Whether it’s ghosts who have always been there long before the properties or fresh faces on the otherworldly scene, when a spectre calls, it never ends particularly well for human residents.

Be suspicious of anyone with dry eyes at the end of this psychological nightmare. Home, as they say, is where the heart is, which is why when horror comes knocking, these are the stories that tend to stick with us long after the credits have rolled. Yes, the OVerlook is technically a hotel, but what is a hotel, if not the combination of dozens of miniature houses all stacked up on one other? Loosely based on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James (which will also form the basis of The Haunting of Hill House season 2) and with a script from none other than Truman Capote, this ghostly tale is packed with atmosphere you could cut with a knife. So much for objective headlines. Few scary movies exist in a vacuum and, where plenty of films are happy to hit you with demonic forces who would villainously monologue, this one is almost too human in its delivery. And you’ll never be bored.

Most people See, I’m going to watch all six films again. (Thirty-One Days of Halloween), October 13 – Ghost Story – Book Vs. Film – Which Medium Wins? (Thirty-One Days of Halloween), October 15 – The Amityville Horror – Book Vs. Film – Which Medium Wins? Technically, Paranormal Activity’s Katie Featherston is the haunted one here, not the house, but to leave Oran Peli’s found-footage phenomenon out of the ghostly fun would be criminal. Lake Mungo hits so hard just because it feels so convincing. If the best horror directors understand anything, it’s that there are few things scarier than masks and children. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga bring just the right tone to their performances as parapsychologists Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigate the strange goings-on in the Perron household.

By day, the pair go about their day to day lives, but by night, we’re treated to a dimly-lit static shot that just happens to be a masterclass in horror tension building. Sometimes it just seems unfair on other horror directors that Tobe Hooper not only created one of the most visceral slasher movies of all time (in the jagged shape of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), but also one of the best haunted house movies to boot. (Thirty-One Days of Halloween), October 14 – Burnt Offerings – Book Vs. Film – Which Medium Wins? Lake Mungo is the story of a family who have tragically lost their teenage daughter in an accident. Maybe you always thought that inward yawning noise was silly when you heard people talking about how terrified they were? – 8/29/2017. There’s always a house and there’s always something unpleasant lurking, but the below movies deal with them in very different ways.

So many bumps in the night, but only ten slots. A disturbing soundtrack and claustrophobic camera mean we always feel as trapped within these walls as the children. Creepy kids in horror aren’t a modern invention and there’s a fascinating, if disturbing, case of possession at work in the Innocents. Literature, books , sport and whatever intrigues me, Book Recommendations, Inspiration, Writing, Books, Blogging and Social Issues. Find the Ghosts, Win a Free Book! As you may expect considering you're reading this list of best haunted house movies, she may or may not have gone particularly far. It is about time for that same re-evaluation of the haunted house movies of the late-2000’s to the early 2010’s. By Esquire Editors. Stanley Kubrick’s frightmare tops this list of the best haunted house movies. Artful atmospheric camera work and creepy residents are icing on an ominously chilling cake. Whether you believe the "based on real events" intro or not, The Conjuring is scare-tacular modern haunted house royalty. I need to refresh my opinions  and I will do so with fresh viewings. Plus, it acts as a home for Jack Torrance's family – and some other bad spirited abodes. As an audience, we obsess over the positioning of every door, the angle of every sheet. These homes are full of bumps in the night. Despite being seen as the original, this is actually a sequel to two direct to video productions. I hope this will  be true for you the reader as well. Just don’t be surprised when it follows you to bed. Although not 100% a haunted house flick as such, Evil Dead II gets a nod for elevating the cabin in the woods to its status as a cornerstone of modern … Why is one film better than the other? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. These films would be: Up until now, I  had considered the remake films unworthy of this blog. (Why is the classic film superior? In true Wan style, the haunting of the family is relentless.

Maybe I should put a leash around my bias and just explore the films for what they are worth, even if their worthiness amounts to very little (ah geez, there I go again with that “bias” thing!). It’s been nearly  20 years since  I’ve seen the remakes. The majority of the action is from the perspective of a motley crew of professional scarers constructing their first "haunt" in an old hotel. The 10 Scariest Haunted House Movies Ever Made.

An unassuming Japanese home suddenly becomes the epicentre for this haunting misery as people disappear inside, only to be set upon by those who have already fallen to the curse. So much for objective headlines. The idea is scary enough, but it’s the relentless execution, so to speak, that will get you. Again though, mind the clowns. (Thirty-One Days of Halloween). Thankfully though, where other horrors would dine out on this alone, The Orphanage is the complete opposite of a cynical scare factory. Deborah Kerr takes on a governess role to two mysterious children in a looming gothic mansion.

Will I be forced  to rename the article  “Classic Haunted  Houses  Movies and Their Remakes – How Great Thou’ Art? While the spirits form the otherworldly horrors, it’s the human element of the story that makes this ghost house so terrifying. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We’re sure you’ll be right back for the 10 best haunted house movies to watch right now. It’s the oldest on this list, but don’t let that put you off this classic British horror. By Dan Auty on September 24, ... but the modern fantasy master still puts his own unique spin on the genre. Sure, it might have spawned a whole MCU-style horror-verse, but don’t let that distract from the fact that the first film is a self-contained creepy journey into family hell. Picking the very best haunted house movies was a challenge. Just mention the words haunted house movies and The Innocents silently makes its ominous presence known. ( Log Out / 

You just might think twice before heading out for Halloween.