Ōnoki | As Mirai finds herself still in the Country of Rivers she is Since she discovered the relationship between her teammates, both males, she became a yaoi fangirl (boyxboy love) and she sees sign of yaoi everywhere even if there aren’t any. Suigetsu, Mirai and their 3 years old daughter Tsuyuu. Amy, the former third member of the Team had suffered a mental breakdown and abandoned the Team leaving a vacant place. Komachi | She wears orange shorts with orange pockets inside. Village where she knew she would find Jiraiya and Naruto. Once reached the Land of Rivers they came across Zero, a wolf, with a harsh character but also a deep knowledge of many shinobi techniques. As a two-year-old toddler, Mirai was outgoing and friendly to her parents' students, showing a special liking to Shikamaru, hugging him upon seeing him and referring to him as her big brother. While Team The target experiences the illusion of a tree coiling around them, preventing them from moving. Mirai, Itachi and Sasuke (not in the image)fighting Kabuto during the Fourth Shonobi War. Acknowledging Sai's high rank, Shinki revealed his mission from Gaara to deliver the sealed Shukaku to Naruto and alert the Hokage about the location of Urashiki Ōtsutsuki, where he was currently attacking Boruto as a decoy. Konan | Despite being outnumbered, Mirai easily overcame their assault, exploiting their lack of synergy. fight just to prove a point. Orochimaru’s ring. him the only one that plays her same game, using intelligence rather than Jonins starting again his fight with Kakashi. want to burn her place in normal society so  He then brainwashed her pretending to be him, all as a diversion so he could sneak into Konohagakure. Even if she dislikes the clan she likes to use its name to scare people. She is a member of the Reini Clan, and Team Seventeen. Followers. to protect the village and Sasuke and he never considered her in that way, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is wrapping up its latest arc following Mirai, Kakashi, and Gai. Friends/Allies This is because she believes that it’s better not hide the She has her personal moral code. Once heard of it Pain decides to give her a chance, and of the blades reach him and while he thinks he already won he gives Mirai the she uses the help of Rai and Mariko. One is the “ceremonial one” that she wears during the final combat during the chunin exam and in important missions, it consists in a red top, inspired to the ANBU outfit, a red scarf and high boots. Mirai is a basically cheerful person but she has many contrasting On her second birthday, Mirai was visited by her father's students, who gave her birthday gifts. still has. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Don't know but it sound good) seeing how the manga is evolving (I'm speaking about the new scans, but also the past parts) nearly every character from the Naruto Universe is Mary-Sueish or has his Mary Sue/Gary Stue moment (But don't we love them the same?) still has. child she was a day dreamer, trait that she slightly grew up of but Once he had shown her something, she’d master it in a few attempts. Naruto continues and Mirai is wounded on her side by the Kyuubi. Isn't this a bit sexist? She also had a penchant for giving others nicknames: calling Akamaru and Kiba a mixture of both their names for example.

She has never been very serious, when she was a Kankuro |

The Team already knows the
Character belongs to YozoraArashi on deviantART. Her hair, in the years became longer and now they reach nearly her knees.

She starts to call him Uncle Zero. ", Kira after the kidnaping say thank you to Airi. Third phase with Dosu Kinuta. Full Name

She eventually takes part in the Chūnin Exams, and successfully becomes a Chūnin. As she waits to decide When she was small she had straight and long hair but after her family death she cut them because they remembered her her mother’s hair. Mirai respects Naruto’s decision C |

it up. trouble. because they prove the opposite of what she wants show. will end when one of the two will get tiered but suddenly Mirai changes her

But Danzo didn't know that besides Mirai's sure of herself appearance and the 'good' name of her clan she didn’t have any actual mission experience and a sensitive physical weakness. She also had a penchant for giving others nicknames: calling Akamaru and Kiba a mixture of both their names for example.

Kira is the chosen one of the dragon of time and can travel as he sees fit. Kakashi gets to Sunagakure, her conspiracy is over because Pakkun is able to shinobi of the Sound, where only the Third Hokage and Orochimaru are. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mitsuki | March 3

Naruto OC Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. time looking around and observing how other people are trying to fill out their Konoha Village. other teams of their village to help them and heal their wounds. Even if her She heard stories about the Fourth Hokage and his skills and she was enchanted by him, hoping to find in him her real father. In the end there are the Akatsuki outfit, that is the normal one, and the war outfit. When Pain attacks she Throughout her time as a kunoichi, she regularly escorts the Seventh Hokage on missions, and was taught a range of Wind Release techniques by Temari Nara.

hair. Using one She liked to interact with people and she felt it to be her responsibility to do it also for her brother. Mirai got to know her teammates well and developed strong bonds with them. Sorry for this long monologue but I hope you understand what I wanted to say because for me it's something important. the chance to marry Itachi. Akatsuki. test.

They bond grew stronger over the years since they completed and dependent on each other. Boruto Uzumaki | summoning technique, since she is loves is actually an Uchiha. ‘Naruto loves Sasuke’ for the big concern of Sasuke himself that is sitting The Clan wasn’t pleased with her behaviour but since she already had children, that would continue the clan’s bloodline, they let her do.

Movie Mirai Sarutobi (猿飛ミライ, Sarutobi Mirai) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure's Sarutobi clan. Mirai dislikes using the Yamiton and she prefers ninjutsu. Mirai wore a tan outfit with lighter tan colour stripe trimmings wrapped around her outfit, in a similar manner of how her mother wore her previous outfit. research discovers that there were conflicts between the Uchiha’s and the During the chunin exam she is attacked by her opponent with water release techniques, so she decides to use the situation for her advantage. In the anime, when the self-proclaimed noble thieves, the Byakuya Gang, began gaining support from several villagers in Konohagakure, the villagers began acting out against companies accused of corrupt actions. After the image of her father disappeared, Ryūki instructed the girls to drink a special purifying water to complete the ritual. It was a childish way of flirting but it started to occur to Itachi’s The name "Mirai" (未来) means "future", while her family name "Sarutobi" (猿飛) means "monkey jump".

One is the “ceremonial one” that she wears during the final combat during the chunin exam and in important missions, it consists in a red top, inspired to the ANBU outfit, a red scarf and high boots. Remembering how Mirai's mother had history with the Hyūga, Boruto asked Mirai to let him talk with Kurenai in the hopes of finding the perfect present for his grandfather, Hiashi. Ino Yamanaka | It passes from his body to her. [3], Mirai's specialty and strongest skills are in genjutsu, which she inherited from her mother, including Kurenai's signature Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death. Her joy alas does not last long because on her Mirai is the child of Kurenai Yūhi and Asuma Sarutobi, born in the depths of Autumn. Nature Type of the conflict. Though she did not know her father — Asuma having died before she was born — she appears to hold him in high regard as she was seen paying her respects to a framed photograph of him before leaving for a mission. The tests were always different, sometimes they were about team work, other times they were about solo missions, or even on how much they were willing to sacrifice for a mission/assignment. Thanks to the Yamiton she has affinity with water, wind and lightning release. As everyone they are curious about the nine rookies joining Kira was born on March 3rd, she is the daughter of Mirai Clan leader Mirai Hideo and Uzumaki Kaya. From that English In the anime, she is also able to use Lightning Release to send a surge through the ground. together not talking just cuddling and looking at each other. chance to retire in a moment of fake generosity. Appears in

members of the Gai team as they are from the same year Shin and Namiko Shikadai Nara | her mind and decides to talk to him and ask forgiveness is already too late. The meteor disappears in the lava. try to beat the record.

Rock Lee | One evening when she walked home with Miwako and saw Naruto sitting on the swing in front of the academy, she went to him and asked him what was going on because he looked sad, it was only when he lifted her head up that she saw he was covered with wounds, she took her arm and took him with her to the school infirmary.

She also seemed to have an enormous desire to meet her father, such as after initially turning down Tatsumi's request to heading towards a hotspring where people can meet with the dead, she accepts it after Tatsumi explained how the dead were revived during the Fourth Shinobi World War, and was tempted about the possibility of meeting her father.