With the arrival of daughter Hannah, Matt knew he needed to spend more time with his family…but what to do? Extreme Adventure Angler Matt Watson (Ultimate Extreme Fisherman) of New Zealand has The Ultimate Fishing Show! “Many people think I was ‘discovered’ as a result of that video, but my involvement with television shows came some time later,” explained Matt. If Matt's life wasn't busy enough, spending 200 days a year game fishing, writing, part time fencing, hunting and raising a new baby, he decided to have a go at making a TV show as well. Like Matt, John was following his dream and he had just finished building the luxury game fishing vessel Primetime.

Had a great couple of days in the naki for the launch of the new Hilux. Grant Dixon tells the story…. What he does that has attracted so much attention is bring the intrigue and excitement of searching the world's oceans for adventure to televisions screens. }); On a Friday afternoon, Matt and a mate would drop off the tile elevator and hitch up the boat and head north to either Leigh or Sandspit, stopping to fuel up at the servo and buy all their steak and cheese pies and a loaf of bread, their main sustenance on board, along with Lion Red! The show was a great success – one that was recognised the following season, with ITM securing the naming rights. They face a range of human-induced threats, including fishing, seismic surveying and the disease toxoplasmosis. Matt hooked what was then the kingfish of a lifetime, which took them towards what they could make out was breaking water. success: function( data ){ Family gatherings were always boisterous, competitive affairs and the 1992 Christmas Day celebrations were no different. In just their first season of 2001, Primetime was top of the charter boat fleet with some incredible marlin and broadbill swordfish captures. Aged 25 in 2000 Matt decided to have a go at making a career out of fishing. It’s the “Ultimate”. Sign up to receive the latest news and fishing reports. I felt very small. “All I ever wanted to be was a commercial fisherman and spent as much time with my uncles as possible working their nets. And not just boats, anything that floats is good enough, like catching a marlin from a surfboard! Alistair Arkell sat down wit... more >, Rob Fort continues his beginner's guide to kayak fishing, this time turning his attention to reel choice and maintenance.... more >, Sam Mossman assesses whether fishing with multiple rods is a help or a hindrance. Once again his nuts were on the line! Check out the full classic episode of Ultimate Fishing's guide to targeting kings with that guy Matt Watson Previous Next New netting restrictions now in place to protect Hector’s and Māui dolphins New netting restrictions now in place to protect Hector’s and Māui dolphins. After graduating high school, Matt had no desire to go to university and planned to work full time as a fisherman for his uncle. Like them or not, soft-baits have made such an impact on Kiwi fishing that they are well and truly here to stay.

Q: We all dream of exotic places to fish, but you live in one, so where do you dream of going to fish? The official website of the ITM Fishing Show. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. data : dataString, My grandfather and uncles were commercial fishers, and I worked for them throughout my teens. Being self-employed afforded Matt the ability to work hard and then get away when the fishing was good. … var mydate=new Date(); After a rough night out on the boat, the day dawned clear and calm to reveal they'd found Horn Rock. Matt's obsession with fish, fishing and the sea has lead him on adventures all over the world. 1.326 Personen sprechen darüber.

All I ever wanted to be was a commercial fisher, but I went down the sport fishing path as a crewman and captain, and one day I decided I’d have a crack at making a TV show, and thought I’d do things differently than the other shows out there, namely get below the water. Shortly afterwards, on two days off between Primetime trips, Matt and a couple of mates, Kerren “Kezza” Packer and Brandan Hull, got together, and with a handy-cam, he had been given as a wedding present, shot what turned out to be the winning video. Early reports indicate there is some excellent fishing to be had this coming season. But while most only know Matt as a TV personality, he still prefers to think of himself as a fisherman. Matt Watson and his son Shaw, head out for a days fishing. A: As a follow up to the ‘Gannetman stunt’ I was going to try ‘Eagle Man’. e.preventDefault(); I have never caught a Tarpon; in fact I’ve never seen one in the flesh so I’ve got to tick that one off. In addition, drift netting will be prohibited in all New Zealand waters. $("#major1").html(" " + data[0].major1 ); It came down to the last ball, the uncle who Matt had agreed to work for on his fishing boats was facing a ‘fiery’ young Matt, needing three runs for victory. But who would do the camera work?

document.getElementById('tzone').value= timezone.name(); With his mind not on the job, he took one backwards step too many and ended up straddling a piece of flashing, which sliced into the region of the family jewels, cutting the scrotum deeply.

But I decided that if the pilot got it wrong by a couple of feet I’d be getting rubbed out on the rocky stream bed – so I hand lined a 80lb halibut from a 6ft raft instead, not nearly as cool I know….what is it with those good ole boys up there shooting their halibut with hand guns?? As soon as he was old enough (or rather able to haul nets and gut fish) he began to work weekends and school holidays for his uncle as a commercial fisherman. It was a scramble to save all their gear, which was in danger of ending up in the tide before they managed to cut the bow rope to even up the deal. This blend is great fun to watch and living in a place like New Zealand, the “above and below” footage they capture is epic. The pilot would swoop me down over a stream and I’d grab a salmon, and right in front of a bear would be even cooler. Matt and his mates did just that. Matt Watson - Ultimate Fishing September 8, 2020 Share Tweet Save. $('#loadingmessage').hide(); // hide the loading message While he was atop his lofty perch day in and day out, his thoughts were never very far away from fishing. Make no mistake about it - Matt is putting NZ on the map globally. Matt had fobbed his mum off by saying he would be taking a ‘gap’ year away from studying and had secretly arranged to work for his uncle. year+=1900; Sundays 5pm on THREE. Here is the best sabiki rig tutorial video we have seen. $("#caldata").submit(function(e){ Another lesson learned the hard way! I do think we need balance as we don’t want taking a fish to eat to become taboo, so I demonstrate only taking what you need to eat, not what your ego likes to see in the fish box at the end of the day.With fishing shows you are communicating largely to the same audience, but as a by-product of my more ‘out-there’ fishing challenges, or ‘stunts’ if you prefer, is they get mainstream media attention. He had always done well at school, and his mum was hopeful he would break the mould and be the first family member to go to university and obtain a professional qualification. Create a television fishing show was his answer, the Sports Café video having planted the seed, and while the bank wouldn’t fund a production company, there was enough equity in his home for it to offer him an $80,000 loan against it. The Keys to success involves patience, keen observation and a variety of different types of oily berley. My grandfather and uncles were commercial fishers, and I worked for them throughout my teens. In the 1st episode of #FieldTrips New Zealand, we're linking up with John Donald of Catch Fishing Tackle to target giant yellowtail kingfish, kahawai & Australasian snapper in the Hauraki Gulf near Auckland. The first series of The Fishing Show went to air in 2003 on Sky Sport and Prime.

Home; About. var timezone = jstz.determine(); On ‘shore leave’ at one point, Matt saw the television show Sports Café on which Marc Ellis challenged viewers to create a fishing video. It was referring to Matt’s great, great grandfather who was a triple Scottish fly-fishing champ and emigrated to New Zealand. The Fishing Show is a New Zealand television program about all types of sports fishing.Host Matt Watson gained worldwide attention for successfully catching a black marlin, whilst jumping from a helicopter, although this later was proven and owned up to by Matt to be a hoax, it has gained him the nickname "Gannet Man".. Q: What fish remain on your “bucket list” to catch?

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