Madagascar population: Life Expectancy at Birth (e0) - Male, №34. Madagascar population: Life Expectancy at Age 60 (e60) - Female, №53.

), Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, List of World Heritage Sites in Madagascar, unconstitutional transfer of executive power, United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti, treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, 2015 FIBA Africa Under-16 Championship for Women, Madagascar's national 3x3 basketball team, "Malagasy – National Geographic Style Manual", "Madagascar : Christine Razanamahasoa à la tête de l'Assemblée nationale | Afrique Panorama", United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, "For Thousands of Years, Humans Coexisted with the Largest Birds That Ever Lived", "Malagasy? This period saw a political alignment with the Eastern Bloc countries and a shift toward economic insularity. Malagasy (singular and plural) [156] The main economic resources of Madagascar are tourism, textiles, agriculture, and mining. (1993). [89], Upon its emergence in the early 17th century, the highland kingdom of Imerina was initially a minor power relative to the larger coastal kingdoms[89] and grew even weaker in the early 18th century when King Andriamasinavalona divided it among his four sons. These were joined around the 9th century AD by Bantu migrants crossing the Mozambique Channel from East Africa. The IMF agreed to write off half Madagascar's debt in 2004 under the Ravalomanana administration. [63], The Minister of the Interior is responsible for the national police force, paramilitary force (gendarmerie) and the secret police. School life expectancy (primary to tertiary education), Reformed Protestant Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat, World Population Prospects: The 2010 Revision, "MEASURE DHS: Demographic and Health Surveys", "Madagascar Health and Demographic Survey 2008-2009", "World Population Prospects – Population Division – United Nations", "In Madagascar, 'world's newest Jewish community' seeks to establish itself", "In remote Madagascar, a new community chooses to be Jewish",,, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2007, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2007, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [20], In 2010, Madagascar had approximately 7,617 km (4,730 mi) of paved roads, 854 km (530 mi) of railways and 432 km (270 mi) of navigable waterways. [20] Most of the country's export revenue is derived from the textiles industry, fish and shellfish, vanilla, cloves and other foodstuffs. The first settlers encountered Madagascar's abundance of megafauna, including giant lemurs, elephant birds, giant fossa and the Malagasy hippopotamus, which have since become extinct because of hunting and habitat destruction. The island's elephant birds, a family of endemic giant ratites, became extinct in the 17th century or earlier, most probably because of human hunting of adult birds and poaching of their large eggs for food. A large number of the Indians in Madagascar have a high level of education, particularly the younger generation. [94], Among those who continued to reside in Imerina were Jean Laborde, an entrepreneur who developed munitions and other industries on behalf of the monarchy, and Joseph-François Lambert, a French adventurer and slave trader, with whom then-Prince Radama II signed a controversial trade agreement termed the Lambert Charter. [24], Madagascar's highest peaks rise from three prominent highland massifs: Maromokotro 2,876 m (9,436 ft) in the Tsaratanana Massif is the island's highest point, followed by Boby Peak 2,658 m (8,720 ft) in the Andringitra Massif, and Tsiafajavona 2,643 m (8,671 ft) in the Ankaratra Massif. [161], Madagascar has one of the world's largest reserves of ilmenite (titanium ore), as well as important reserves of chromite, coal, iron, cobalt, copper and nickel.

[82] Today, the spirits of the Vazimba are revered as tompontany (ancestral masters of the land) by many traditional Malagasy communities.[83]. [184] English was removed as an official language from the constitution approved by voters in the November 2010 referendum. Madagascar population: age specific fertility, №16. [69] To raise public awareness of Madagascar's environmental challenges, the Wildlife Conservation Society opened an exhibit entitled "Madagascar!" [25] Several major projects are underway in the mining, oil and gas sectors that are anticipated to give a significant boost to the Malagasy economy.

The most densely populated regions of the island are the eastern highlands and the eastern coast, contrasting most dramatically with the sparsely populated western plains. Identity politics were also at the core of the brief civil unrest during 2002. The negative economic impact of the political crisis was gradually overcome by Ravalomanana's progressive economic and political policies, which encouraged investments in education and ecotourism, facilitated foreign direct investment, and cultivated trading partnerships both regionally and internationally. The numerous dialects of Malagasy, which are generally mutually intelligible,[180] can be clustered under one of two subgroups: eastern Malagasy, spoken along the eastern forests and highlands including the Merina dialect of Antananarivo, and western Malagasy, spoken across the western coastal plains. ", "Madagascar as a model region of species diversification", "Library of Congress Country Studies: Madagascar", "Madagascar: Cyclone Gafilo, Final Report, Appeal 08/04", "Madagascar: Saving the children from Gafilo's aftermath", "Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands", "The endemic and non-endemic vascular flora of Madagascar updated", "Biogeography and floral evolution of baobabs (Adansonia, Bombacaceae) as inferred from multiple data sets", "Modifications on the basic skeletons of vinblastine and vincristine", "Total Synthesis of Vinblastine, Related Natural Products, and Key Analogues and Development of Inspired Methodology Suitable for the Systematic Study of Their Structure-Function Properties", "Stereocontrolled total synthesis of (+)-vincristine", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, "Chemotherapy for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia", "Chemotherapy for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia", "Chemotherapy for Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors in Children", "Chemotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer", "Primates in Peril: The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates 2008–2010", "Phalangeal curvature and positional behavior in extinct sloth lemurs (Primates, Palaeopropithecidae)", "Rivaling the World's Smallest Reptiles: Discovery of Miniaturized and Microendemic New Species of Leaf Chameleons (Brookesia) from Northern Madagascar", "Everglades, Madagascar Rain Forest on UNESCO List", "Countries at the Crossroads 2011: Madagascar", "Asian relative of cane toad threatens Madagascar havoc", "Lemurs Hunted, Eaten Amid Civil Unrest, Group Says", "Shaky Rule in Madagascar Threatens Trees", "Madagascar!

The Dual Origin of the Malagasy in Island Southeast Asia and East Africa: Evidence from Maternal and Paternal Lineages. [188], Each of the many ethnic subgroups in Madagascar adhere to their own set of beliefs, practices and ways of life that have historically contributed to their unique identities. Madagascar population: total fertility, №13.