And the cherry on the cake, so to speak?

[7] It was the first time France had failed to win against Luxembourg since 1914, when Luxembourg won, 5–4. Tempted? Please note that the intellectual property rights to stream such events are usually owned at a country level and therefore, depending on your location, there may be certain events that you may be unable to view due to such restrictions. As a hero in his own right, Superjhemp - Jhemp being a typical Luxembourgish male name – has accompanied a whole generation through its childhood. Some players even make it to the NBA, like Alvon in the early 2000s. (Catch them!

And it's true, Belgium, France and Germany are all (almost) in walking distance. Today, Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund centre worldwide, the EU's first captive reinsurance market and the premiere private banking centre in the Eurozone. For nature fans, spending time out camping, surrounded by greenery, soothes the soul, clears the mind or brings back precious memories. Anyway, see you on the eve of June 23rd! Very good! Notre pays n’est pas "mega" grand, mais on est quand même "mega" … tu comprends? At one point, and for a short time only, some groups took three steps forward and two steps backward, leading the 'Sprangprëssessioun' to serve as a reference for any kind of arduous process. Luxembourgers don't shy away from expressing their disagreement and we certainly don't beat around the bush. Anyway: Moien, and welcome to the world of Emoxies! Fancy a night in a safari tent? On other levels, however, several achievements of the last few decades have been quite 'mega'. Roll on, tram! And if the flag's up, the Grand Duke is in. Now, if you find no particular pleasure in getting your coat wet and your boots muddy, there are plenty of alternative activities to consider. The only time that the team was close to qualify was for a European or World Championship was for the Euro 1964.

Before anything else, the nuts typically need to be 'geschutt, gepeelt, geweesch a gedrëchent' (i.e. This handy phrase always works. [5] In the round of eight, Luxembourg and Denmark fought for a spot in the final tournament. Looking for a cosmopolitan higher education experience? Don't leave just yet though, there are quite a few Emoxies left for you to discover! Today, we have a brand new, modern version, which has already proven to be a great success as it improves the flow of people coming to work in the city each day. Located in the 'Éislek', the hilly North of the country, the Stauséi is an artificial lake created by a 47-meter high damn (hosting a hydroelectric power station). It can happen to all of us, even Luxembourgers.

U21 UEFA 2019-21: Luxembourg – Islande: 0 - 2 (0 - 2) (plus...), Matchs remis du mercredi 14 octobre 2020 (plus...), Résultat match de la Ligue des Nations UEFA 2020: Luxembourg - Chypre: 2 - 0 (2 - 0) (plus...), Résultat et classement Promotion Honneur - journée 7 - 11/10/2020 (plus...), Matchs remis du weekend du 18 octobre 2020, Résultat match de la Ligue des Nations UEFA 2020: Monténégro - Luxembourg: 1 - 2 (1 - 1), Cours du cycle inférieur 2 pour arbitres de football, Résultat match de qualification C.E. From cycling and horse riding to swimming or tennis, our sportsmen and women all share the same spirit and are proud to show off our country's colours. Generally speaking, Luxembourg's wildlife is similar to all the other Western and Central European countries. Elsy Jacobs, first female cyclist world champion (1958) and athlete Josy Barthel, an Olympic gold medallist in 1952, are just two prime examples of athletes who excelled in their sports back in the day. Or it's used as a short and popular exclamation, suggesting great appreciation, be it for the beauty you see, tastes you enjoy or sympathy you feel. You can find similar spreads in Franche-Comté or in Lorraine, France, but the original 'Kachkéisse-Schmier' is only to be found in Luxembourg. In the summer of 1985 the Benelux countries, as well as France and Germany signed the 'Schengen Agreement' in the small '3 countries corner' town of Schengen, thus agreeing to open their mutual borders.

However, all of them are picturesque in their very own way, inextricably linked to Luxembourg's history. National Division 2020/2021 results have all the match information - National Division 2020/2021 live scores, both final and partial results, teams, fixtures and tables. Try a Gromperekichelcher! There are also details such as goal scorers, cards and odds comparison.

Luxembourg scores, results and fixtures on BBC Sport, including live football scores, goals and goal scorers. The 'Renert' is the Luxembourgish version of the "Reineke Fuchs", an opus that has been part of European literary history since the 15th century. Luxembourgers have jokes of their own, even if they might not be easy to get at first.
Receive notifications for all games of this team, Paris Saint-Germain Handball - Elverum Håndball. From then on, Luxembourg has upheld its European spirit and currently hosts some of the major EU institutions with great pride. Nonetheless, things are evolving quickly. ICT is big and growing. You can click on any player from the roster on the right and see his personal information such as nationality, date of birth, height, preferred foot, position, player value, transfer history etc.
But beware, some may not be joking when using such a beautiful word. The tradition has been upheld, although the march has nowadays mostly become an important opportunity for music groups to raise funds – so be generous! In any case, given that the international community makes up roughly 47% of Luxembourg's population, you will always find someone who understands you. It's the so-called 'mutton march'. You certainly get the idea. Looking forward to your visit! Some bastions, such as the 'Spanish towers' and walls have been preserved and today, they endow Luxembourg with its iconic, picturesque views of its old town, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994! Luxembourg is playing next match on 14 Nov 2020 against Cyprus in UEFA Nations League, League C, Gr. Can't agree with that! The 'Éislek' is in fact the Southern bit of the 'Ardennes', a Franco-Belgian region of rolling hills and ridges, largely covered with forests. On a hike, you may spot wild animals, encounter a scout group or just run into fellow passionate hikers. Some of Luxembourg's rivers and lakes seem perfectly designed for a spot of zealous paddling. Though not as extensive and meandering as the one first built during the pioneering decades of rail transport in the mid-19th century, the current railway system constitutes a network of comfortable and fast train connections to Paris, Frankfurt and farther afield. Whatever their length, shape, size or colour, buses offer not only a reliable means of transport, but they also open up new opportunities for green transport.

Here, various stakeholders join forces in seeking environmentally friendly and economically viable solutions, with a special focus on sustainable living and clean technologies. There is no local fair, or Schueberfouer, without our tasty 'Gromperekichelcher', rounded off with some delicious apple sauce. The last couple of years have witnessed a fast-developing industry and films of increasing popularity. Just make your feelings known by invoking this internationally standardized phrase! Luxembourgers particularly enjoy it with a thin layer of mustard on top. 'Äddi' is the counterpart to 'Moien' and very close to the French 'Adieu', even though Luxembourgers use it more casually. However, there are conflicting stories... Whatever the truth may be, we'll show our true colours! Who's next? Luxembourg is currently ramping up its capacity to produce green energy.