Gordy was the last vaulter left, with one attempt remaining. Gordy died in 1989 at age 79, Moreau in 1990 at age 80, and Blair in 1996 at age 85. LSU wears the jerseys frequently now under Mainieri. “Fourteen no hill to climb,” Gladstone Stewart had wired.

On Friday, day one of the two-day meet, LSU advanced six men to the Saturday finals, while Southern Cal qualified twelve. They were country boys, but wily ones. Kimberlyn Duncan Photos - Kimberlyn Duncan (L) leads Allyson Felix en route to winning the Women's 200 Meter Dash final on day four of the 2013 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Drake Stadium on June 23, 2013 in Des Moines, Iowa. High in the stands, the chunky Moore paced frantically. Ruth Laney first learned of the heroics of these athletes in 1984. Of course the gold is really closer to a yellow shade, as compared to old gold. After he made several decent attempts at 14 feet, Moore decided to add him to the squad traveling to Chicago. “I didn’t see anything from then on.” Running blind, he caught Stanford’s Gus Meier at the third hurdle. The 1933 team, from left to right: Head Coach Bernie Moore, Nathan “Buddy” Blair, Glenn “Slats” Hardin, Jack Torrance, Al Moreau, and Matt Gordy. (Left) Matt Gordy, LSU’s pole vaulter in the 1933 NCAA championship, was the team’s last hope. He studied Yale’s vaulters and copied one of their techniques; he took a standard 16-foot pole and chopped it down to 12 1/2 feet. With forty points, the Tigers were in the race.

“Torrance, 265 pounds of Southern accent and brute force, straightened out an arm like a tree trunk and shoved the 16-pound shot 52 ft 10 in,” wrote Henry. His smooth style and lethal kick prompted sportswriters to dub him “the Comet of the Canebrake.”. Ken started NewOrleans.com/Sports with Bill Hammack and Don Jones in 2008. 7 on the list is the Tulane white jersey with the Pelicans on the bat look. The meet was peopled with such stars as miler Glenn Cunningham and the sensational sprinter Jesse Owens. “The finals … promise to be another triumph for the sun-tanned westerners,” agreed George Kirksey of the United Press. Two weeks later, Gordy competed in the AAU meet at Soldier Field. He died in 2006 at the age of '92. [Dr. Billy Cannon: At Angola, the inmates call him "Legend"]. The team’s best hope was the handsome, curly-haired Slats, who had won silver in the 400-meter hurdles at the 1932 Olympics.

It was up to Gordy and Graber to decide who would win it. Fans urged him to use a longer pole, but the LSU athlete paid them no mind as he trotted to the end of the runway to begin his final attempt. Track offered no scholarships, so the athletes went out for football, which did, or earned their keep with odd jobs that paid 25 cents an hour: sweeping out classrooms, delivering laundry, pruning azaleas, milking cows for the agriculture department.
Comprehensive coverage of SEC football, basketball, baseball and more, including live games, scores, schedules, standings and news. “Torrance was only a sophomore and had not much experience,” said Harper. A hush fell over Soldier Field, and Gordy’s teammates clustered near the landing pit, hardly breathing. Scrip had replaced money on the campus. Gordy had never vaulted higher than 13-4 in competition. They trained on a rough cinder oval in the football stadium, where hurdles rested on T-shaped bars. Landing pits were piles of sawdust that “knocked the tar out of you,” said Gordy. Could he hold his own against Graber, or Bill Miller of Stanford, who had gone 14-1 3/4 to win the gold medal at the 1932 Games in Los Angeles? Paul Mainieri continued the tradition as the Tigers wore the gold jerseys in the 2009 championship deciding game against Texas. Of course, it is not difficult for LSU and Tulane to come up with various uniform combinations which look good. LSU football is wearing special uniforms for the Saturday home game against Mississippi State. Sign up for Country Roads Newsletters & stay informed about events, cuisine, culture, & travel in the region. If Gordy missed, Graber would win the vault and Southern Cal would tie LSU for the national title.

The announcer reminded the Chicago crowd that his team’s hopes for the NCAA title rested on Gordy’s narrow shoulders. a.) Vaulting poles and javelins, tied with ropes, rattled against the doors.
He was a pole vaulter, but was not selected to travel to Chicago for the National meet. Chicago’s immense stadium was illuminated by new arc lights. On their third and final attempts the Ohio and Illinois men missed. As he gathered up his gear, he noticed his chopped-down pole was gone, picked up by a souvenir-hunter. Having accumulated national awards/recognition (National Sports Media Association, National Football…. Next to make an impact was Baby Jack. It was Saturday, June 17, 1933, the first time in its twelve-year history that the NCAA track meet had been held at night. At 5-11/129, Gordy didn’t have much weight to propel over the crossbar.

Gordy never won a gold medal or set a world record, but he did what every athlete dreams of—came through for his team under pressure. The jersey debuted in the postseason of 1996. Saturday night, Hardin won the 440-yard dash.

That is a by-product of each school having excellent colors to work with. Most of the others came from small Louisiana towns. His chopped-down pole forced Gordy to do a last-second handstand, twist in midair, and hurl himself over the crossbar. Gordy was from Abbeville, where he had taught himself to vault with a pole hacked from a stand of bamboo. Would he choke against the West Coast star? That is a by-product of each school having excellent colors to work with. Sprawled in the sawdust, Gordy could only grin. President Franklin Roosevelt had recently declared a bank holiday, and many Baton Rouge accounts were frozen. Would someone post the link it isn't comming up in my searches. Landing pits were piles of sawdust that “knocked the tar out of you,” said Gordy.

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Dr. Billy Cannon: At Angola, the inmates call him "Legend".

Miller missed and was out, but Graber was still in the fray, along with vaulters from Ohio State and Illinois.