“It turned into my own secret farewell party,” he said, reminiscing after winning his third Sixth Man of the Year award this summer.

But if more Black kids or more Black adults or any adults that’s dealing with police brutality are getting killed and we’re still outraged, I don’t know if it’s in our best interests to suit up because it looks like we don’t care. Question is, would Philly do it?? Going into his third summer league after entering the draft straight out of high school, Louis Williams needed to have a strong performance to show that he is continuing to progress as a player despite the lack of playing time he s seen with the 76ers.
“This is a guy who started learning from Allen Iverson, one of the best players who played this game,” former Clipper Corey Maggette said.

LAC DRTG w/ Lou ON, Trez ON: 130.9 (139 minutes)

Coming off the bench was never something that he necessarily wanted to do, but Williams has no doubt that the role has helped preserve his career because it has kept his minutes down. I’m hoping for a Lou/Bev/Trez deal to officially turn the page.

If you put Sato in Lou’s role, you’re gonna miss Lou’s firepower.

Clippers get a starting point guard and a replacement for Trezz.

LeBron just keeps attacking him as long as we have him.

vs DAL: The last snare rests in Thad Young’s value. Sometimes we have questions about: “How tall is lou williams?” At the moment, 06.03.2020, we have next information/answer: 1,70m. They cannot be disciplined, per NBA rules, but will not be paid if they sit out. With the former thinking they built something here, and I think just natural to have some tension with the new guys getting the superstar treatment. Lou ON, Kawhi ON, PG OFF, Trez ON: -17, 30 minutes

You talk about the greatest scorer that the game has ever seen from a sixth-man perspective, he’s the best of all time. We have no idea if either side is even interested in the other at this point.

I would be perfectly happy to have Satoransky on the Clippers. The Warriors’ Klay Thompson recently came across a package of highlight clips from Williams’s days as a star guard at South Gwinnett High School outside of Atlanta.

“Just to make sure there’s no family emergencies or anything like that,” he said.

So Cassell will remind Williams to do what he does best: Shoot the ball. Otherwise we definitly should keep him. How much sleep are you getting during the season? ), “It’s given me an opportunity to stretch my career out, and I think I’m in my prime right now, man,” Williams said. These, if correct, are very telling; Lou OFF, Kawhi ON, PG ON: -42, 144 minutes Get the latest on L.A.'s teams in the daily Sports Report newsletter.

Like, tonight, I’ll have a little chicken alfredo pasta after the game. ), poor individual performances but the eye test suggests he was getting his looks, just missing.

Satoransky is a smart offensive player but his assist rates are lower than Lou Williams’ and Sato isn’t the kind of player who breaks guys down off the dribble to create for others, he’s a secondary player.

I’m simple, man. We HAVE TO get rid of him.

Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports, via Reuters.

We will be really good.. I’m fully on the Craig bandwagon. The first question went to Williams, who averaged 31.3 points in Oakland during the series but only 12 at Staples Center: “What makes you play so good in Oracle and not particularly here (in L.A.)?”, Beverley, the Clippers’ highly emotional leader, didn’t appreciate the query, gripping the mic so tightly he made it crackle: “Next question, man.”, “Nah,” interjected Williams, as smooth with words as he is on his feet skirting defenders, and the only man on the roster capable of getting Beverley to chill out.

“They snap it in Atlanta, and I remember talking to (Coach) Doc (Rivers) about the losing streak being over and he went out of his way to compliment Lou.

Previously, she wrote about LeBron James and the rest of the Dream Team at the 2004 Olympics (where, yes, they took bronze), Tiger Woods winning the U.S. Open on one leg, and had a tour reporting on city government, education and the occasional bear in a backyard. Absolutely—dramatically. That’s all I do. The Bulls’ prior regime was shopping Thad in hopes of getting a prospect or pick back for him. When Williams’ travels delivered him to the Clippers in a trade from Houston in 2017, he decided privately that this stop, his sixth in 13 NBA seasons, would be his last. We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions.

Williams, on the other hand, carries himself with a brand of quiet composure that has a power all its own. If you could compare your playing style to a rapper, who would it be?

Again, better without Lou than with him but not significantly until Trez enters the equation. Jamal started his decline at 34 years old. Clippers’ coaching search starting to take shape with 3 reported candidates

At the same time, Williams has his quirky customs, which help give him a sense of stability, starting with his game-day breakfast: hash browns, egg whites, French toast and chicken sausage along with a fruit smoothie that he sweetens with honey.

Williams, 32, spent the offseason sharing workout videos with teammates, looking out for young players such as two-way forward Johnathan Motley, communicating and cultivating chemistry and accountability. Podcast: Clippers Hire Lue, Billups, Drew, Clippers Hire Ty Lue as Head Coach, Billups as Lead Assistant, Clippers 2020 Exit Interview: Lou Williams, I discussed in the case of Patrick Beverley, https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2896937-clippers-lou-williams-50-50-on-nba-restart-doesnt-want-distraction.

Nothing in that data suggests to me that Lou was unplayable.

A look at California’s November ballot propositions. We invite you to use our commenting platform to engage in insightful conversations about issues in our community. That said, I really can’t imagine Philly trading Richardson for a Lou-based package.

He certainly doesn’t get single-handed credit for that, but if we take “unplayable” to mean “you can’t survive with him on the floor”, then the Clippers very clearly not just survived but thrived with Lou on the floor vs Denver, even if he wasn’t individually thriving. Lakers center Dwight Howard has also expressed concern, Facing a backlash, Ice Cube defends his role advising the Trump administration. I think it FELT that way even though that clearly wasn’t the case.

Lou in the locker room was the best I’ve ever seen anybody in the locker room. Today’s exit interview features sixth man Lou Williams. “I catch myself at least two or three times a game just putting my hands up, like, ‘How did that even happen?’” Shamet said. I have to push back on “Lou and Trezz are the guys waiting to be exploited on the floor when playoff time come.”. His incoming salary is his new salary.