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See Photos. Works at Vocaloid. • kokone In the Nico Nico Douga International VOCALOID ranking 2010, LEON had the 3rd most notable number of appearances, with 4 appearances in the top 30 songs of 2010. • DAINA • VY2 • VY1 • Megpoid V4 They’re both generation 1 Vocaloids, both frequently depicted as siblings AND as lovers (though usually not at the same time), and their fan-made personalities are similar.

In fact, the first fanfic in a series of Vocaloid fanfics I’m writing revolves around the fact that Lola remembers being Leon’s lover in a past life, and Leon doesn’t. Before using Leon, ChoiWARU-P uploaded 18 works to Nico Nico which used Miku and MEIKO , but none of those got over 5,000 view counts. Both of there voices came from professional singer who can not be named. • Zhang Chuchu • Prima • anon & kanon However, LEON and LOLA failed to impact the American market due to their accents.[2][3]. Luka Monserrat Lopez (marceline) See Photos. Does Ash get commissioned for comic strips? • VY1 • Yuzuki Yukari V4 On 26 December 2014 in response to a fan e-mail, Zero-G confirmed that they will still offer LEON, LOLA and MIRIAM in download format only. I realized the need to simplify both melodies and lyrics, and that Lelik will have to do his best in articulation. I just realized I haven't posted this here yet. ( eVY1 module

• ARSLOID In the Vocaloid Fandom most people like to think of Leon and Lola as siblings. When weighed in against LOLA and MIRIAM, LEON is ranked as the weakest of the English. But still I'm happy I got to meet Tyler, she's an amazing Lolita Youtuber! 女の子のスカートが突然めくれたりしないかなあ (Onna no Ko no Skirt ga Totsuzen Mekuretari Shinai ka naa), Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, - LEON and LOLA won a 2005 EM Editor's Choice Award, https://web.archive.org/web/20120410071121/http://blog.crypton.co.jp/mp/2006/08/_vocaloid.html, https://vocaloid.fandom.com/wiki/LEON_(VOCALOID1)?oldid=857715, Windows XP or Windows 2000 (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE VOCALOID VERSION 1 PRODUCTS LEON, LOLA AND MIRIAM ARE NOT FULLY COMPATIBLE* WITH WINDOWS 7 OR LATER), 32 bit required (does not work on 64 bit systems), Sound Card with Microsoft DirectSound Compatible driver. LEON and LOLA received standard advertisement for their day. • Xin Hua Japanese Asiachan. • Luo Tianyi V4 Japanese This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Lola as the badass/mean sister and Leon as the lonely/loser of a brother. • KAITO, • Sweet ANN All time). • Hatsune Miku V3 English

• Hatsune Miku He is a "virtual male soul vocalist modeled on a real professional singer" and was created for the English speaking community. [5], Serial codes for LEON and LOLA were still available in November 2015, despite MIRIAM being confirmed to have run out of serial codes at this point.[6]. • Megurine Luka They were advertised on the internet and in electronic magazines. • SONiKA • Sachiko • MEIKA Hime & Mikoto, • Hibiki Lui I just realized I haven't posted this here yet. While considered to be one of the weaker Vocaloid voices overall, he was created to convey racial qualities within a vocal based around soul music. • Fukase Another note on the Leon/Lola Kaito/Meiko parallel… I think this makes a lot of sense. • MIRIAM

Product information Lion Scott Kenedy. • CUL • Mew :heart_decoration: I'm a cosplayer, I mostly cosplay Vocaloid :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: I'm an UTAU user :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: I'm a shit artist :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: LE♂N is my love :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: Longya is best boy :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: Magical Boy :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: Evillious Trash :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: Smol kawaii boy trying not to die :heart_decoration: The anime is called Pop Team Epic top notch animation, Bruh, I'm planning to give someone who's allergic to chicken some chicken nuggets, I'd totally throw nuggets at vegetarians. • Kaai Yuki • IA English • V3 Megpoid - Native Works at VNN. • Chika • Hatsune Miku Append Will I ever use my Vocaloids seriously?....no • UNI English [9] According to Crypton Future Media, LEON, along with LOLA, failed to impact the American market due to the "British" accents.[10]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

• Megpoid English And I didn’t know Leon was called Lelik in Russian! I forgot to make a Miku birthday post here but this is part of my performance from Animanga as Spring Miku!

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The products were powered by the Vocaloid software, under license from Yamaha, and were release by UK company Zero-G Limited.

• Hatsune Miku V3 • Mo Qingxian, Non-commercial • Hatsune Miku LEON and LOLA received standard advertisement for their day. • Xin Hua Un exemple s'appelle "Profile of woman with … Until BIG AL in 2009, no other English-capable male VOCALOID existed, so those wanting a masculine vocal in the English engine had LEON as the only option. By that time I already had some song sketches in Russian, but Lelik didn’t speak Russian at all.

• Anri Rune I cosplayed Leonhart from the Evillious Chronicles, he is represented by the Vocaloid Leon. Kaito:Me, Happy birthday to Miku!

• Tonio • Zhanyin Lorra But I might try it out again Language • Hatsune Miku V4 English • Akikoloid-chan vocaloidエディタ上でボーカル・メロディを入力し、英語歌詞を入力するだけで、『leon』は24時間いつでも、どんな難しいヴォーカル・ラインであっても、あなたの思い通りのボーカルを表現します。 • BIG AL • Megurine Luka • VY2 — • BIG AL • galaco; prize ver.