Dozens of people reportedly killed in Beirut blast; Trey Yingst reports. [127] French architect Jean-Marc Bonfils died after suffering serious injuries at his apartment in the East Village building in Mar Mikhaël. “His hair was covered in glass.”, It took Zantout all evening to make her way home across a devastated city. [55] The second explosion was felt in northern Israel and in Cyprus, 240 kilometers (150 miles) away. [25] On 21 November 2013, the ship made port in Beirut. Good for them..

Al Makan became the headquarters for a multilevel operation that included cleanup, home repair, check-ins, and the distribution of food and hygienic products, serving a roster of over 100 household and individual cases; by late September, the number topped 240. The blast, compounding the suffering of 2019 and the coronavirus crisis, may have been a wakeup call for those who the October Revolution didn’t reach.

“We crossed a threshold in October, as many people broke out of sectarian thinking and lost their fear of criticizing the government,” said Harb. “I’m used to seeing people just follow their leaders without thinking,” he said. [178], On 5 August, the Council agreed to place sixteen Beirut port officials who had overseen storage and security since 2014 under house arrest, overseen by the army, pending the investigation into the explosions. Hospitals were calling for blood donations. On another street, a woman with a bloodied face looked distraught, staggering through traffic with two friends at her side. “It was both a moment of anger and collective grieving,” recalled Chehab, who attended a rally on August 8. [171] CMA CGM's offices, located a few hundred meters away from the site of the explosion, were severely damaged.

[48] Hezbollah launched a blood donation campaign on 5 August. The explosion overturned cars and stripped steel-framed buildings of their cladding. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. Witnesses reported seeing a strange orange-colored cloud over the site after the explosion. If I saw any hope, I’d stay. We need to mourn, and you’re shooting at us?”, (Left/top) Georges is a volunteer architect visiting an old heritage to help families and their homes in Gemayze, near the Beirut Port explosion. Ammonium nitrate stored for six years in a commercial environment. From the window, they stared in the direction of the sea, where an enormous, poison-pink cloud billowed on the shore. NNA said the reports by foreign investigation teams will specify the cause behind the explosion of the nitrates and the nature of the explosion and whether there was an intentional act of sabotage, or whether the blast was the result of a mistake or misestimation about the dangers of the material that exploded. “Something inside us shattered,” said Tania Chams Koleilat, a mother of three who volunteers with Khodr and Chehab.

Tbh Lebanese are really not nice people but no innocent life is to be lost [132] Several countries expressed solidarity by lighting up landmarks and monuments in the colours of the Lebanese flag, including the City Hall of Tel Aviv,[233][l] whereas the Eiffel Tower in Paris went dark at midnight,[243] and the Arab League flew its flag at its headquarters in Cairo at half-mast.