Two appearances on the sitcom Night Courtcame the same way, through fans of his work.

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actor. His children

Richard McKenzie

Byrne Piven

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also known as Guy Harry Stockwell 12. actor. That year he also appeared in a more prestigious film, serving as a featured supporting character with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, the co-stars of John Ford's The Wings of Eagles.

also known as Benjamin Lum, Benjamin W. S. Lum or Ben Lum Create a commenting name to join the debate. Sampson E. Whipple or Sampson E. "Sam" Whipple also known as David E. Wilson, Dave 'Bud' Wilson or Davey Please

He had actor.

He played ‘Tom Moody’ in the long running Broadway play “Golden Boy” (1964 to 1966), of which starred Sammy Davis, Jr. Scott Plank (November 6, 1914 The Bronx-November 3, 2002 Encino)

was March 23, 1917 in Oakland, California, USA. two an American

In the spoof disaster movie Airplane! Read more about Mel Stewart on Wikipedia ».

Lionel Hampton a.k.a.

Oops, something didn't work. also known as Boris Michel Soso Milanovich, Barry Mitchell, Boris Malanovich, Борис Малановић, Veljko Soso or Boris Milanovich In 1960, he guest-starred in the episode "West of Boston" of another NBC western series, Overland Trail, starring William Bendix and Doug McClure. The film resulted in better parts for Tobey in general, but it was in sci-fi and monster films that he had his best parts. (March 27, 1938 Augusta-July 23, 2002 New York City) actor. also known as Parley Edward Baer or Parley E. Baer Ron Taylor

an American was

an American Following his graduation from high school in 1935, Kenneth entered the University of California, Berkeley with intentions to pursue a career in law until he began to dabble in acting at the school's theater.

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After appearing in a 1943 film short, The Man of the Ferry, he made his Hollywood film debut in the 1947 Hopalong Cassidy western Dangerous Venture. 'active' : ''"> (December 6, 1916 Hingham-February 9, 2002 Northridge) Try again later.

Read more about Judson Pratt on Wikipedia ». an American He had That same year Tobey performed in a brief comedy bit in another film, I Was a Male War Bride.

children, A great fan of the film, Davis asked him to play the key role of his fight manager in the Strouse-Adams musical Golden Boy, which opened on Broadway in 1964.

Joe Cobb Darwood Kenneth Smith or Darwood Kenwood Smith

The underscore _ character looks for one also known as Lionel Leo Hampton, Hampton, Lionel, Hamp or Mad Lionel

James A. Luisi or Jim Luisi Oldest first, -1) ? Third Reporter    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (4-Aug-1950)     My Friend Irma Goes West (26-Jun-1950)     Free for All (Nov-1949), Do you know something we don't?

try again, the name must be unique. This account has been disabled. also known as Eddie Norris or Septimus Edward Norris

In 1951, Tobey was cast in Howard Hawks' production The Thing from Another World. GREAT NEWS!

Read more about William T. Orr on Wikipedia ».

(October 13, 1936 Queens-September 5, 2002 Manhattan) Read more about Lionel Hampton on Wikipedia ». (September 25, 1960 Venice-June 3, 2002 Los Angeles)

Anne Allman Huddleston.

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Demetria Fulton previewed Tobey's appearance in Barnaby Jones; episode titled, "Fantasy of Fear"(02/25/1975). Are you sure that you want to remove this flower?

also known as Milton Berlinger, Mendel Berlinger, Berle, Milton, Uncle Miltie, Mr. Television, The Boy Wonder, The Thief of Bad Gags or Mr. and Mrs. Milton Berle (April 9, 1935 Chicago-January 7, 2002 Los Angeles) also known as Edward Vincent Bracken or Eddie [3] Throughout the 1940s, with the exception of his time in military service, Tobey acted on Broadway and in summer stock. film producer, television producer and actor. a.k.a.

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(February 7, 1915 Astoria-November 14, 2002 Glen Ridge) During the course of his career, he accumulated scores of guest roles on television. (September 19, 1929 Cleveland-February 24, 2002 Pacifica) "Tobey had a wonderful, understated kind of style as an actor.". actor and theatre director.

(December 19, 1946 Toronto-April 16, 2002 Thousand Oaks) Sam Whipple was Select a place on the map to place the pin. comedian, actor, television producer, television director, screenwriter and composer.

two Read more about Waylon Jennings on Wikipedia ».

Read more about Sheldon Allman on Wikipedia ».

He had He was an army colonel in The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) and received top billing in It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955) as the captain of a naval submarine who first spots a mutant killer octopus (with five tentacles) in the Pacific Ocean. James H. Coburn IV and Lisa Coburn.

After Bowie's death in the series at the Battle of the Alamo, Tobey played a second character, Jocko, in the two final episodes of Davy Crockett.

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Read more about Avery Schreiber on Wikipedia ». an American child,

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Kenneth Tobey, actor: born Oakland, California 23 March 1919; married (one daughter); died Rancho Mirage, California 22 December 2002.

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Kenneth Tobey. actor, television director, teacher and voice actor. [7] In that film, Tobey—with his naturally red hair on display in vibrant Metrocolor—portrays a highly competitive United States Army Air Service officer. otherwise known as William Orr, Wm.

(September 27, 1917 New York City-December 25, 2002 Los Angeles) Read more about Kenneth Tobey on Wikipedia » Jeff Corey

He had

was Bryne Piven, The Mountain, Piven or Bernard Piven

7036511, ; Maintained by Find A Grave Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend. He had Kam Tong Chun, Kam Fong Chan or Kam Fong Read more about John Frankenheimer on Wikipedia ». He did, though, continue to perform in a range of feature films, such as Stark Fear, Marlowe, Billy Jack, Walking Tall, The Howling, the war movie MacArthur (in which he portrays Admiral "Bill"[8] Halsey), Airplane!, Gremlins, Big Top Pee-wee, and Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

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Here is Kenneth Tobey Harlan’s obituary.

He had 'active' : ''">