These additions will be wonderful; it's a promise made and kept, it says something about the current athletics leadership. Then you can have a new coach come in and focus on developing the players here instead of just trying to find enough players to field a program. Kentucky just signed a new deal last year with Nike that pays them about $3.5 million per year.

Renovations to Memorial Stadium, home to Kansas football since 1921, are scheduled to begin following the 2018 season, beginning with enhancements to the south end zone and west side of the venue.

Yes, I agree, the on-field results are not there. Clint Bowen needs to be gone, Every year he puts a bad product on the field for how many years now has Kansas defensive guys been missing tackles? Few if any fans would be inconvenienced. Stadium enhancements. The KU-branded “Raise The Chant” strategy, focused primarily on football, aims to raise $350 million over the course of five years. Some stability. “They deserve so much in so many different ways because of all the different things that they’ve given before. The mountain is steep and the task enormous. Pay the money and get a proven coach. You are what your record says you are. Name the last year KU returned the same HC, DC, OC and known starting QB? Again, not calling you out, but to me it looks like firing coaches after a bad first three seasons is just kind of built into our DNA. Now that will be a trick worth watching! This site is neither endorsed, nor sponsored by, nor affiliated with Kansas City Chiefs or NFL Properties LLC. Godfried also had a decent record, but moved on. It may sound crazy but think about it: Memorial Stadium currently holds around 50,000 people. I'd love to hear some other thoughts on this and what other people see.

Beaty stays a couple more years and then starts winning games. Girod emphasized that modern facilities for KU football, beginning with the construction of a new indoor facility at the completion of this season, allow the university to remain a “strong member” of the Big 12 Conference and provide KU with “the best advertising we could have.”. His choice is obviously not education, just the underwriting of continued entertainment for KU football fans. Pay the salary and we will get ROI. Do something exciting. Here for @KansanSports covering the #KUfball homecoming game against Texas Tech, Here for #kufball vs Baylor. KU has never had a long-term winning coach. As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for their Super Bowl LIV matchup in Miami on Feb. 2, renovations will begin at their home stadium. Beaty said the unveiling of the plans made Friday “one of the coolest days in the history of KU,” and described the imminent transformation as an “absolute necessity” to show the program’s commitment to excellence. Kansas Athletics also announced Friday an extension on its apparel rights agreement with adidas — a $191 million deal over the next 14 years. Seriously. What's your qualifications? However, off the field Kansas Athletics made big headlines with the announcement of a $350 million renovation across the school’s athletics teams, with a projected $315 million going to the football program alone. The future 3,000-seat venue, to be called Horejsi Family Volleyball Arena, will replace the current 1,300-seat Horejsi Family Athletics Center.

BTW, the answer is: 2009.

If it’s determined that won’t be possible at some point in the process, the athletics department will devise a backup plan, and neighboring Allen Fieldhouse would be an optional temporary home. This has us winning right in the middle of our renovation program. The proposed plan has already commenced with “the construction of an indoor football practice facility immediately following [the 2017] season.” The next phase of the plan will be to renovate the south end-zone after the 2018 season and the rest of the stadium at a date that has yet to be decided. “Higher education is a highly competitive environment, particularly when you look at what’s happening nationally, where we’ve seen decreasing students going into higher education every year since 2010 on the national front,” Girod said.
I guess it doesn't involve lowering the field and moving seats closer so it really falls in the touch up category. And then a coach will come in and try and fix it and he won’t have enough time and we will fire him too. But you also may be wrong.

This will be a total rebuild of Memorial Stadium over a 4 year period it appears starting after the 2018 season. Adidas is currently the best option for Kansas because we are now the flagship school for Adidas and that is a big deal. Sheahan Zenger has fired two coaches and hired two coaches with completely conflicting personalities, offensive schemes and management styles. We're still about 15 scholarship under the max and firing Beaty after this year destroys this class (we still have the two jewels from LA) and resets the clock on catching up on scholarships. About us / We should be better by now. Coaches can't control if a pass is on target, or a defender blocks, or if a receiver can catch the ball while tip-toeing down the sideline with a defender on his back. UNC has pretty much the same deal as Kentucky.

I've been to all three games so far, and sat in two different sections.

I'm thankful that someone like David Booth is willing to pony up the money, but this staff needs to go, go quickly, go quietly and quit listing all of the friggin' excuses. The next stage of the project, with a to-be-determined start date, will address the north end zone and east side of the stadium. It is really hard for me to believe that he was unable to persuade an assistant from a major program to take the job and had to settle for a guy who has never had D-1 success). Winning football games when your team is at the bottom of the heap is never a straight line process. Fans do not go because the team has lacked any sort of success in years, and has been in no way enjoyable to watch in recent years. In the plans for renovations, another deck will be added around the top of the stadium. Patience grasshoppers. Attack errors prove costly as Kansas volleyball is swept 3-0 by Oklahoma, Despite the loss, Kansas football defense shows out against West Virginia, KU football offense stalls once again in 38-17 road loss to West Virginia, Aggressive play of Grace Wiltgen comes up big for KU soccer in win over No. Kansas Athletics unveiled renderings of a renovated Memorial Stadium as part of a $350 million fundraising campaign. With many projecting the next big wave of conference realignment to begin in 2023, that will allow Kansas football to include their completely new renovations — with a five year projection — on their resume. Gavin, though we agree to disagree on some points, I absolutely respect the tenor and thoughtfulness of your post. I'll give you a few panels to figure it out. Since 1972, the vocal Chiefs Kingdom has served as the perfect advantage for the home team every game. This is gorgeous. Who's blaming the fans? David Beaty works his a$$ off and he's hired a great staff. Frankly - how could anyone really have done any worse? I attended KU from 1969 to 1973., Here covering the #sunflowershowdown for @KansanSports. Have faith. Zenger said the razing of the old structure and construction of the new one would begin after this season. Winds NNE at 20 to 30 mph.

A new stadium won't change the product on the field. getting better players is the job of the coach. Of course, you may very well be correct. 8 Oklahoma State, Kansas soccer upsets No. Like never going to happen. well, I hope we don't end up with a one win season. Perfect timing. 1-11 or 2-10 is not good enough. 4 years? Low 36F. Seems to me that such renovations should commence right away during current and upcoming seasons when attendance is so low. No matter what array of excuses you compile and no matter what structure you build. Now take the current attendance trend. He's on his third OC in three years. When can RB Le'Veon Bell begin to practice, play with Chiefs?